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Families covered: Steuart (Stewart) of Allanbank, Steuart of Allanton (Allantoun), Steuart of Coltness, Stewart of Daldowie, Steuart of Goodtrees, Steuart of Kirkfield, Steuart of Mitcham, Steuart of Westshield, Steuart-Barclay of Collairnie (Collairney)

Sir Robert Stewart of Daldowie (b c1280, a 1317)
Crawfurd, the main source for this family, follows tradition in spelling the family name as Steuart rather than Stewart. As, to our knowledge, this type of spelling was quite rare before the times of the Stuart Earls of Lennox who spent much time in France, and changed their name from Stewart to Stuart because there is no "w" in natural French, we use "Stewart" until the beginning of the 16th century.
1. Allan Stewart of Daldowie, 'Alnwickster' (d c1385)
  m. _ Douglas
  A. Sir Allan Stewart of Daldowie and Allanton (b c1365, a 1421)
  m. "a French lady"
i. James Stewart of Daldowie and Allanton (b c1400)
  a. James Stewart of Daldowie and Allanton, 'the Antiquary' (b c1433)
  m. _ Somerville (dau of _ Somerville of Camnethan)
(2) Allan Stewart of Allanton (b c1485)
  m. Elizabeth Tait (dau of _ Tait of Elington and Little Ernock)
  (A) Adam Steuart of Allanton (d 1574)
  m. Marion Lockhart (dau of James Lockhart of Lee)
  (i) James Steuart of Allanton (b 1537, d 1607)
  m1. Helen Somerville (dau of John Somervile of Humbie)
  m2. Margaret Spens of Edinburgh
It is not known which wife was mother of which children.
  (a) James Steuart (b 1575, dvp 1607) - continued below
  m. (1608) Marion Carmichael (dau of Walter Carmichael of Hyndford)
  (b) James Steuart of Carbarns (b 1595)
  ((1)) ?? Steuart
  ((A)) William Steuart of Woodside and Neuk ancestor of Steuarts of Carfin, Overton, Brownlee, Alderston, etc.
  (c) Janet Steuart
  m. Robert (sb James?) Denham of Westshield
  (d) Christian or Mary Steuart
  m. Sir James Cleland of Monkland
  (ii) other issue (dsp)
  (B)+ other issue - Gavin, Eupham
  (2)+ other issue - Adam (d unm), 2 daughters



James Steuart (b 1575, dvp 1607) - continued above
m. (1608) Marion Carmichael (dau of Walter Carmichael of Hyndford)
1. James Steuart (d infant)
2. Sir Walter Steuart of Allanton (b 1606, d 1672)
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of Sir James Hamilton, 4th of Broomhill)
  A. William Steuart of Allanton (b 1640, d 1700, 4th son)
  m. Margaret Steuart (b 1645, dau of Sir James Steuart of Coltness) @1@ below
  i. James Steuart of Allanton (b 1676, d 1752)
  m. Cecilia Dunmuir (dau of David Dunmuir)
a. James Steuart of Allanton (b 1715, d 1772, 4th son)
  m. (mcrt 25.04.1754) Margaret Steuart-Barclay (b 1721, dau of Henry Steuart-Barclay of Collairnie) @2@ below
  (1) Sir Henry Steuart, later Seton-Steuart, Bart of Allanton (b 1759, d 1836, 2nd son)
  m. (1787) Lillias Seton (dau of Hugh Seton of Touch)
  (A) Elizabeth Seton Steuart (b/d 1788),
(B) Elizabeth Margaret Steuart (b 31.10.1790, d 02.08.1866)
  m. (23.01.1812) Reginald Macdonald, later Seton-Steuart, 2nd Bart of Staffa (d 15.04.1838)
  (2)+ other issue - James (d infant), William (b 1762, d 1775), Antonia (b 1761, d unm 1775)
  b. Marion Steuart (2nd daughter)
  m. Andrew McDowel of Logan, Lord Bankton
  c. Lillias Steuart (7th daughter)
  m. Alexander Murray (brother of John of Lintrose)
(1) Emilia (Aemilia) Murray (d 07.11.1824)
  m. (1767) James Guthrie of Craigie
  d.+ other issue - 3 sons (dvp unm) and 5 daughters
  ii.+ 2 sons and 3 daughters (dsp)
  B. Marion Steuart (d before 15.01.1672)
  m. (mcrt 03.1665) John Boyle of Kelburn (d 10.1685)
  C. Margaret Steuart
  m. (John) Caldwell of Caldwell
i. (Margaret) Caldwell (d 25.03.1758, eldest daughter)
  m. Sir John Maxwell of Pollok
  D. Anne Steuart
  m. (1670) Claud Hamilton, 4th of Barns (d c1704)
  E.+ other issue - 4 sons (d unm), James of Hartwood
3. Sir James Steuart of Coltness and Kirkfield, Lord Provost of Edinburgh (b 1608, d 1681)
  m1. (1630) Anne Hope (dau of Henry Hope, brother of Craighall)
  A. Sir Thomas Steuart, 1st Bart of Coltness (b 1631, d 1698)
  m1. (1654) Margaret Elliott (dau of Sir John Elliott)
  i. Sir David Steuart, 2nd Bart of Coltness (b 1656, dsp 1723)
  m. (1696) Marion Lockhart (dau of William Lockhart of Whyateshaw)
  ii. Walter Steuart (b 1663, 4th son)
  m1. _ King (niece of Sir William Pritchard, Lord Mayor of London)
  m2. Hannah Quash of London
It is not known which wife was mother of which child.
