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Families covered: Craufurd of Daleglis (Dalleagles), Craufurd of Lochnorris (Lefnorris, Lefnoreis, Leifnorris, etc.), Craufurd of Nether Skeldoune

The following family was possibly an early branch of the Craufords of Loudoun.
(Sir William?) Craufurd of Lochnorris (Lefnorris) ("brother of the Sheriff of Ayr") father of Elizabeth, probably also of ...
1. William Craufurd of Lefnorys
  A. William Craufurd of Lefnorys (a 1510)
  i. George Craufurd of Lefnoreis
  a. William Craufurd of Lefnoreis (dsp?)
m. Agnes (a 1550)
  (1) Katherine Craufurd possibly of this generation
  m. (07.05.1554) Patrick Douglas of Morton (dvp before 1578)
  b. George Craufurd of Lefnoreis & Ochiltree (a 1557)
  m. Jean Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 3rd Earl of Atholl, widow of John Otterburn of Redhall) probably wife of George, possibly mother of ...
  (1) William Craufurd of Lefnoreis (d(sp?) by 12.1561) possibly of this generation
m. (c1560) Isobel Campbell (dau of Sir Mathew Campbell of Loudoun)
  (2) Isobel Craufurd
  m. John Dalrymple of Stair
  c. ?? Craufurd
  The following George is presumed cousin rather than brother of the above William (d c1561) as it appears that he had a younger named William.
  (1) Sir George Craufurd of Lefnoreis (a 1574) possibly of this generation
m. Margaret (probably not Mary) Stewart (dau of Andrew Stewart, master of Ochiltree)
  (2) William Craufurd of Lefnoreis (a 1574) probably brother of Sir George
  m1. ??
  (A) Sir George Craufurd of Leifnoreis (a 1635)
  (i) William Craufurd (a 1635)
  Paterson notes that "From this period we lose sight of the Craufurds of Lefnoreis".
  (ii) Margaret Craufurd possibly of this generation
m. John Campbell of Schankistone (d c1635)
  (B) Hugh Craufurd of Templand (a 1603)
  (C) Matthew Craufurd of Drongan, later also of Lefnoreis
  m. Jeane Ros (d 1620)
  (D) Agnes (or Elizabeth) Craufurd dau of William in Benescroft, niece of the laird of Lochnorris, possibly of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. (before 04.06.1598) Alexander Hamilton of Ladieton & Grange
  m2. Jeane Houstoun (dau of Patrick Houstoun of that ilk)
  (E) Patrick Craufurd
  d. Agnes Craufurd
  m. (1520/25) David Cathcart of Duchray
2. Elizabeth Craufurd --
  m. (c1440) Sir Robert (or John) Hamilton of Brentwood (Bruntwood) --



Paterson reports that "The Craufurds of Daleaglis were an ancient family - probably the oldest of all the lesser branches of the Craufurds. There are, however, very few records of them extant; and it would be useless to attempt drawing up anything like a regular genealogy of the family." Paterson reports that it "may be presumed" that Roger de Craufurd of Daleglis (a 1384) was the progenitor of the Craufurds of Drongan. Probably descended from his son, John Craufurd of Daleglis (a 1406), was ...
William Craufurd of Daleglis
m. (c1660) Janet Craufurd (dau of John Craufurd of Craufurdland)
1. William Craufurd of Daleglis (a 1701) probably of this generation
  A. John Craufurd of Dalleagles (a 1727) possibly of this generation
  i. John Craufurd of Easter Polquhairn, last of Dalleagles (a 1756) possibly of this generation
2.+ 4 other sons + 2 daughters



Paterson reports that Skeldon "was possessed from an early period by a branch of the Craufurd family". He notes that there were later 2 Skeldons: Over Skeldon, now called 'Hollybush', and Nether Skeldon, now called just 'Skeldon'. The following were possibly descended from John Crawford of Skeldonne (a temp Robert I who r. 1306-1329) but "It is impossible, however, for us to make out a detailed account of their descent". There are mentions of David of Skeldoune (a 1617), James of Skeldon (a 1618) & David of Nether Skeldoune (a 1620). We start with ...
Duncan Craufuird of Nether Skeldoune (d 1623)
m. Agnes McCulloche (d 1645)
1. William Craufurd of Nether Skeldoune (a 1645, Major General)
2. Alexander Craufurd of Nether Skeldoune (a 1652)
  m. Margaret Kennedy ("of the house of Culzean")
  A. David Craufurd of Nether Skeldoune possibly of this generation
  B. John Craufurd (brother of David)
3. David Craufurd
4. Isobel Crawfurd probably the Isobel (d c1675) who married ...
  m. (1642) William McCulloch of Nether Ardwall (d 1682)

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