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Families covered: Dickson of Hartree, Dickson of Kilbucho

Robert Dickson
m. Anne Eccles (dau of John Eccles (or Eccels) of Eccles)
1. John Dickson
  m. Agnes Boe (dau of Robert Boe "of the family of Boe or Book of Stane, Lanarkshire)
  A. John Dickson of Hartree (Senator of the College of Justice as Lord Hartree)
m1. (1616) Bessie Barbour
  i. Alex Dickson (b c1624, d 1656, 5th son?)
  m. Isabel Sandilands (dau of Lord William Sandilands of Hilderston)
  a. John Dickson
  b. William Dickson (d 1680)
m. Margaret Murray (dau of Sir William Murray of Stanhope, 1st Bart)
  (1) William Dickson of Kilbucho, Peebleshire (b 1676, d c06.03.1762)
  m. (1705) Jean Menzies (dau of Sir William Menzies of St. Germains, Gledstanes & Lethan)
  (A) John Dickson of Kilbucho (b c1707, d 02.12.1767, MP)
  (B) David Dickson of Kilbucho (b c1409, d c1780, minster of Newlands)
  m1. ??
  m2. Anne Gillon (b c1712, d 1783, dau of Alexander Gillon of Wallhouse by Elizabeth Stuart)
  (i) William Dickson of Kilbucho (b 06.1748, d 18.05.1815, Colonel, MP, Lt. Governor of Cork)
  (ii) John Dickson of Coulter (a 1776, 1829)
  m. (20.03.1781) Mary Gibson (b 17.05.1762, d 06.03.1838, dau of Rev. John Gibson of St. Ninians (by Mary Nimmo), son of Rev. Archibald of St. Ninians)
  (a)+ issue - David (b 13.10.1793, a 1824), Alexander (b 21.08.1795), John Gibson (b 29.08.1797), Eliza (b 12.08.1791), Mary (a 1829)
  (iii) David Dickson ((b 10.04.1754, d 02.08.1820, minister of Libberton)
  m. Christian Wardrobe (b c1755, d 14.12.1832)
  (a) James Wardrobe Dickson (b 02.04.1794, d 09.06.1847, younger son)
  m. (18.07.1824) Jeanette Helen Morison (b c1796, d 15.04.1876, dau of James Morison)
  (b)+ other issue - David (bpt 05.03.1780, d 28.07.1842, minister in Edinburgh), John (bpt 25.11.1781, d young?), William (b 12.11.1783, d young?), Alexander (b 07.01.1789, d young?), Margaret (bpt 18.10.1778, d 29.11.1852), Mary (b 25.08.1785), Anne (b 13.04.1787, d 28.02.1860), Elisabeth (b 29.05.1792), 3 daughters
  (iv) James Ranaldson Dickson of Blairhall, Fife (bpt 05.04.1756, a 1829)
  m. Ann Ranaldson or Ronaldson (heiress of Blairhall)
  (a)+ issue - David Randalson (a 1809), William (b 16.03.1790), Isabella Edwards (b 23.03.1797)
  (v) Elizabeth Dickson (b c1752, d 02.04.1824)
  (C) Michael Dickson
  (D) Mary Dickson (b 1709, dsp 21.12.1782)
  m1. (1733) George Muirhead of Persilands
  m2. (1758) ??
  ii.+ other issue - John, James (of Hartree?), David, 2 daughters
  m2. Susanna Ramsay (dau of George Ramsay of Kirkton of Balmerino)
  vii. John Dickson of Whitslade Tower of Whytelaw (b c1641, a 1668, younger son) possibly father of ...
  a. (John?) Dickson
(1) Michael Dickson
  (2) ?? Dickson possibly father of ...
  (A) William Dickson (a 1777)
  viii. David Dickson of Hartree (bpt 04.12.1644, d by 02.1688, younger son)
  m. (mcrt 30.05.1665) Helen Wedderburn (dau of Sir Alexander Wedderburn of Blackness by Matilda Fletcher)
  a. John Dickson of Hartree (b 1666, d 1706)
  m. (mcrt 13.12.1692) Anne Murray (dau of Sir William Murray of Stanhope, 1st Bart)
  (1) John Dickson (dsp before 13.06.1744)
  m. (before 11.1727) Susanna Lockhart (dau of William Lockhart of Wygateshaw)
  (2)+ other issue - Helen (d 1756), Anne (d by 1759?), Agnes (d 1794), Henrietta (d before 13.06.1744)
b. David Dickson (of Wiston?) (bpt 23.07.1667)
  (1) John Dickson (bpt 15.04.1695)
  (A) David Dickson (d 12.03.1791, Captain)
  m. Jean Bell possibly parents of ...
  (i) Alexander Dickson of Hartree (b 25.01.1743, d 1817, Colonel)
  m. Susanna Jane Moore (dau of Sir Henry Moore, Governor of New York)
  (2) Jean Dickson (b 1705, d 06.06.1756, possibly the Jean whose mother was Katherin Ross)
  m. (08.1723?) Archibald Douglas (b 02.06.1703, d 19.10.1786, son of James of Morton Castle by Jean Maxwell)
  (3)+ other issue (?) - David (bpt 19.04.1701, son of Katherin Ross), Henrietta (bpt 21.01.1707), Bettie (bpt 25.03.1710)
  ix. Elizabeth Dickson (bur 13.08.1669)
  m. (mcrt 08.12.1662) Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh ( d 05.1691)
  x. Agnes Dickson (bpt 02.06.1635)
  m. (1653) Sir Peter Wedderburn of Gosford (b 1612, d 11.11.1659, Lord of Session as Lord Gosford)
  xi.+ other issue - James (bpt 17.01.1637), Robert (bpt 12.09.1639), William (bpt 16.01.1642), Cicile (bpt 02.10.1633, d young?), Elspth (bpt 13.10.1640), Elspth (bpt 13.10.1640), Jean (bpt 17.03.1643), Ciciel (bpt 12.03.1648), Helen (bpt 01.04.1649)

Main source(s): schedule kindly provided by a contributor (CV, 21.10.15) derived "from a wide variety of online sources"
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