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Families covered: Doig of Cessintullie, Doig of Dunrobin, Doig of Gartincaber

James Doig of Dunrobin (b c1449, d 1526/1532)
m. Margaret
1. James Doig of Dunrobin (d 1539-40)
  m. Agnes Hamilton
  A. James Doig of Dunrobin, Provost of Dundee (b c1506, d 22.12.1555, Captain)
m. Margaret Statherne (b c1510, widow of Thomas Ramsay)
  i. James Doig (d 1613)
  a. Paul Doig
  ii. Paul Doig of Dunrobin (b c1538, d 1618/1626, 3rd son)
  m1. Dorothy Buchanan (d c1574)
  a. James Doig of Dunrobin (b c1564, d 02.1634)
  m. Dorothy Cunningham (dau of William Cunningham (4th) of Craigends by Margaret Cuninghame)
  (1) Paul Doig (b c1588, d before 1646)
  m1. Janet Livingston
  (A) James Doig (bpt 08.1634)
m2. Janet Shaw (b c1592, d c1618)
  (2) James Doig of Dunrobin (b 1590/1, d 06.01.1619)
  (3) John Doig of Cessintullie (b c1595)
  (A) John Doig (b c1638)
  m1. Elizabeth Miller (d 04.1669)
  (i) James Doig (b c1659)
  m1. Janet Paterson (b c1661, d c1682)
  m2. Jean Miller
  (ii) John Doig
  m1. Marion White
  (a)+ issue - Christian (bpt 20.02.1684), Elspeth (bpt 03.06.1688)
  m2. Janet Stirling
  (c) Walter Doig (bpt 01.12.1704, younger son)
  m. (16.11.1734) Jean McFarlane
  ((1)) Mary Doig (bpt 28.12.1737)
  m. Peter McFarlane
  ((2)) Jean Doig (bpt 03.03.1743)
  m. James Dow
  ((3))+ other issue - John (bpt 21.09.1735), Walter (bpt 17.08.1740), Elizabeth (bpt 11.03.1750)
  (d) Jean Doig (bpt 03.04.1709)
  m1. John McEwan
  m2. (07.03.1746) James Ferguson
  (e)+ other issue - James (bpt 12.09.1697), child (b 1700), child (b 1702), son (bpt 06.04.1709)
  (iii) Elspeth Doig
  m. James Risk (bpt 26.02.1650)
  m2. Margaret Murdoch
  (iv) Walter Doig (b 1670, d c1745)
  m1. Janet Lockhart (bpt 06.04.1675, d c1700, dau of John Lockhart)
  (a) Margaret Doig (bpt 26.11.1699)
m2. (15.11.1704) Jean Thomson
  (b) Janet Doig (bpt 27.06.1708, d 1784)
  m1. (13.01.1730) John Morison in Port of Menteith (possibly son of John by Margaret Morison)
  m2. (08.01.1743) Walter Caddell
  m3. (02.12.1750) Alexander Graham in Gargunnock
  (c)+ other issue - John (bpt 27.09.1705), Isabel (bpt 07.10.1711)
  (i) Paul Doig (bpt 02.01.1676)
  m1. Jean Paterson (d 1711/14)
  m2. (10.08.1714) Elizabeth Ferguson
(vi) Margaret Doig (bpt 10.12.1671)
  m. Archibald Murdoch
  (vii) child (bpt 03.07.1678)
  (4) Margaret Doig
  m. John Livingstone, younger of Kirkland
  m2. Margaret Cuningame (b c1540, d 1618, dau of Sir William Cuninghame of Cuninghamhead, widow of William Cunningham of Craigends)
  m3. Agnes
  iii.+ other issue - John, Alexander, Catherine
2. Archibald Doig (a 1567)
3. John Doig of Gartincaber, Perthshire (b c1511, d before 10.1558)
  m. (08.11.1536) Helen Stewart (d c1572, dau of Walter Stewart (3rd, sb 4th?) of Baldorran, by Euphemia Reidheugh)
  A. John Doig (b c1538, d c1572)
  i. John Doig in Gartincaber (d 09.1601) had issue?
  m. Elizabeth Lounie
  ii. Robert Doig
  B. James Doig of Gartincaber (d 10.1588)
m. Marjorie Graham (a 1627)
  i. John Doig of Gartincaber (b c1567, d 1595)
  ii. Sir James Doig in Gartincaber (d 1630)
  m. Elizabeth Muschet
  a. James Doig of Gartincaber (b c1584, a 1643)
  (1) Marion Doig (b c1602)
  m. David Doig of Ballingrew (son of James)
  (2) Margaret Doig (b c1610)
  m. Robert Muschet of Craighead (son of David of Glassinghall by Geilis Doig)
  b. Geills Doig
  m. David Muschet of Glassingall (son of William of Craighead & Spittleton)
  c. daughter
  m. James Dick
  iii. Marion Doig (b c1565, d 06.1613)
  m. David Muschet of Calziechat (son of Sir George of Burnbank by Barbara (sb Catherine?) Stirling)
  iv. Margaret Doig possibly married to ...
  m. (08.07.1624) John Monteith
  v.+ other issue - Beatrix, Elizabeth, Janet, Catherine, Jean (d by 1588
  C. Andrew Doig (d 06.1594)
  m. Agnes Balfour
  i. David Doig (b c1569)
  D. Catherine Doig

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