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Families covered: Elphinstone (Barts), Elphinstone of Blythswood, Elphinstone of Lopness

BP1870 (Elphinstone of Sowerby) identifies the Ronald (Rene or Rainy) Elphinstone, who (according to BP1934) "came from France with Lord Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney, and was granted lands in Orkney". as son of John Elphinstone of Baberton whom it identified as 3rd son of Robert, 3rd Baron Elphinstone. [Following TSB (Elphinstone), we show (Sir) John of Baberton (1553-1614), as the 2nd son of the 3rd Lord.] BP1934, which indicates that the parentage shown for Rene (Rainy or Ronald) is not certain, starts with ...
John Elphinstone (a 1485, baillie of Glasgow) reported by the clanmacfarlane site to have been killed at Sauchiburn 11.06.1488
m. Elizabeth Douglas mentioned by the clanmacfarlane site
1. Jock Elphinstone (a 1494, in France, 2nd son)
  m. Catherine Le Noble
  A. Michael Elphinstone
  i. Peter (or Patrick) Elphinstone
  m. Magdeline de Lespine probably parents of ...
  a. Rene (Rainy or Ronald) Elphinstone (d 1587, to Orkney)
  m. Janet Halcro
  (1) Harry Elphinstone
  (2) Robert Elphinstone of Hammegar (d 1628)
  m. Elizabeth Smyth
  (A) John Elphinstone of Walls & Lopness
  m. Joanna Cock, heiress of Lopness
  (i) Robert Elphinstone of Lopness (Steward Judiciary, High Admiral & Chamberlain of Orkney & Zetland)
  (ii) John Elphinstone
  m. Elizabeth Moore
  (a) John Elphinstone (RN)
  m. Anne Williams
  ((1)) John Elphinstone (b 1722, d 28.02.1785, Admiral in the Russian service)
  m. (23.10.1750) Amelia Warburton (d 02.1786, dau of John Warburton, Somerset Herald)
  ((A)) Samuel William Elphinstone (d 1789, Captain in the Russian navy, 2nd son)
  m. Catherine Krewse (dau of Admiral _ Krewse)
  ((i)) Alexander Francis Elphinstone (b 06.02.1789, d 24.09.1865, Captain RN) had issue
  m. (05.05.1819) Amelia Anne Lobach (d 14.02.1874, dau of A. Lobach)
  ((B)) Thomas Elphinstone (d 1821, Post Captain RN, 4th son)
m. Isabella Jones
  ((i))+ 2 daughters
  ((C)) Sir Howard Elphinstone, 1st Bart (b 04.03.1773, d 28.04.1846, Major General, 6th son)
  m. (14.02.1803) Frances Warburton (d 24.08.1858, dau of John Warburton)
  ((i)) Sir Howard Elphinstone, 2nd Bart (b 09.06.1804, d 16.03.1893) had issue
  m. (30.09.1829) Elizabeth Julia Curteis (d 14.01.1891, dau of E.J. Curteis)
  ((ii)) Frances Elphinstone (d 31.10.1905)
m. (06.09.1836) William Masters Smith of Camer (dsp 24.12.1861)
  ((iii)) Harriet Elphinstone (d 13.02.1892)
  m. (25.04.1849) William Twiss Turner (d 1884, rector of Ore)
  ((iv)) Louisa Elphinstone (d 1903)
  m1. (01.10.1832) Robert Anstruther of Third Part (dsp 26.02.1856, Lt. Colonel)
m2. (15.08.1861) Andrew Bonar of Hamilton House (dsp 15.02.1874)
  ((D)) Anna Charlotte Maria Elphinstone (d 06.06.1809)
  m. Sir Francis Hartwell, Bart
  ((E)) Jane Alice Amelia Elphinstone (d 1856)
  m. (1799) Rev. John Dymoke
  ((F)) Catherine Sarah Elphinstone
  m. Rev. Thomas Roe of Kirkby-upon-Bane
  ((G))+ other issue - John (d 1801, Post Captain RN), Ponsonby Rodolph (d young), Robert Philip (d 1822, Captain RN), Molyneux (d 1815)
The following connections come from the clanmacfarlane site.
2. John Elphinstone (elder son?) - continued below
  m. Agnes Forsyth
3. Violet Elphinstone
  m. John de Ackenhead