  a. Sir Thomas Steuart, 3rd Bart of Coltness (b 1708, d unm 1737)
  b. Martha Steuart (d 1784)
  iii. Sir Robert Steuart, 4th Bart of Coltness (b 1675, 9th son)
  m. Margaret Maxwell (dau of Zachary Maxwell of Blawarthill)
  a. Sir John Steuart, 5th Bart of Coltness (b 1712, d unm 175*, 4th son)
  b.+ 4 sons and 3 daughters (dsp)
  iv. Anne Steuart (b 1661)
  m. Sir Archibald Cockburn of Langton (d 1705)
  v.+ other issue (dsp) - 6 sons and 2 daughters
m2. (1677) Susan Denham (dau of Robert Denham of Westshield)
  xiii. Sir Archibald Steuart, later Steuart-Denham of Westshield, 6th Bart of Coltness (b 1683, d 1773, 13th son)
  m. (1724) Jean Warrender (d 02.02.1770, dau of George Warrender of Lochend)
  a.+ issue - Thomas (dsp 1761, Captain), daughter (d unm)
  xiv.+ 4 sons (d infant)
  B. Walter Steuart (b 1634)
  m. heiress of Westbarns
i.+ issue (dsp)
  C. Sir James Steuart of Goodtrees (b 1635, d 1713, Lord Advocate)
  m1. Agnes Traill (b 06.02.1645/6, d 30.12.1690, dau of Rev. Robert Traill, minister)
  i. Sir James Steuart of Coltness, 1st Bart of Goodtrees (b 1681, d 1727, Solicitor General)
  m. (1705) Anne Dalrymple (dau of Sir Hugh Dalrymple of North Berwick)
a. Sir James Steuart, 2nd Bart of Goodtrees and Coltness (b 1713, d 1780)
  m. (14.10.1743) Frances Wemyss (b 07.11.1722, d 29.06.1789, dau of James, Earl of Wemyss)
  (1) Sir James Steuart, later Steuart-Denham, 3rd Bart of Coltness and Westshield (dsp, General)
  m. (1772) Alicia Blacker of Carrick
  b. Margaret Steuart (b 1715)
  m. (1735) Thomas Calderwood of Polton
  c. Agnes Steuart (b 1717, d 17.12.1778)
  m. (31.01.1739) Henry David Erskine, 10th Earl of Buchan (b 17.04.1710, d 01.12.1767)
  d. Marion Steuart (b 1723)
  m. (1749) Alexander Murray of Cringletie (d 1762)
e.+ 2 sons and 6 daughters (dsp)
  ii. Marion Steuart
  m. George Lewis Scott
  iii. Anne Steuart
  m1. James Maxwell of Blawarthill
  m2. (1710) William Mure of Duncarnock (d 1722)
iv. (daughter) Steuart possibly the Jacobina who married ...
