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Families covered: Coutts (Colt or Coult or Cowtis) of Auchtercoul, Coutts of Edinburgh, Coutts of Fullarton, Coutts of Montrose

William Culte de Strathawan (a 1296)
1. ?? Culte probably father or grandfather of ...
  A. John de Colt (d 1367)
  i. John de Coult (a 1392)
  a. Alexander Colt of Auchtercoul, Aberdeenshire
  (1) John Colt
  (A) Thomas Coult or Cowtis of Auchtercoul (a 1445)
  (i) John Coult (a 1482)
  (a) John Coult (a 1482) possibly father of ...
  ((1)) Alexander Cowtis of Ochtercoule (a 1505) possibly father of John & Robert by ......
  m. _ Gordon ("dochter to the Laird of Craig")
  GM is not clear at this point as to how the various members of this family interconnect but on p13 identifies the mother of Robert, who we think was the Robert who married Margaret Forbes, as ...
  ((A)) John Cowtis of Ouchtercowlle (d by 1553)
  m. (c1549?) Margaret Forbes (dau of Alexander Forbes of Towie)
  ((B)) Robert Cowtis or Coutts of Auchtercoul (a 1574)
  m. (c1549?) Margaret Forbes (dau of Alexander Forbes of Towie)
  The following William was identified in 1621 as "appearand of Auchtercoull" which suggests that he may have been Robert's eldest son. That Robert was probably William's brother is not confirmed but he is identified as a son of Robert & Margaret.
  ((i)) William Coutts of Ardtannies (a 1621)
  m. (by 1621) Janet Gordon
((a)) Alexander Coutts (bpt 15.10.1622)
  ((ii)) Robert Coutts of Auchtercoul
  On 20.11.11 we showed Robert and his family on a temporary page, the source being "information kindly provided by a contributor (PK, 19.11.11)". PK names Robert's wife Elizabeth whilst GM (p13) names her Issobell, which at this time was sometimes interchangeable with Elizabeth, both identifying her father and the latter also identifying her mother. The only child mentioned by GM is Robert.
  m. Elizabeth (Issobell) Forbes (dau of Alexander Forbes of Newe by Jeane Limisdane," dochter to the Laird of Cushny")
((a)) Robert Coutts of Auchtercoull
  GM (p14) reports that Auchtercoul remained in the family until 1729.
  m. Jean Gordon (dau of John Gordon of Carnborrow by _ Drumond, "dochter to the Lord of Madertie")
  ((b)) Elizabeth Coutts
  m. Nicol Ross, 7th of Auchlossin (d by 1643)
  ((c)) Margaret Coutts
  m. John Forbes of Pitsligo
  (((1)))+ issue - John, William, Alexander, Robert
  ((d)) Elspet Coutts
  m. _ Laird of Kistair
  (((1)))+ issue - William, Robert
  ((e)) Marjory Coutts
m. Patrick Gordon of Kincraigie
  (((1)))+ issue - Patrick, Alexander, Elizabeth, Jean
  ((f)) Katherine Coutts
  m. Robert Carnegie of Kirktown of Aboyne
  (((1)))+ issue - Robert, Alexander
  GM (p15) reports that "Early in the seventeenth century members of the family of Coutts, probably of Auchtercol, are found settled at Montrose as merchant burgesses". The following connection is therefore speculative.
  ((2)) ?? Coult possibly fits here
  ((A)) ?? Coult or Cowtes or Coutts father or grandfather of ...
  ((i)) William Cowtes or Coutts - continued below
  m. Janet Ochitree
  (B) William Coult de Coutt
  (i) Sir William Coult
  (C)+ other issue
  ii. Donald de Coult (a 1392)



