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Families covered: Dicconson of Eccleston, Dicconson of Wrightington, Darby of Leap, Darby of Colebrookedale, Docminique of Chipstead

Edward Dicconson of Eccleston, Lancashire
m. Anne Wrightinton (dau of John Wrightinton, niece of Sir Edward of Wrightinton or Wrightington)
1. William Dicconson of Eccleston (d c1652)
  m. Jane Neslon (dau of Hugh Nelson of Heskyn)
  A. Hugh Dicconson of Eccleston (d 05.01.1690-1)
  m. Agnes Kirkby (dau of Roger Kirkby of Kirkby by Agnes, dau of Sir John Lowther of Lowther)
i. Roger Dicconson (d 23.07.1742, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Petre (dau of Edward Petre of Margaretting, son of Hon. Edward)
  a. Edward Dicconson of Wrightington (b 03.09.1700)
  m. (07.02.1722) Mary Blount (d 17.10.1744, dau of George Blount of Mawley Hall, sister of Sir Edward, 4th Bart)
(1) William Dicconson of Wrightington (b 24.10.1727, dsp)
  m. Meliora Stanley (dau of Thomas Stanley of Culceth)
  (2) Edward Dicconson of Wrightington (b 19.11.1729, d unm)
  (3) Constantia Dicconson
  m. Charles Jerningham (General)
  (4) Mary Dicconson
  m. Robert Dillon, Sn de Terrafort in France (d 1769)
  (5) Elizabeth Dicconson (d 27.12.1753)
  m. Basil Thomas Scarisbrick, later Eccleston (d 23.05.1789)
  Wrightington Hall passed into Basil's family, certain members of whom took the name Dicconson.
  (6) Barbara Dicconson (d 25.12.1797)
  m. John Towneley of Corney House (b 15.06.1731, d 13.05.1813)
  (7) Catharine Dicconson
  m. (1758) Henry Hervey Aston of Aston (d 1785)
  ii.+ other issue including Edward (b 1670, d 24.04.1752, Bishop of Malta)



Jonathan Darby of Leap, Sheriff of King's County (a 1674)
m. Deborah
1. Jonathan Darby of Leap (a 1708)
  A. Jonathan Darby of Leap (d before 22.02.1742-3)
  m. Anna Maria (a 1744)
  i. Jonathan Darby of Leap
  m. (mcrt 05.1745) Susanna Lovett (dau of Robert Lovett of Dromoyle)
  a. Jonathan Darby of Leap, Sheriff of King's County (a 1787)
  m. Eleanor Lovett (b 1758, dau of Jonathan Lovett of Kingsmill)
  (1) Elizabeth Darby
  b. Sir Henry D'Esterre Darby of Leap Castle (d unm, Admiral RN)
c. John Darby of Markley (Sussex), later of Leap Castle (d 1834)
  m. Anne Vaugan (dau of Samuel Vaughan)
  (1) William Henry Darby of Leap Castle (b 1790, d 20.02.1880, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. Laura Charlotte Curteis (d 27.03.1847, dau of Edward Jeremiah Curteis of Windmill Hill)
  m2. (28.01.1848) Elizabeth Drought (d 12.1883, dau of William Drought)
  (2) Christopher Darby had issue
  m. _ Boyle
  (3) George Darby of Markley (d 1877) had issue
  m. Maria Homfray (dau of Samuel Homfray, MP)
  (4) Susan Darby (b c1786, d 06.04.1861)
  m. Edward Pennefather (Chief Justice)
  (5)+ other issue - Jonathan (d unm), Horatio D'Esterre, John Nelson (b c1800, d1882), Sarah (d 16.11.1877)
  d. William Darby
  m. Elizabeth Hawkshaw (dau of William Hawkshaw)
  (1) Jonathan Lovell Darby (Rev.)
  e. Verney Darby of Dublin, Sheriff of King's County (6th son)
  m. (1778) Anna Maria Maquay (dau of George Maquay)
  (1)+ 1 son and 2 daughters
  f. Jane Darby
  m. _ Burke (surgeon)
  g.+ other issue - Christopher (dsp, General), William (had issue), Maria
  ii. Anne Darby
  m. (mcrt 07.1736) Rev. Isaac Weld
  iii.+ 1 son and 2 daughters
  B. Sarah Darby
  m. _ Alkinson or _ Gray
  C. Mary Darby
  m. _ Gray or _ Alkinson
2.+ other issue - George, John, William, Mary



Abraham Darby of Colebrookedale, Salop (a 1697)
1. Abraham Darby of Colebrookedale (b 03.03.1711)
  m1. Margaret Smith
  A. Hannah Darby
  m. Richard Reynolds of Bristol
  m2. Abiah Maude (dau of Samuel Maude of Sunderland (by Rachel Warren of Scarborough), widow of ?? Sinclair)
  B. Abraham Darby of Colebrookedale (b 24.04.1750, engineer)
  Abraham "constructed and erected, in conjunction with the late John Wilkinson of Burslem, Staffordshire, the celebrated iron bridge over the river Severn, at Colebrookedale, the first of that metal ever made."
  m. Rebecca Smith (dau of Francis Smith of Doncater)
  i. Francis Darby of Colebrookedale (b 05.04.1783) had issue (2 daughters)
  m. (16.06.1808) Hannah Grant (dau/heir of John Grant of Leighton Buzzard)
ii. Richard Darby (b 01.01.1788) had issue
  m. Maria Sorton (dau/heir of John Sorton of Chester)
  iii. Anne Darby
  m. Barnard Dickinson
  iv. Hannah Darby
  m. William Tothill of Redland
  C. Samuel Darby (b 16.01.1755)
  m. Deborah Barnard (dau of John Barnard of Sheffield)
  i. Samuel Darby (d 01.02.1808)
  m. Frances Anne Williames (dau of John Williames of Welch Pool)
  a. Mary Darby
  m. (06.12.1825) Edward Pryce Owen (vicar of Wellington, rector of Eyton)
  ii. Edmund Darby
  m. Lucy Burlingham (dau of John Burlingham of Worcester)
  a.+ 2 sons and 2 daughters
  D. Mary Darby (dsp)
  m. Joseph Rathbone of Liverpool
  E. Sarah Darby (d unm)
2.+ other issue (d unm) - Edmund, Sarjeant, John



Paul Docminique of Lille, France
m. Marie Tordreau of Valenciennes
1. Paul Docminique of London & Chipstead, Surrey (bpt 15.01.1643, d 17.03.1735, MP, a Hugeunot)
  m1. Alice Edwards (dau of William Edwards of London)
  m. (22.12.1674) Margaret Edwards (dau of Rev. Robert Edwards of Kibworth, cousin of Alice)
  A/B. son (dvp)
  B/A. Charles Docminique of Chipstead (b c1686, d unm 16.06.1745)
2. Anne Docminique
  HoP ("Charles Docminique") reports that the above Charles passed his estates to"his first cousin, "Paul Humphrey". HoP ("Paul Humphrey") identifies Paul's mother as dau of Paul Dominique, linking to the MP, but she must have been sister rather than daughter of that Paul.
  m. Toby Humphrey (of Gray's Inn)
  A. Humphrey Paul of Chipstead (b c1687, d 18.04.1751, MP)
  m. ??
  i. daughter (dvp)

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