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Families covered: Eliott Lord Heathfield, Elliot of Minto, Eliott (Elliot) of Stobs

Gilbert Eliott of Stobs (a 1632)
m. Margaret Scott (dau of Walter Scott of Harden)
1. William Eliott of Stobs (a 1640, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Douglas (dau of Sir James Douglas of Cavers)
  A. Sir Gilbert Eliott, 1st Bart of Stobs
  m1. Isabella Cranston (dau of James, Master of Canston)
  i. Sir William Eliott, 2nd Bart of Stobs (d 19.02.1699)
  m1. Elizabeth Scott (dau of Sir John Scott, 1st Bart of Ancrum)
  m2. Margaret Murray (dau of Charles Murray of Ancrum)
  Not sure which wife (probably the first ?) was mother of ...
  a. Sir Gilbert Eliott, 3rd Bart of Stobs (d 27.05.1764)
  m. (23.04.1702) Eleanor Elliott (d 1728, dau of William Elliott of Wells and London)
  (1) Sir John Eliott, 4th Bart of Stobs (b 29.07.1705, d 31.12.1767)
  m. Mary Andrews (d 12.01.1771)
  (A) Sir Francis Eliott, 5th Bart of Stobs (d 20.06.1791)
  m. Euphan Dixon
  (i) Sir William Eliott, 6th Bart of Stobs (d 14.05.1812)
  m. (14.04.1790) Mary Russell (d 06.06.1850, dau of John Russell of Roseburne)
  (a) Sir William Francis Eliott, 7th Bart of Stobs (b 1792, d 03.09.1864) had issue
  m. (22.03.1826) Theresa Boswell (d 1836, dau of Sir Alexander Boswell, 1st Bart)
  (b) Gilbert Eliott (d 30.06.1871, Speaker in Brisbane, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (21.04.1830) Isabella Lucy Elliott (d 1871, dau of Rev. Robert Elliott)
  (c) Sir Daniel Eliott (b 03.03.1798, d 30.10.1872) had issue
  m. (19.12.1818) Georgina Russell (d 16.02.1874, dau of Gen. George Russell)
  (d) George Augustus Eliott (b 24.05.1799, d 28.12.1881, Admiral) had issue
  m1. (06.05.1837) Alicia Anne Jeffrey (d 19.05.1864, dau of Hon. Thomas Jeffry of Halifax, NS)
  m2. (22.12.1868) Harriott Sophia West (dau of Admiral Sir John West)
(e) Russell Eliott (b 26.03.1802, d 28.12.1881, Admiral RN, 7th son had issue
  m1. (02.02.1830) Bethia Russell (d 22.08.1843, dau of Sir William Russell, 1st Bart)
  m2. (24.02.1852, sp) Henrietta Kaye (d 15.10.1878, dau of Sir John Kaye, 1st Bart of Denby Grange)
  (f) Euphemia Elizabeth Anne Eliott (d 21.12.1899)
  m. (07.10.1859) Daniel Bagot, Dean of Dromore (d 1892, Vicar General)
  (g)+ other issue - John (d unm 1838, Major), Charles (d unm 1817), Alexander (b 1807, d 19.11.1833), Bethia Mary
  (2) Sir George Augustus Eliott, 1st Lord Heathfield of Gilbraltar (b 14.12.1717, d 06.07.1790, General, CIC Gilbraltar, 8th son)
  m. (08.06.1748) Anne Pollexfen Drake (d 13.02.1771, dau of Sir Francis Drake, Bart of Buckland)
  (A) Augustus Eliott, 2nd Lord Heathfield of Gilbraltar (b 31.12.1750, dsp 26.01.1813, Lt. General)
  (B) Anne Pollexfen Eliott (d 24.02.1835)
  m. (21.05.1777) John Trayton Fuller of Brightling or Ashdown House
  m2. Magdaline Nicholson (bur 24.02.1699, dau of Sir John Nicholson, 2nd Bart of Lasswade)
  ii. ?? Elliott possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  a. Robert Elliot of Middlemiln, Roxburghshire grandson of Sir Gilbert, father of ...
