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Families covered: Scheves of Kemback [This family is to be researched further in due course.]

?? Scheves
1. William Scheves, Archbishop of St. Andrews (d 1497)
2. Henry Scheves of Kilquhiss (d by 1504)
  A. John Scheves, 1st of Kembach (d by 1558)
m. _ Nairne (of Saintford)
  i. William Scheves of Kemback (d by 1577)
  m. Margaret Melvill
  a. John Scheves of Kemback
  m. Beatrix Duddingston (dau of Thomas Duddingston, 1st of Kilduncan)
(1) John Scheves of Kemback
  m. Agnes Traill (dau of John Traill of Blebo)
  (A) Patrick Scheves of Kemback (a 1592)
  m1. Elizabeth Balfour (dau of David Balfour of Pitcullo)
  m2. Elizabeth Forsyth (dau of James Forsyth of Nydie)
  m3. Elizabeth Leslie (dau of William, Earl of Rothes)
  It appears that Patrick's children were by his third wife. However, it is not clear exactly who her father was. She is described by MacFarlane as "third daughter of William, Earl of Rothes" but the dates indicate that it is unlikely that she was a daughter of the 3rd Earl who died at Flodden (1513). We show her as daughter of the William who claimed the Earldom and was known as the Earl of Rothes but whose questionable legitimacy was used as the excuse to have the Earldom taken by his half-brother Andrew whose views were more in line with Queen Mary's.
(i) John Scheves of Kemback (d 04.1651)
  m. Eupham Barclay
  (a) John Scheves of Kemback (d 21.11.1655)
  (b) Helen Scheves (d unm 1661)
  (c) Elizabeth Scheves (a 1667)
  (d) Margaret Scheves
  m. Patrick Leper of Wards
  (ii) Catherine Scheves --
  m. (1608) George Martine (Provost of St. Salvatores in St Andrews) --
  (iii)+ other issue - James (d by 1648 in France), Robert, Elizabeth, Grissel
  m4. _ Margaret Dumbreck
  (B) Robert Scheves
  (C) John Scheves
  (D) Euphame Scheves
  m. (by 1613) John Carstairs of Newgrange (d 1649)
  (2)+ other issue - Henry, James, Robert, William

Main source(s): 'MacFarlane's Genealogical Collection' (Volume 2), 'Fife (P&H') (vol 1, p171+), Stirnet's BG family records (Carstairs)
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