John Elphinstone - continued above
m. Agnes Forsyth
1. John Elphinstone (d 1513)
  m. Beatrice Wardlaw
  A. George Elphinstone (1st) of Blythswood (b c1510, d before 1554)
  m. Elizabeth Colquhoun (dau of Rev. Adam Colquhoun of Stobo by Elizabeth Colville)
i. George Elphinstone of Blythswood, Provost of Glasgow (b c1537, d 1585)
  m. Marion Scott
  a. Sir George Elphinstone of Blythswood, Provost of Glasgow (a 07.1606)
m. (mcrt 09.07.1600) Agnes Boyd (dau of Thomas Boyd, 6th Lord of Kilmarnock)
  (1) James Elphinstone of Blythswood
  The clanmacfarlane site suggests that there was a James of Blythswood, son of Sir George, who was father of the Elizabeth who married Colonel John Maxwell. Provisionally, we follow the suggestion that it was in fact George's brother James who was father of Elizabeth. That suggestion came from the contributor (CV, mentioned below) who identified Sir George as father of the following Isabel (not mentioned by the clanmacfarlane site) who married Sir Archibald Douglas. This was probably the connection that led to Blythswood passing to Sir Archibald's brother, Sir Robert Douglas. As mentioned below, the names Isabella and Elizabeth were often interchangeable until relatively recently.
  (2) Isabel Elphinstone probably of this generation
m. Sir Archibald Douglas, 10th of Mains (dspm)
  b. Sir James Elphinstone 'of Blythswood' of Woodsyd (Woodside)
  The clanmacfarlane site does not follow Sir James's line but does suggest that he married ...
  m. Catharine Bisset
  Thanks to a contributor (CV, 29.11.17) for advising us of that Sir James and Katherine Bisset (possibly of the Quarrell family) were parents of ...
  (1) William Elphinstone (a 1645)
  (2) Elizabeth Elphinstone probably of this generation
  m. John Maxwell (d Dunbar 1650, Colonel)
c. Egidia Elphinstone (d 09.1618) probably of this generation
  m. Sir James Semphill, 2nd of Beltrees (b 1566, d 02.1626)e
  d.+ other issue - William, Robert, John, Gawin, Margaret
  ii. Beatrix (sb Elizabeth?) Elphinstone probably of this generation, see note just below
  m. John Stirling (d 1585)
  iii. Janet Elphinstone
  m. Ninian Anderson
  B. Beatrice Elphinstone
  The clanmacfarlane site reports that the ausrtarnet showed a Beatrice who m. John Stirling as of this generation but suggests that this was "Unlikely as her brother George was 1st of Blythswood and John Stirling's wife's father is said by several other sources to have been George of Blythswood". The main source identified to support that is our page Stirling1 which identifies the wife of John Stirling (Elizabeth) as dau (rather than sister) of George of Blythswood. [That is supported by BLG1952 ('Stirling of Muiravonside').] The clanmacfarlane site then shows Beatrix in the next generation (see just above).
2. Isabella Elphinstone
  The clanmacfarlane site reports that the ausrtarnet showed this as the Isobella (sic) who m1. Peter Colquhoun m2. Maxwell of Calder(wood). Clearly there has been confusion between different Isabellas and Elizabeths (the names were often interchangeable until relatively recently). We show an Isabella and Elizabeth here whose possible marriages between them cover a Peter Colquhoun and a Maxwell of Calderwood.

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 30.08.10) : BP1934 ('Elphinstone (Bart of Sowerby)')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 27.01.19) : clanmacfarlanegenealogy.info from this page (that site refers to Stirnet, this page (in home.ausrtarnet.com.au, which we cannot link to) & electricscotland.com)
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