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Wotton (1771) & Lodge (1779) both start with a pedigee by Thomas Challock, Bishop of Oracade (a c1460s), which goes back to the 9th century and appears to be largely spurious. It ends with the children of Sir Guido who married Beatrix Bulmar. Wotton & Lodge report that the continuation was (according to Kimber) carried on by Dugdale & Bigland whose pedigree (according to Wotton) "begins with Sir Henry Delaval, Knt. temp W. Conq.". That appears to be the Henry who (reputedly by Gunnirilla, dau of Roger 'with the beard' de Beaumont or Bellamonte) was father of the following Henry who is the first mentioned by BEB1841. We might provide his disputed ancestry in due course but do not think it merits much attention. For these early generations we show in italics any data which we think derived from Challock.
Sir Henry Delaval or De la Val of Seaton Delaval, Northumberland (a 1086)
m. Anna de Longueville (dau of Lewis de Longueville or Longe Ville)
1. Sir Lewis Delaval of Seaton Delaval
  m. Emma Gubion (dau of Sir John Gubion)
  Challock inserted an additional generation here, a Sir Robert who (by Anna, dau of Sir Robert Darley) had Sir Guido, Anna (m. Sir Richard Cumin or Comyn of Northumberland, ancestor of the Earls of Buchan), Emma (m. Robert de Montalt or Montauld) & Johanna (shown by Wotton but not Lodge as m. _ Bruce). BEB1841 shows Sir Lewis as father rather than grandfather of ...
  A. Sir Guy Delaval of Seaton Delaval (a 1166, d 1199-1200)
  Wotton & Lodge identifiy Guido's wife as Beatrix, dau of Sir Anthony Bulmar or Bulmer. BEB1841 identifies her as ...
  m.?? Creon (dau of Maurice de Creon)
  i. Sir William Delaval
  m. Bridget Grey (dau of Sir Ralph Grey)
a. Sir John Delaval
  m. Mary Gascoigne (dau of Sir William Gascoigne)
  (1) Sir Gilbert Delaval of Claverdon or Clavering (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
  m. Margaret (dau of Lord Clavering)
  (A) Sir Eustace Delaval
  m. Elizabeth Burcester (dau/heir of Sir John Burcester)
  (i) Sir Robert Delaval (dsp 1272-3)
  Wotton & Lodge report that Sir Robert dsp and show Margaret Greystock as wife of his brother Henry. BEB1841 shows that it was Sir Robert who married ...
  m. Margaret de Greystock (dau of William de Greystock)
(ii) Sir Henry Delaval
Apart from the difference as to who married Margaret Greystock (mentioned just above), BEB1841 disagrees with Wotton & Lodge over which of Henry's sons was father of Sir Hugh who continued the line. Wotton & Lodge show: Sir Henry (m. Hellen Morton or Moston but dsp?), Sir Eustace (m. Margaret Nevil, had issue including elder son Sir Robert who dsp and Hugh who succeeded), Sir Hugh (dsp). We provisionally follow BEB1841 which shows:
  (a) Sir Eustace Delaval
  m. Margaret Nevill (dau of Ralph Nevill, Lord of Raby)
  ((1)) Sir Robert Delaval (dsp)
  ((2)) Mary Delaval shown by Wotton & Lodge
  m. Andrew Smeton
  (b) Sir Hugh Delavall (dsp)
  m. Maud (Matilda) de Bulbec (dau of Hugh de Bulbec, lord of Headon)
  (c) Sir Henry Delaval
  m. Helena de Molton (Lady)
  ((1)) Sir Hugh Delaval - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Dacres (dau of Sir Lennard Dacres)
(B)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Jane, Mary
  b. Ralph Delaval (dsp)
  c. Anthony Delaval (dsp)
  m. _ Tracy (dau of Sir John Tracy)
  ii. Henry Delaval (dsp)
  iii. Elizabeth Delaval
  m. Sir Walter Tyrole, Governor of the Borders
  iv. Sybilla Delaval
  m. Robert de la Launder or Delalander
  v. Mary Delaval (nun)
  B. Gunnirilla Delaval
  m. Sir Randolf de Marley of Morpeth Castle
2. Rochesia Delaval HJY
  m. Bertram de Vernon (sb Verdon) of Farnham (d Joppa 1199) HJY
3. Gunnirilla Delaval
  m. Sir Valdonius de Sanct Claro (son of William of Roslin)
4.+ other issue - Isaac, William (dsp)



Sir Hugh Delaval - continued above
m. Elizabeth Dacres (dau of Sir Lennard Dacres)
1. Sir Robert Delaval (d 1399-1400)
  m. Margaret (dau of Lord Conyers)
  A. Sir William Delaval 'of Seaton Delaval'
  m. Grace Lilburne (dau of Sir Thomas Lilburne)
  i. (Sir) Henry Delaval 'of Seaton Delaval' (dsp c1388)
  ii. Alice Delaval (d 26.12.1402)
  m1. (before 1388) Sir John Wichester (Whitchester) of Benwell
  m2. Sir John Manners of Etal
  B. Sir William Delaval of Benwell (2nd)
  m. Anne Lisle (dau of Sir John Lisle)
  i. John Delaval
  Wotton & Lodge report that John dsp but BEB1841 reports that he had ...
  a. William Delaval (dsp)
  m. Mary Widderington (dau of Sir William de Widderington)
  C. Sir Robert Delaval
  m. Jane Percy (dau of Sir Henry Percy)
i. Sir John Delaval
  Wotton & Lodge mention only 1 wife for Sir John, Margaret Midford, showing her as mother of 2 sons:
- John who (by Mary, dau/heir of Sir John Eslington) was mother of the Elizabeth who m. John Horsley; and
- James (m. Eleanor Hilton) and was ancestor of the later Delavals.
Provisionally, we follow BEB1841 in showing the heiress Elizabeth as daughter of this Sir John by his 2nd wife. However, rather than lose sight of the information provided by Wotton & Lodge, we show James as Sir John's younger brother.
  m1. (sp) Margaret de Mitford (dau of Sir John de Mitford)
  m2. Elizabeth Whitchester (dau of William Whitchester) ## see here ## where this connection is queried
  a. Elizabeth Delaval
  m. (c1423) John Horsley, later Delaval
BEB1841 shows that Seaton passed into the Horsley family and that John and his descendants bore the name Delaval.
  ii. James Delaval
  m. Eleanor Hilton (dau of Sir William Hilton)
  a. Sir John Delaval
  m. Isabel Widdrington (dau of Sir John Widdrington)
  (1) John Delaval
  m. Agnes Graye (dau of Sir Thomas Graye of Chillingham)
  (A) George Delaval (dsp)
  (B) Sir John Delaval
  See ### near the top of Delaval2 for his descendants
  m. Mary Carye (dau of Thomas Carye)
  (C) Margaret Delaval
  m. Sir William Ogle of Cawsey Park
  b. Dorothy Delaval
  m. William Heron of Forde
2. Catherine Delaval
  m. Sir Thomas Middleton

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Delaval of Seaton), Wotton (vol 3, Delaval of Seaton Delaval), Lodge's 'Peerage of Ireland' (1789, vol 7, Delaval)
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