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Families covered: Ker (Carre) of Cavers, Kerr of Greenhead, Carre of Hundalee, Ker of Primside (Prymesideloch)

Ralph Kerr or Ker of Prymsideloch or Primside (d before 29.11.1525)
BLG1886 (Riddell-Carre of Cavers) starts by showing the father of Ralph (and of Sir Andrew of Fernihirst, William & Thomas the Abbot) as Thomas, identified as 'of Kershaugh', designated of Fernihirst, d 1499 having married Katherine, dau of Sir Robert Colville of Ochiltree, As shown on the continuation, by following TSP (Jedburgh) & BP1934 (Lothian) we show Ralph's parents (and those of Sir Andrew, etc.) slightly differently.
m1. Margaret Murray (dau of _ Murray of Falahill)
m2. Margaret Rutherford
Uncertain who was the mother of which child. TSP notes that it is possible that Ralph had a third wife, Marion daughter of Haliburton of Merton.
1. Andrew Kerr of Greenhead & Primside (Prymsydeloch), co. Roxburgh (d by 1541)
  A. Gilbert Kerr (dvp)
  TSP (Jedburgh) reports that Gilbert had issue. We presume that he was father or grandfather of the following Sir Andrew who is the first mentioned by TCB (which refers to various articles by Stodart including the one used below). It appears that there has been some investigation into the following branch which was inconclusive as to its ancestry so this connection must be viewed as speculative. [At least one other possible ancestor has been identified - Ralph Ker, a younger son of Andrew of Cessford & Auldtounburn.]
i. Sir Andrew Kerr of Greenhead, Hietoun & Prymsideloch (a 11.1612, d before 03.1617)
  m. Alison Wauchope (dau of Gilbert Wauchope of Niddrie Marishal)
  a. Sir Andrew Kerr of Greenhead, 1st Bart (d 05.1665)
  m1. (1634) Elizabeth Scott (dau of Sir William Scott of Harden by Agnes Murray)
  (1) Sir Andrew Kerr, 2nd Bart of Greenhead (dspm by 06.1676)
  m. (04.12.1664) Jean Don (dau of Sir Alexander Don, 1st Bart of Newton (by Isabel Smith), m2. Sir Roger Hay of Harcarse)
  (2) Sir William Kerr, 3rd Bart of Greenhead (d by 03.1718)
  m. Jean Cockburn (possibly dau of Sir James Cockburn of Ryslaw by Jean, dau of Andrew Kerr of Lintoun)
(A) Andrew Kerr (dvp)
  m. Helen Hay
  (i) Sir William Kerr, 4th Bart of Greenhead (dsp 08.1741)
  (ii)+ other issue - Agnes (d 01.03.1785), daughter
  (B) Sir Robert Kerr, 5th Bart of Greenhead (d 04.1746)
  m. _ Kerr (dau of Gilbert Kerr of Bamfmiln)
  (i) Sir William Kerr of Softlaw & Bridgend, 6th Bart (dsp 08.12.1755)
  (ii) Sir Robert Kerr, 7th Bart (dsp 16.08.1776)
  An alleged cousin of Sir Robert and one-claimant of the baronetcy is shown here.
  m2. (16.08.1664) Katherine Wemyss (d 24.02.1668, dau of John, 1st Earl of Wemyss (by Jean Gray), widow of David Carnegie of Craig)
  b. William Kerr or Carr of Greenhead possibly fits here
  m. Jane (a 1622, apparently illegitimate ("naturalized in 1622"), apparenty m2. Thomas Carr)
  c.+ 5 sons
  B. Robert Kerr ancestor of Kerrs of Hieton or Hilton
We suspect that there has been some confusion between the Kerrs of Hieton in Roxburghshire and the Carrs of Hetton in Northumberland which may have contributed to the confusion regarding the ancestry of the Carrs of Etal.
2. George Kerr or Ker or Carre of Cavers, Roxburghshire
  Stodart notes that there was a George who was a younger son of Ralph but suggests that the George who married a Shaw and was ancestor of the Carres of Cavers was grandson of the above Ralph, being son of an intermediary Ralph (a 1532, m. Marion Halyburton) identified as 1st of Cavers. TSP refers to this suggestion but notes that "there seems to be no confirmation that Ralph Ker of Prymsideloch had a son called Ralph ; in fact, the evidence is all against it." Accordingly, we follow TSP (Jedburgh) & BP1934 (Lothian) in showing this as the George who married a daughter of Shaw of Sauchie. BLG1886 does not help with this generation as it jumps from the above Ralph to his great-grandson George. The intervening generations come from Stodart's article.
m. _ Shaw (dau of _ Shaw of Sauchie)
  A. Thomas Ker of Cavers (a 1571, d 21.01.1623)
  Stodart identifies Thomas's wife as Isabel, dau of Andrew Riddell of that ilk by Violet, dau of William Douglas of Pompherston. Although that is very specific, we suspect that it is in error, that it was his son Robert who married that Isabel (which is supported by the fact that the Riddell records identify her husband as Robert) and that, if indeed Thomas's wife was of the Riddell family, she was a generation earlier (which looks more likely given that Andrew Riddell died in 1632).
