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Families covered: Trail (Traill) of Blebo, Trelli in Bedfordshire

The core information for this family was kindly provided by Elsie Ritchie. Her article on this family in the web site at www.electricscotland.com reports the tradition that the lead family name of Trail is normally amended to Traill (double l) for members who have left Fife. We have not always followed that tradition properly. Elsie has advised us that the family is descended from the following Baron Goidfridus de Trelly from Trelly in Normandy who was recorded in the Domesday Book (1087) with land in Bedfordshire.
Sir Geoffroi de Trelli
1. Geoffrey de Trelli
  A. Geoffrey de Trelli
  i. Walter de Trelli
  a. John de Trelli
  (1) John de Trelli
  (A) Walter de Trelli
  (i) John de Trelli
  (a) Walter de Trelli 'the disabled'
  ((1)) John de Trelli in Bedfordshire
  ((A)) Sir John Treyl (b c1318, d 30.05.1360) - continued below --
  m. Elizabeth --



Sir John Treyl (b c1318, d 30.05.1360) - continued above
m. Elizabeth
1. Sir John Treyl or Trail (b c1343, d 18.06.1401)
  m. Joanna Aylesbury (dau of Sir Thomas Aylesbury)
  A. Reginald de Trailly (b c1363, d 1404)
  B. Sir Thomas Traill of Blebo (b c1367, d 1439)
  m. (c1387) Margaret Bruce (b c1367, probably dau of Robert de Bruce, 2nd of Clackmannan)
  i. Euphemia Traill (b 1390, d 1458) --
  m. (c1410) John Traill of Blebo (b 1386, d 1450) @@ just below --
C. Sir Alexander Traill of Blebo (b c1370, d 1420)
  m. (1385) Elizabeth Bruce (b 1368, probably dau of Robert de Bruce, 2nd of Clackmannan)
  i. John Traill of Blebo (b 1386, d 1450)
  m. (c1410) Euphemia Traill (b 1390, d 1458, dau of Sir Thomas Trail of Blebo) @@ just above
  a. James Traill of Blebo (b c1411, d before 1475)
  m. (c1431) Marion Wemyss (b c1413, a 1475, dau of Alexander Wemyss of Kilmenie)
  (1) John Traill of Magask (b c1434, d before 1479)
  (A) James Traill of Blebo (b c1457, d before 1518)
m. Euphemia Blair (a 1518)
  (i) John Traill of Blebo (b c1479, d c1533)
  m. (c1501) Barbara Logan (b c1480, dau of James Logan of Restalrig family)
(a) John Traill of Blebo (b 1502, d 04.06.1580)
  m. (c1525) Agnes Bruce (dau of Sir Alexander Bruce, 1st of Earlshall)
  ((1)) John Traill of Magask (b 1521, dvp before 1549)
  m. Agnes Learmonth (dau of James Learmonth by Catherine Ramsay)
((A)) Griselda Traill
  m. William Huntar of Boltarhouse ## see here ##
  ((B)) Marion Traill
  m. David Seton of Rumgally
  ((C)) Elspeth Traill (b 1539, d 09.12.1595)
  m. (11.01.1566/7) Rev. Robert Hamilton ## see here ##
  ((D)) Agnes Traill --
  m1/2. George Livingston
This may possibly be the Agnes identified by MGC as husband of John Scheves and daughter of John Trail by Agnes Bruce. However, the dates make it look more likely that she was of this generation rather than one earlier for which there is already an Agnes who had 8 children.
  m2/1. John Scheves of Kemback --
  ((E)) Helena Traill (b 1563, d 25.02.1606/7)
  m. Peter Arnot of Balcormo
  ((F)) Margaret Traill
  m. William Archibald of Blackhall
  ((2)) Alexander Traill of Blebo (b c1527, d 04.1590)
