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Sir John Cunningham, 1st of Gilbertfield, Lanarkshire (d 1628)
According to "Genealogy of Grahams (and many related families)" by Adam Graham (more information on which is given under Graham06), John was originally designated as of Easter Moffat and was first mentioned, on 20 May 1577, as servant (should be servitor ?) of John, Commendator of Aberbrothok, and was later Chamberlain of Hamilton and Captain of Dunbarton Castle under a Lord Hamilton 1585-1596. He bought Gilbertfield in 1591 and built a castle there. Note the confusion reported below as to the name of the father of both Margaret and Jean.
m. Jean Hamilton
1. John Cunningham, 2nd of Gilbertfield
  m. Elizabeth Cuninghame (dau of William Cuninghame, 6th of Craigends)
  A. Robert Cunningham, 3rd of Gilbertfield
  m. (1651) Margaret Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Udston)
  i. William Cunningham, 4th of Gilbertfield
  William is described as "of Gilbertfield" but it is known that his brother Robert sold Gilbertfield in 1701 (to William Hamilton). It is therefore assumed (but has not yet been proved) that William was the elder and died without issue so that Gilbertfield Castle then passed to Robert.
m. Janet Lindsay (dau of William Lindsay of Holmbarn and Caldersyd)
  ii. Robert Cunningham, 5th of Gilbertfield
  m1. (27.10.1689) Susanna Anderson
  m2. Mary Smith
  Possibly a daughter of Robert, though (if so) by which marriage is not known, was ...
  a. Barbara Cuninghame
  m. Archibald Smollett
  iii. Helen Cunningham
  m. Robert Hamilton of Park
  iv. Margaret Cunningham
m. John Millar of Milheugh
  B. James Cunningham
  C. Janet Cunningham --
  m. (30.07.1657) William Lindsay of Holmbarn & Caldersyd --
2. Margaret Cunningham
  m. Gabriel Hamilton of Westburn (d 1669)
  'AndersonMemoirs', further identified here, under 'Westburn' (p442, in supplement), identifies Margaret as dau of Sir William Cunninghame of Gilbertfield who had issue: a son (d young), Margaret (here), a daughter (m. _ Smollet (son of Sir James of Bonhill) "and was mother of the ingenious Dr. Tobias Smollet", and another daughter (m. _ Miller of Millheugh). 'HamiltonHistory' supports naming her father as William but the article on Westburn in 'The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry' (2nd edition, 1878) names him Sir Robert.
3. Jean Cunningham
  Note that 'HamiltonHistory' (p162) identifies Jean's father as Sir Robert Cunningham of Gilbertfield.
  m. (c1619) William Hamilton of Blantyreferm

Main source(s): Stirnet's BG family records (supported by research into Retours, etc.)
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