  m. ?? (possibly a dau of Walter Riddell)
i. George Ker of Cavers (d before 1629)
  m1. ?? Forret (dau of ?? Forret of Fingask by dau of James Monipenny of Pitmilly)
  a. Sir Thomas Ker of Cavers (b 1593, d 1681)
  m1. Agnes Riddell (dau of Sir John Riddell of that ilk)
  (1) Sir Andrew Ker or Carre of Cavers (b 1630, d 1676)
  BLG1886 suggests that Sir Andrew dsp but Stodart shows his family as follows:
  m. (mcrt 01.04.1652) Margaret Wauchope (d 1661, dau of Sir John Wauchope of Niddrie-Marischal)
  (A) Thomas Ker or Carre of Cavers (dsp before 25.01.1678)
  (B) Agnes Ker or Carre (b 1653)
  m. John Carre of Cavers, Nisbet & Hundolie (cousin) @@ below
  (C) Anna Ker or Carre (b 1655)
  m. Patrick Murray of Deuchar
(D) Margaret Ker or Carre (b 1656, d c28.09.1742)
  m. Matthew St. Clair (bpt 25.11.1647, bur 11.11.1728)
  (E) Mary Ker (d by 1689)
  (F) Jane Ker or Carre (b 1657, d 01.12.1751)
  m. (17.03.1692) Sir Gilbert Elliot of Minto, Bart
  (2) James Ker in Edinburgh (a 1644, dsp)
  m2. (1638) Grizel Halkett (d 1682, dau of Sir Robert Halkett of Pitfirrane)
  (3) Margaret Ker
  m. _ Deas of Coldingknows
(4) Christian Ker
  m. Sir Francis Scott of Mangerton
  (5) Grizell Kerr (d 11.10.1703)
  m. (29.01.1660) Patrick Hume, Lord Polwarth, 1st Earl of Marchmont (b 13.01.1641, d 01.08.1724)
  (6) Isobel Ker
  m. Hugh Scott of Galashiells
  b. John Ker or Carre of West Nisbet
The extract from Stodart's article did not cover the following line. We hope to find the continuation in due course. The following comes from BLG1886.
  m. Jane Ker (a c1640, dau of Sir James Ker or Carr of Crailing)
  (1) John Carre of West Nisbet, later of Cavers
  m. Agnes Ker (dau of Sir Andrew Ker) @@ above
  (A) Robert Carre of Cavers
  m1. Jane Milne (dau of Robert Milne of Balnillo)
  m2. Helen Riddell (dau of Sir Walter Riddell, Bart of Riddell)
(i) Thomas Carre of Cavers (d unm) presumed of this marriage
  (ii) Agnes Carre apparently of this generation, of this marriage
  m. (1751) John Hume of Ninewells & Ferney Castle (b 1711, d 14.11.1786)
  (B) John Carre of Hundalee, later of Cavers
  m. Elizabeth Monteath (dau of Alexander Monteath of Todshaugh)
(i) John Carre of Cavers & Hundalee
  m. Jean Reid (dau of Alexander Reid)
  (a) John Carre of Cavers (d unm)
  (b) Alexander Carre of Cavers (dsp)
  (c) Elizabeth Carre of Cavers (d 1828)
  m. (13.01.1776) William Riddell of Camieston (b 1746, d 1829)
  Their youngest son inherited Cavers and assumed the name Riddell-Carre.
  (C) Margaret Carre (d 24.08.1767) probably of this generation
  m. (by 1717) Sir Alexander Don, 3rd Bart of Newton Don (d 13.04.1749)
  c. Robert Ker or Carre of Middlemass Walls (a 1648)
  m. Isabel Riddell (dau of Andrew Riddell of that ilk)
  (1) Andrew Ker or Carre of Middlemass Walsl (dsp before 1738)
(2) George Ker or Carre in Edinburgh
  (A) Isabel Ker or Carre
  (B) Mary Ker or Carre
  m. Alexander Baillie of Edinburgh
  (i) James Baillie
  (3)+ other issue - Andrew, George, Gilbert
  d. Margaret Ker or Carre
  m. Alexander Haliburton of Newmains
  George appears also to have married ...
  m2. (by 08.06.1607) Euphame Bruce (dau of Robert Bruce of Pitlethie)
  ii. John Ker in Duddington (4th son)
  Stodart notes that one of the younger sons (Robert, William & John) married a dau of William Scott of Headshaw and had a daughter who was mother of Sir Thomas Dalzell of Binns, Bart. BP1934 (Dalyell) indicates that Sir Thomas's grandfather was John and names his daughter Agnes.
  m. _ Scott (dau of William Scott of Headshaw)
  a. Agnes Ker
  m. Thomas Dalyell of The Binns
  iii.+ other issue - Robert, William
3.+ other issue - William (d 08.1566, Commendator of Kelso), John (a 1540)

Main source(s):
(1) BLG1886 ('Riddell-Carre of Caver's) with input from TCB (vol 2, 'Kerr afterwards Carr (of Greenhead)', p427+)
(2) extracts from the article by Robert Riddle Stodart on 'Carre of Cavers-Carre' in "The Genealogist" (1884 vol 3) which were kindly sent to us by a contributor (CV, 16.08.09)
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