  m. Charles Hamilton of Fairholm (b 30.04.1715, d 15.05.1776)
  m2. Margaret Air (dau of Alexander Air in Leith)
  v. Henry Steuart-Barclay of Collairnie (b 1697, d 10.02.1780)
  m. Antonia Barclay (dau of John Barclay of Collairnie)
  a. James Steuart-Barclay of Collairnie (b 1724, d unm 1780)
  b. William Steuart-Barclay of Collairnie (b 1736, d 1783)
  m1. Euphemia Angus (dau of John Angus of Edinburgh)
  (1) son (d infant)
  (2) Elizabeth Steuart-Barclay (b 1759)
  m. (1779) Arthur Robertson in Antigua
  m2. Elizabeth Hay (dau of Peter Hay of Leys)
(3) Henry Steuart-Barclay of Collairnie (b 1765)
  m. Elizabeth Wilson of Glasgow
  (4) Antonia Steuart-Barclay
  m. (1802) William (probably not John) Duddingston (Admiral)
  (5)+ other issue - Peter (d unm), Lindsay, Margaret, 2 daughters (d infant)
  c. Margaret Steuart-Barclay (b 1721)
  m. (mcrt 25.04.1754) James Steuart of Allanton (b 1715, d 1772) @2@ above
  d.+ 5 sons and 4 daughters (dsp)
vi. Robert Steuart of Newmains had issue
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of Henry Hamilton of Swanston)
  vii.+ 4 daughters (dsp)
  D. Sir Robert Steuart, 1st Bart of Allanbank (b 1643, d 1707)
  m1. (1682) Jean Gilmour (dau of Sir John Gilmour of Craigmillar, Lord President)
  i. Sir John Steuart, 2nd Bart of Allanbank (b c1685, d 19.05.1753)
  m. Margaret Kerr (dau of John Kerr of Morrison 'by Grizel, dau of Sir John Cochrane, son of 1st Earl of Dundonald')
a. Sir John Steuart, 3rd Bart of Allanbank, Sheriff of Berwick (b 1714, d 07.10.1796)
  m. (09.10.1750) Margaret Agnes Smith (b c1729, d 23.09.1807, dau of Charles Smith in Boulogne)
  (1) Sir John Steuart, 4th Bart of Allanbank (b 1754, d 1817)
  m. (16.09.1778) Frances Coutts (d 26.10.1809, dau of James Coutts of Whitomhill)
  (A) Sir John James Steuart, 5th Bart of Allanbank (b 1779, dsp 29.01.1849)
  m1. Elizabeth Woodcock (d 05.10.1828, dau of Elborough Woodcock)
  m2. (01.06.1835) Katharine Munro (dau of Alexander Munro of Craiglockhart)
  (2) Hugh Seton Steuart (dsp)
  m. Wemyss Dalrymple (dau of Sir John Dalrymple of Cousland)
  (3) Elizabeth Steuart, Countess of the Holy Roman Empire
  m. (1781) Chevalier Cicciaporci of Rome
(4) Margaret Steuart (b c1755, d 24.09.1799)
  m. (1789) Sir John Coxe Hippesley
  (5) Lillias Steuart
  m. (27.11.1797) Alexander Trotter of Dreghorn
  (6) Barbara Steuart
  (7) Frances Steuart (dsp)
  m. James Spens of Craigsanquhar (Colonel)
(8)+ 6 sons and 4 daughters (dsp)
  b. Jane Steuart
  m. John Coutts, Lord Provost of Edinburgh
  c. Elizabeth Steuart
  m. James Kerr of Morrison
  d. Lillias Steuart
  m. William Cochrane of Gullan
e.+ 5 sons and 5 daughters (dsp)
  ii. Margaret Steuart (b 1686)
  m. Andrew Kerr of Morrison
  iii. Jean (not Anne) Steuart (b 1690)
  m. Alexander Trotter of Kettleshiel(d)
  iv.+ 4 sons (dsp)
  m2. (1692) Helen Cockburn (dau of Sir Archibald Cockburn of Langton)
viii. Archibald Steuart of Mitcham, Lord Provost of Edinburgh (b 1697, d 08.1780)
  m. Grizel Gordon (dau of John Gordon of Edinburgh)
  a. John Steuart of Mitcham (b 1728, d unm 1781)
  b. Archibald Steuart (b 1741, d 1787, Major)
  m. _ Harper (sister of Sir Henry Harper, Bart)
  (1) daughter
  c. Grace or Grizel Steuart (b 1743, d 1817)
  m. Edward Marjoribanks of Lees (b 1735, d 1815)
  d.+ 2 sons and 6 daughters (dsp)
ix. Helen Steuart (d 22.06.1774)
  m. (1720) Sir Gilbert Elliot, 2nd Bart of Minto (d 16.04.1766, Lord of Session as Lord Minto)
  x.+ 4 daughters (dsp)
  E. Margaret Steuart (b 1645, d 1706)
  m. William Steuart of Allanton (b 1640, d 1700) @1@ above
  F.+ 3 sons (d unm)
  m2. (1646) Marion McCulloch (dau of David McCulloch of Goodtrees)
  I. Marion Steuart (b 1650)
  m. (23.02.1671) Sir John Maxwell, 1st Bart of Pollok (b 1648, dsp 04.07.1732)
  J.+ 3 daughters (dsp)
4. Marion Steuart
  m. James Denham of Westshield

Main source(s): Crawfurd's Renfrewshire (section on the House of Stewart)
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