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Families covered: Halyburton (Haliburton) of Dirleton, Haliburton of Haliburton (Halyburton)

Truite or Tructe de Haliburton
1. David de Haliburton (a 1176)
  A. Walter de Haliburton (a 1207)
  i. William de Haliburton
  m. Christian (dau of Richard de Fawnys of that ilk)
  a. Philip de Haliburton (d by 1296)
  m. Alice (a 1296)
  (1) Sir Henry de Haliburton (d before 25.11.1323)
  m. Agnes de Mordington (dau of Peter de Mordington)
(A) Sir Adam de Halyburton (d 03.09.1337)
  m. Isabella
  (i) Sir Walter de Halyburton, Sheriff of Berwick (a 01.1378-9)
  (ii) John de Halyburton (d Nisbet 08.1355)
  m. ?? de Vaux (dau of William de Vaux, lord of Dirleton)
(a) John Halyburton of Dirleton (d after 1402)
  m. Margaret Cameron (dau of Sir John Cameron of Ballegarno)
  ((1)) Sir Walter Halyburton of Dirleton, 0th/1st Lord
  TSP shows 2 generations of Walters. BE1883 shows just one Sir Walter, High Treasurer and 1st Lord, who married Isabel Stewart. TSP reports that, whilst it "is generally stated that" the second Walter was created a Peer, "this is very doubtful, and it is more probable that it was his son who was the first Peer". TCP (Dirletoun) supports TSP.
  m1. ??
  ((A)) Sir Walter Halyburton of Dirleton, High Treasurer (d before 10.05.1447)
  m. (1403) Mary (or Marjory) Douglas (d before 11.05.1421, dau of Archibald, 3rd Earl of Douglas, by Joan Moray)
  ((i)) John Halyburton, 1st/2nd Lord (d before 05.07.1454)
  m. Janet Seton (a 1493, dau of Sir William de Seton, m2. Edward, son of John Congalton of that ilk)
  ((a)) Patrick Halyburton, 2nd/3rd Lord (dsp 1458-9)
m. (before 03.1451) Margaret Hepburn (a 1479, dau of Patrick Hepburn of Hailes, m2. Andrew Ker of Cesford, m3. Archibald Forrester of Corstorphine)
  ((b)) George Halyburton, 3rd/4th Lord (d before 28.04.1490)
  m. (c11.1474) Mariota
  (((1))) Archibald Halyburton (a 07.1486, dvp)
  m. Helen Shaw (a 1541, dau of Sir James Shaw of Sauchie, m2. Patrick Home of Polwarth, m3. Sir Robert Hamilton)
  (((A))) James Halyburton, 4th/5th Lord (d unm)
  (((2))) Patrick Halyburton, 5th/6th Lord (d 06.12.1505)
  m1. Margaret Douglas (dau of James Douglas of Pompherston & Adeston)
  (((A))) Janet Halyburton, Baroness Halyburton (d c1560) --
  m. (c1515) William Ruthven, 2nd Lord (b c1500, d 12.1552) --
  (((B))) Mariota Halyburton
  m. (before 30.10.1531) George Home, 4th Lord (d 1549)
  (((C))) Margaret Halyburton
  m. George Ker of Faudonside
m2. (before 24.05.1505) Christian Wawane (dau of Thomas Wawane of Stevenstoun, widow of Andrew Mowbray of Edinburgh, m3. William Graham, 1st Earl of Montrose)
  partner unknown
  (((D))) David Halyburton (a 04.1543)
  (((3))) Andrew Halyburton
((ii)) Walter Halyburton, 1st of Pitcur --
  m. Catherine Chisholm (dau/heir of Alexander de Chisholm) --
  ((iii)) Robert Halyburton
  ((iv)) William Halyburton (a 04.1438)
  Walter had another son of "doubtful legitimacy" ...
  ((v)) Sir John Haliburton (a 04.1478, vicar of Greenlaw)
  m2. (before 1406) Isabel Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, widow of Alexander Leslie, Earl of Ross)
  ((B)) Christina (Christian) Halyburton --
TCP (Rothes) notes that TSP (Haliburton) shows Christina as dau of the younger Sir Walter by Mary Douglas whilst TSP (Rothes) shows her as dau of the elder Sir Walter by his 2nd wife, Isabel Stewart, "which seems more likely".
  m. (1440) George Leslie, 1st Earl of Rothes (d 1489-90) --
  ((2)) George Halyburton of Gogar (a 06.1409)
  ((3)) Jean Halyburton --
  m. Henry Sinclair, 1st Earl of Orkney (d 1404) --
  (b) Margaret Haliburton possibly of this generation --
  m. Sir Robert de Chisholme of Chisholme (a 1358, 1393) --
  (iii) Adam de Halyburton (a 06.1372)
  (iv) Margaret Haliburton possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William Cockburn of Langton and that Ilk
  ii. Adam de Haliburton (a 1242)
  iii. Sir Henry de Haliburton had issue

Main source(s): TSP (Haliburton), BE1883 (Halyburton), TCP (Dirletoun)
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