  m. (1559) Elspeth Fearney (b c1535, d 08.1590, dau of Andrew Fearney)
  ((A)) John Traill of Blebo (b c1550, d 13.01.1624-5)
m. (19.10.1583) Janet Kinninmonth (d 22.06.1609, dau of Patrick Kinninmonth)
  ((i)) John Traill (b c09.1584, dvp before 11.1613)
  m. (19.08.1606) Margaret Chisholm
  ((ii)) Alexander Traill of Clatto (b c1586, d before 1637)
  m. Elizabeth Forester
  ((iii)) Patrick Traill (b c1588, d after 1637)
  m. (c1612) Margaret Lindsay
  ((iv)) Thomas Traill (b c1590, dvp before 1613)
  ((B)) Thomas Traill ( d 13.09.1642)
  m1. (1596) Elizabeth Bonar (dau of John Bonar of Culle by Elizabeth Ramsay)
  m2. (1611) Janet Miller
((C)) George Traill of Westness (b c1560, d 1634, to Orkney)
  m1. (c1592) Jean Kennedy of Carmunks (b c1565, d c1612)
  m2. (c1613) Isabel Craigie (b c1590, d 1661, dau of Magnus Craigie)
  ((D)) Patrick Traill (b 1569, d 1615)
  m. (03.05.1590) Kattrin Lutter
  ((E)) Barbara Traill
  m. John Beton, younger of Pitlochie
  ((F)) Helen Traill
  m. (25.02.1591/2) James Borthuik of Lochill
  ((3)) James Traill (b 1529, d 04.1577)
((A)) Andrew Traill (b 1550, d 1582)
  m. Janet Forbes
  ((B)) David Traill (b 1552, d before 03.1589/90)
  m. (26.05.1577) Alison Duncan
  ((C))+ other issue - Peter (b 1560,d 1582/3), William
  ((4)) Andrew Traill (b 1534, d 11.1582, Colonel)
  m. (c1562) Helen Myrton (d 13.02.1607/8, dau of Thomas (sb William?) Myrton of Cambo)
  ((A)) Elspitt Traill (b 1564)
  m. (15.11.1573) Troilus Lawson
  ((B)) James Traill of Beley (b 1569, d 26.04.1635)
  m1. (1593) Grissell Ramsay (d 22.02.1593/4, dau of Robert Ramsay of Balmouth)
  m2. (15.10.1595) Matilda Melville (b c1570, d 23.11.1608, dau of John Melville of Cambee)
  m3. (1609) Grizzel Myrton (dau of William Myrton of Randeston)
((5)) Beatrix Traill (b 1537, d after 1594)
  m1. _ Horsburgh
  ((A)) James Horsburgh
  m2. (c1560) Thomas Grieg
  ((6)) Elizabeth Traill (b c1540, d 15.06.1596)
  m. Thomas Buchanan (Rev.)
  ((7)) Agnes Traill (b c1545)
  m. (c1564) Robert Bethune, 10th of Balfour
  (b) Alexander Traill (b 1504)
  ((1)) Janet Traill (b 1525)
  m1. (c1543) John Ramsay of Ardbeckie (d Pinkie 1547)
  m2. (21.02.1557/8) Sir John Wemyss of Wemyss (b c1513, d 16.11.1593)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Traill (b 1530, d 15.06.1596)
  m. Thomas Buchanan
  ((3)) James Traill (b c1528, d 16.04.1580)
  m. Grisselda Ramsay (d 03.02.1595/6)
  ((A)) Peter Trail (b c1550, d 15.12.1584)
  ((B)) Grizzelda Trail (b c1551)
  m. (1584) William Hunter of Balcarros
(c) James Traill (b 1506, d 1533)
  (B)+ other issue - Gilbert (b 1459), Thomas in St. Andrews (b c1465, d before 1520)
  (2) Mariote Traill (b c1430)
  m. Walter Ramsay (son of William Ramsay)
  (3)+ other issue - Alexander 'Sandy' (d before 1492), James, William, Thomas
2. Walter Treyl or Trail, Bishop of St. Andrews (b c1345, d 1401)
3.+ other issue - Lawrence (b c1350, d 1392, priest), Alexander (b c1356, d 1417, canon), Thomas (b c1360, d 1434, canon)

Main source(s): information kindly provided by a contributor: Elsie Barbara Ritchie of Ermington (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
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