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Families covered: Duddingston of Sandford

Ricardus de Duddingston (a 1165)
1. Thomas de Duddingston (a 1243)
  A. Hugo de Duddingston (a 1263)
  i. Richard de Duddingston (a 1290, d before 1329)
  a. Hugo de Duddingston (a 1296, 1330)
  (1) Richard de Duddingston
(A) Richard Duddingston of that ilk
  (2) Stephen de Duddingston (a 1390, settled in Fife)
  (A) William Duddingston (a 1437)
  (i) Stephen Duddingston, 1st of Sandford (a 1488)
m. ?? (before 1476)
  (a) Stephen Duddingston, 2nd of Sandford (a 1504)
  m. Janet Stewart (dau of ?? Stewart of Blairhall)
  ((1)) William Duddingston, 3rd of Sandford
  m1. (1559) Eupham Kinnimonth (dau of Andrew Kinninmonth of Craighall)
  ((A)) Janet Duddingston
  m. David Wemyss of Unthank (d by 1592)
  m2. (1565) Janet Auchmoutie (dau of David Auchmoutie of Lawhill)
  ((B)) Stephen Duddingston (a 1595, dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Inglis
  ((i)) Stephen Duddingston, 4th of Sandford (a 1618)
m. Eupham Kinninmonth (dau of Patrick Kinninmonth of Craighall)
  not known by which wife was ..
  ((C)) Janet Duddingston assumed to be of this generation
  m. Arthur Spens, 9th of Lathallan (d before 1606)
  ((2)) Patrick Duddingston of Kincaple
  ((A)) son (charter on Pittormie in 1600)
  ((3)) Janet Duddingston
  m. Archibald Bethune of Pitlochrie
  (b) Thomas Duddingston, 1st of Kilduncan
  m. (c1541) Mariota/Margaret Learmonth (dau of Thomas Learmonth of Dairsie)
  ((1)) Beatrix Duddingston
  m. John Scheves of Kemback
  (c) Janet Duddingston (d after 1541)
  m. David Betoun, 1st of Creich (b 1466, d 1505, Treasurer)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1296) - Hugo, Helen

Main sources: The sources disagree with each other on the generations in the 16th and 17th centuries. There appears to have been confusion between the various Stephens and Williams, some generations seeming to have one of each, some dying young and some living long.
(1) 'The Baronage of Scotland', compiled by Sir Robert Douglas, published 1774.
(2) Stirnet's BG family records, some quoting from Wood's 'East Neuk of Fife' but some disagreeing with that book.
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