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Families covered: Cumming of Altyr, Cumming of Auchry, Cuming (Cumming) of Logie, Cumming of Pittulie, Gordon-Cumming of Gordonstoun

Thomas Cumming of Altyr (d before 1601)
m. Margaret Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon of Strathavon)
1. Alexander Cumming of Altyr (dsp before 1601)
2. David Cumming (dsp)
3. James Cumming of Altyr (d c1610)
  m. Margaret Gordon (dau of Sir Thomas Gordon of Clunie)
A. James Cumming of Altyr (d after 1624)
  m. Margaret or Mary Fraser (dau of Hugh Fraser, Lord of Lovat)
  i. Robert Cumming of Altyr (d c1655)
  m. (1625) Isabel Innes (dau of Sir Robert Innes of Balveny)
a. Robert Cumming of Altyr (a 1662)
  m1. (sp) Jean Burnett (dau of Sir Thomas Burnett of Leys, 1st Bart)
  m2. Lucy Gordon (dau of Sir Ludovick Gordon, Bart of Gordonstoun)
  Through this marriage later came the estate of Gordonstoun.
  (1) Alexander Cumming of Altyr
  m. (1694) Elizabeth Brodie (b 1663, dau of James Brodie of that ilk)
  (A) James Cumming of Altyr (dsp 1754)
(B) Alexander Cumming of Rosehill
  m. Anne Wortley (dau of John Wortley of Shrewsbury)
  (i) Alexander Cumming of Altyr
  m. Grace Pearce (niece of John Penrose of Penrose)
  (a) Sir Alexander Penrose Cumming, 1st Bart of Altyre and Gordonstoun (d 10.02.1806)
  m. (09.09.1773) Helen Grant (d 01.01.1832, dau of Sir Ludovick Grant, Bart of Grant)
((1)) Sir William Gordon Cumming, later Gordon-Cumming, 2nd Bart of Altyre and Gordonstoun (b 20.07.1787, d 25.11.1854, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (11.09.1815) Eliza Maria Campbell (d 1842, dau of John Campbell of Shawfield and Islay)
  m2. (19.12.1846) Jane Eliza Mackintosh (d 06.01.1897, dau of William Mackintosh of Geddes and Hilton)
  ((2)) Charles Lennox Cumming, later Cumming-Bruce (b 20.02.1790)
  m. Mary Bruce (dau of James Bruce of Kinnaird)
  ((A)) Mary Elizabeth Cumming-Bruce (d 07.07.1843)
m. (22.04.1841) James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin, 12th Earl of Kincardine, Viceroy and Governor General of India (b 20.07.1811, d 20.11.1863)
  ((3)) Margaret (Grace) Cumming (d 1843)
  m. (1798) (Samuel) Madden (Major)
  ((4)) Helen Cumming
  m. Sir Archibald Dunbar, Bart of Northfield
  ((5)) Louisa Cumming (d 11.07.1845)
m. (05.08.1802) John Hay Forbes of Medwyn (b 09.1776, d 1854, Senator as Lord Medwyn)
  ((6)) Edwina Cumming (d 18.03.1857)
  m. (1814) Thomas Miller of Glenlee
  ((7))+ other issue - George (d unm 1800), Jane Marianne (d 02.10.1857), Emelia, Mary (d 1835), Sophia (d 28.02.1861) and others (d young - Alexander, James, John, Edward, Charlotte)
  (b) Jane Cumming
  m. Rev. Jonathan Rashleigh of Silverton
  (c) Mary Cumming
  m. William Veale of Trevelian
  (1)) Emilia Cumming Veale probably of this generation
  m. (08.1805) Sir William Fitzgerald, 2nd Bart (d 30.05.1847)
  (d) Emilie Cumming (d 1842)
  m. (1780) John Quick of Newtown (b 06.03.1759, d 12.06.1830)
  (e)+ other issue - John Penrose, Edward, George (d 1834), William, James
(C) George Cumming of Altyr
  b. John Cuming of Piteveach, later of Logie
  m. Barbara Cuming (dau of _ Cuming of Birness)
  (1) Robert Cuming of Logie
  m. Margaret Lesly (dau of Andrew Lesly of Glens)
  (A) Alexander Cuming of Logie
  m1. (sps) Lucy Dunbar (dau of Dunbar of Burgy)
  m2. Grace Grant (dau of James Grant of Rothymurchus)
  (i) daughter (eldest)
  m. John Rose of Holm
  (ii)+ other issue including Robert
  (B)+ other issue - James (d unm), William (had issue)
  (2) William Cumming (minister)
  m. _ Shepherd
  (A) William Cumming (dsp, doctor)
  (3) Jean Cumming
  m. William Sutherland of Rosehaugh
  (4) daughter
  m. Robert Innes of Mondole
  (5)+ other issue - David (d unm), Barbara (dsp)
  c. Jean Cumming
  m. James Cuming of Relugas



George Cumming of Lochtervandich, Provost of Elgin (d before 1649)
m. Marjory Leslie (dau of William Leslie of family of Kininvie)
1. William Cumming of Lochtervandich, later of Auchry and Pittullie (b 1634)
  m1. Isabel Gordon (dau of John Gordon, Provost of Banff)
  A. John Cumming of Auchry
  m1. (sp) ??
  m2. Christian Forbes (dau of _ Forbes of Pitnacaddell)
  i. Joseph Cumming of Auchry
  m. Jane Garden (dau of Garden (not Gordon) of Troup)
  a.+ issue - John, Frank, Peter, Archibald, Jean, Anne, Sally, Nelly
ii. Mary Cumming
  m. William Forbes of Blacktown
  m2. (sp) Jean Sandielands (dau of James Sandielands of Cotton)
  m3. Christian Guthrie (dau of Sir Henry Guthrie of Kinnedwood)
  B. George Cumming of Pittulie
  i. ?? Cumming of Pittulie
  m. _ Urquhard (dau of _ Urquhard of Burdsyards)
  a. William Cumming of Pittulie
  b. Mary Cumine (d 1763) dau of George Cumine of Pittullie, possibly of this generation
  m. (1742) Alexander Ogilvie, 3rd of Auchiries (b 1727, d 1791)
2. George Cumming (minister at Essle)
  m. _ Geddes (dau of _ Geddes of Essle)
  A.+ issue - George (clergyman), Archibald (clergyman)
3. son (dsp)
4. Margaret Cumming
  m. William King of Newmills, Provost of Elgin
5. Barbara Cumming
  m. John Hay (dean of Murray)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (1798, Cuming of Altyr and Cuming of Logie), BP1870 (Cumming)
(2) For lower section : Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (1798, Cuming of Auchry)
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