  (1) Magdalene Elliot
  m. John Pasley of Craig (b 1694-5, d 13.04.1773)
  iii. son
  iv. Magdalen Elliott (d 12.1739) probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. (1685) Sir John Pringle, 2nd Bart of Stichill (bpt 02.07.1662, d 04.1721)
2. Gilbert Eliott of Craigend (dspm)
  m. Alison Ker
3. Archibald Eliott of Middlestead
  m. Elizabeth Lairmont
4. Gavin Eliott or Elliot of Grange
  A. Sir Gilbert Elliot, 1st Bart of Headshaw then of Minto (d 01.05.1718, Lord of Session as Lord Minto)
  m1. Helen Stevenson (dau of Andrew Stevenson of Edinburgh)
  i. Mary Elliot (d 18.05.1767)
  m. (23.08.1703) Sir John Elphinstone, 2nd Bart of Logie (b 1675, d 14.03.1732)
  m2. (17.03.1692) Jean Carre (dau of Sir Andrew Carre of Cavers)
  ii. Sir Gilbert Elliot, 2nd Bart of Minto (d 16.04.1766, Lord of Session as Lord Minto)
  m. (1720) Helen Steuart (d 22.06.1774, dau of Sir Robert Steuart, 1st Bart of Allanbank)
  a. Sir Gilbert Elliot, 3rd Bart of Minto (d 11.02.1777)
  m. (14.12.1746) Agnes (d 30.12.1778, dau of Hugh Dalrymple-Murray-Kynynmound of Melgund and Kynynmound)
  (1) Sir Gilbert Elliot, later Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, Governor General of Bengal, 1st Earl of Minto (b 23.04.1751, d 21.06.1814)
  m. (03.01.1777) Anna Maria Amyand (d 08.03.1829, dau of Sir George Amyand, Bart)
  (A) Sir Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 2nd Earl of Minto (b 16.11.1782, d 31.07.1859) had issue
  m. (1806) Mary Brydone (d 21.07.1853, dau of Patrick Brydone)
  (B) Sir George Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound (b 01.08.1784, d 24.06.1863, Admiral RN) had issue
  m. (12.1810) Eliza Cecilia Ness (d 23.05.1808, dau of James Ness of Osgodby)
  (C) John Edmund Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound (b 30.03.1788, d 04.04.1862) had issue
  m. (03.10.1809) Amelia Casamaijor (d 23.07.1872, dau of James Henry Casamaijor of Madras)
  (D) Anna Maria Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound (d 18.10.1855)
  m. (11832) Sir Rufane Shawe Donkin (d 1841, Lt. General)
  (E) Harriet Mary Frances Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound (d 07.1825)
  (F) Catherine Sarah Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound (d 25.06.1862)
  m. (14.11.1825) Sir John Peter Boileau, 1st Bart of Tacolnestone (d 09.03.1869)
(2) Hugh Elliot, Governor of Madras (b 06.04.1752, d 10.12.11830)
  m1. (1780) Charlotte (dau of Sophie, Madame de Vereist)
  (A) Isabella Elliot (d 1826)
  m. (1810) George Payne
  m2. Margaret Jones (d 02.03.1819)
  (B)+ other issue - 6 sons and 3 daughters
  (3) Alexander Kynynmound Elliot (b 08.04.1754, d 10.1777)
  (4) Robert Elliot (b 04.04.1755, d 1824, rector of Wheldrake) had issue
  m. (09.04.1788) Mary Garforth (dau of Rev .Edmund Garforth of Askham)
(5) Eleanor Elliot (d 18.05.1818)
  m. (26.09.1776) William Eden, 1st Lord Auckland (b 1744, d 28.05.1814)
  b. Andrew Elliot of Greenwells, Lt. Governor of New York
  m. Elizabeth Plumstead
  (1) Eleanor Elliot (d 28.07.1830)
  m1. _ Jauncy
  m2. (19.08.1784) Hon. Robert Digby (dsp 25.02.1815, Admiral)
  (2) Elizabeth Elliot (d 14.12.1847)
  m. (10.04.1779) William Schaw Cathcart, 1st Earl Cathcart (b 17.09.1755, d 16.06.1843, General)
(3) Agnes Murray Elliot (d 09.06.1860)
  m. (30.06.1783) Sir David Carnegie, Bart
  c. Eleanor Elliot
  m. (11.1737) John Rutherford of Edgerston (b 12.06.1712, d Ticonderago 1758)
  d. Anne Elliot (b 1734)
  m. Charles Congleton
  e.+ other issue - Robert, John (d 1809, Admiral RN), Archibald (b c1743, d 1759), Jane (b 1720, d infant), Mary (b 1724), Jane (b 1727, d unm 1805), Marianne (b 1730, d 1811), Margaret (b 1734, d infant), Grizell (b 1737)
  iii. Andrew Elliot
5. John Eliott (dspm)
  m. Marion McCulloch (dau of David McCulloch of Goodtrees)
6. James Eliott
  m. Margaret Eliott (dau of Robert Eliott of Lariston)
7. Elizabeth Eliott
  m. John Turnbull of Minto

Main source(s): BP1934 (Eliott), BP1934 (Minto)
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