William Cowtes or Coutts - continued above
m. Janet Ochitree supposed wife of William, presumed mother of ...
1. John Coutts of Fullarton, Provost of Montrose (bpt 06.04.1643, d 04.1707, 3rd son?)
  m. Christian Smith (d 05.1707)
  A. William Coutts of Fullarton, Provost of Montrose (bpt 20.06.1661)
  m. Catherine Pearson
i.+ issue - John, Alexander, William, James, Margaret, Christian, Jean, Elizabeth
  B. John Coutts of Montrose (bpt 20.04.1665)
  m. Isobel Ochterlony
  i. Christian Coutts
  C. Patrick Coutts of Montrose, later in Edinburgh (bpt 02.07.1669, d 1704, 4th son)
  m1. (1697) Jean Dunlop (dau of James Dunlop of Garnkirk, widow of Robert Campbell of Northwoodside)
  i. John Coutts, Lord Provost of Edinburgh (b 28.07.1699, d 23.03.1750/1)
  The following is supported by Wikipedia ("John Coutts (merchant)" and connected pages).
m. (10.04.1730) Jean (Jane) Steuart (d 1736, dau of Sir John Steuart, 2nd Bart of Allanbank, by dau of Ker of Morrison by Grizel dau of Sir John Cochrane, son of 1st Earl of Dundonald)
  a. James Coutts of Hampton (Middlesex) & Whitsome Hill (Berwickshire) (b 10.03.1733, d 15.02.1778, co-founder of 'Coutts & Co.' the bank, MP, 3rd son)
  m. (04.1754-5) Mary ("Polly) Peagrum (dau of John Peagrum (or Peagrim) of Elmstead by Elizabeth, sister of George Campbell (banker) & niece of John, 1st Earl of Breadalbane & Holland)
(1) Frances Coutts (d 26.10.1809)
  m. (16.09.1778) Sir John Steuart of Allanbank, 4th Bart (b 1754, d 1817)
  b. Thomas Coutts of London (b 07.09.1735, d 24.02.1822, co-founder of 'Coutts & Co.' the bank)
  m1. (1795) Susan(nah) Starkie (d 04.01.1815, "belonging to a yeoman family in Lancashire")
  (1) Susan Coutts (b c1765, d 24.09.1837)
  m. (23.02.1796) George Augustus North, 3rd Earl of Guildford (b 11.09.1757, d 20.04.1802)
  (2) Frances Coutts (b 1773, d 12.11.1832)
  m. (17.09.1800) John Stuart, 1st Marquess of Bute (b 30.06.1744, d 16.11.1814)
  (3) Sophia Coutts (b 1775, d 12.01.1844)
  m. (05.08.1793) Sir Francis Burdett, 5th Bart of Bramcote (b 25.01.1770, d 23.01.1844)
  m2. (18.01.1815) Harriett Mellon (b c1777, d 1837, m2. William Beauclerk, 9th Duke of St. Albans, "a popular actress")
  c.+ other issue - Patrick (b 05.04.1731), John (b 24.02.1732, d 1761), Stephen (b 18.11.1736, d infant), Margaret (b 21.09.1734)
  ii.+ other issue - James in London (bpt 24.01.1701, d unm c1740), Christian
  m2. (14.12.1702) Rachel Balfour (relict of William Forrester (WS))
  iv. Janet Coutts (bpt 01.03.1704)
  GM (p18) indicates that either Janet or her half-sister Christian dvp whilst the other married ...
  m. John Stephen in Leith
  a. Thomas Stephen (d before 1761, banker)
  D. James Coutts (bpt 27.04.1676, 7th son)
  m. Jean Wanderheiden
  i.+ issue - Hercules (bpt 10.08.1704), James (bpt 10.02.1717)
  E.+ other issue - Thomas in London (co-promoter of the Darien Company), Robert (bpt 22.06.1672), David (bpt 25.06.1674, d 06.1677), Hercules (bpt 16.05.1678), Janet (bpt 12.05.1659), Jean (bpt 27.03.1663), Elizabeth (bpt 26.06.1679), Christian (bpt 03.1684)
2.+ other issue - William,. David (bpt 10.07.1641), Robert (bpt 12.07.1651), Margaret (bpt 25.021645)

Main source(s): 'Genealogical Memoirs of the Families of Colt and Coutts' (Charles Rogers, 1879), referred to above as "GM", with some input/support as reported above
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