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Families covered: Frewen of Brickwall, Frewen of Bonby Hall, Frewen of Cold Overton, Frewen of Goateley, Frewen of Hanley Castle, Frewen of Northiam

Commoners (vol IV, Frewen of Brickwall) commences its article on the family with the following: "The name FREWEN, which in ancient records is spelt variously, Frewyn, Fruen, Frewin, and Frewen, is a Saxon one of the highest antiquity, and first occurs in a pedigree given at length in the Saxon Chronicle, from which we learn that Frewen was the grandfater of the celebrated hero, or demi god, Woden; without contending for the authenticity of this pedigree, it will be sufficient to state in proof of its antiquity, that Assertius Menevensis, who wrote about the year 880, quotes it as a very ancient record in his day." The first in the pedigree given by Commoners & BLG1952 was ...
Richard Frewen (a 1473, bailiff of Worcester)
1. Richard Frewen of Forthley, Worcestershire (bur 1546)
A. Roger Frewen of Hanley Castle, Worcestershire (bur 1576) named Richard by Commoners (with younger brothers Roger & George)
  m. Elenor Bartlett (dau of Edmund Bartlett of Castle Moreton)
  i. Richard Frewen of Hill & Earl's Cromb & Northiam (Sussex) (d 17.05.1584)
  m. Margaret Greenwood (d 1598)
  a. John Frewen (bpt 01.07.1560, d 02.05.1628, rector of Northiam, 2nd son)
  m1. Eleanor (bur 08.09.1606)
  (1) Accepted Frewen, Archbishop of York (bpt 26.05.1588, d unm 28.03.1664)
  (2) John Frewen (bpt 08.02.1595, bur 27.01.1654, rector of Northiam, 4th son)
  m. (15.04.1623) Dorothea Scott (d 01.1658, dau/coheir of Thomas Scott of Goateley)
  (A) John Frewen of Goateley in Northiam (bpt 25.12.1626, dsp bur 05.05.1659, 2nd son)
  m. Agnes Alchorne of Bexhill
  (B) Thomas Frewen of Goateley (bpt 20.06.1630, bur 31.01.1677, rector of Northiam)
  m. Mary Evernden (d 09.01.1721, m2. Rev. Richard Seamer)
  (i) Thomas Frewen of Northiam (bpt 17.07.1666, bur 17.06.1731)
  m. Sarah Stevens (dau of Richard Stevens of Culham)
  (a) Thomas Frewen of Northiam (bpt 29.01.1691, bur 29.01.1767)
  m. Sarah Bishop (dau of Peter Bishop of Newenden)
  ((1)) Charles Frewen of Northiam & S. Carolina (bpt 29.09.1733, dsp 10.1787, 2nd son)
  m. (10.12.1767) Anne Simmons (dau of Francis Simmons of S. Carolina)
  ((2)) Mary Frewen (bpt 28.03.1726)
m. (15.01.1750) William Lord (rector of Northiam)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Frewen (bpt 11.08.1731)
  m. (23.05.1754) John Jenkins of London
  ((4)) Anne Frewen (b 03.08.1743, dsp)
  m1. (08.09.1774) Charles Frewen @1@ just below
  m2. Charles Buckner (Admiral, brother of John, Bishop of Chichester)
  ((5))+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (b 23.08.1729, d 07.04.1742), William (bpt 27.04.1741, d 03.07.1760), Sarah (b 29.04.1736, d 06.12.1763), Martha (b 10.09.1738, bur 07.07.1768)
  (b) Charles Frewen (bpt 28.12.1701, d 12.1762)
  m. Alice Severn (dau of Samuel Severn of Claines)
  ((1)) Charles Frewen (b 23.01.1733, dsp 10.1791)
  m. (08.09.1774) Anne Frewen (dau of Thomas Frewen of Northiam) @1@ just above
  ((2)) Elizabeth Frewen (b 08.01.1736, d unm 12.1763)
  (ii) Thankful Frewen (bpt 02.02.1669, d 02.09.1749, rector of Northiam)
  m. Sarah Spenser (d 04.08.1734, dau of Capt. Luke Spenser of Cranbrook)
  (a) John Frewen (bpt 17.08.1702, dvpsp bur 04.1743, vicar of Fairlight, rector of Guestling)
  m. Margaret Atkins
  (b) Thomas Frewen in Rye (b 20.06.1704, d 06.1790, surgeon)
  m. Philadephia Tucker (dau of Joseph Tucker of Rye)
  ((1)) Thomas Frewen (b 12.02.1740, dvpsps 1773)
  m. _ Beevor
  ((A)) Eleanor Frewen (d young)
  ((2)) Edward Frewen (b 27.10.1744, d 18.12.1831, rector of Frating-cun-Thorington)
  m. (25.06.1789) Sally Moreton (d 03.05.1835, dau of Rev. Richard Moreton of Little Moreton)
  ((A)) Moreton John Edward Frewen of Ilmer & Northiam (b 14.07.1794, dsp 1871)
  m. (17.12.1812) Sarah Jenkins (dau of Rev. David Jenkins of Dryffrynbern)
  ((3))+ other issue - Samuel (d young), Philadeplhia of Noorthiam (b 16.12.1750, d unm)
  (c) Edward Frewen of London & Robertsbridge (b 24.09.1709, dsp 09.02.1787)
  m1. Mary Stevens (dsp 04.03.1754, dau of Henry Stevens of Culham)
  m2. Pallatia Ash (dsp, dau of Rev. Simeon Ash of Salehurst) @2@ below
  (d) Mary Frewen (b 02.09.1700, d 12.04.1765)
  m. Robert Eyres
  (e) Winifred Frewen (b 18.10.1706, d unm 26.05.1741)
  (f) Sarah Frewen (b 18.04.1711)
  m. Edmund Chittenden of Northiam
  (g) Selina Frewen (b 28.04.1714, d 12.1751)
  m. Richard Batchellor of Northiam (surgeon)
  (iii) Stephen Frewen (bpt 26.02.1677, d 18.06.1726, vicar of Fairlight, 5th son)
  m. Mary Davis of Hawkhurst (d 24.12.1705)
  (a) Maria Frewen (b 1705, d 08.07.1730))
  m. (05.10.1729) John Calvert of London (son of Rev. John of Stanwell)
  (iv) Mary Frewen (bpt 04.06.1673)
  m. George Bishopp of Northiam
  (v) Winifred Frewen (bpt 22.07.1674)
  m. (22.05.1693) Simeon Ash (vicar of Salehurst)
  (a) Pallatia Ash (dsp)
  m1. William Jenkin (rector of Herstmonceux)
m2. Edward Frewen of London & Robertsbridge (dsp 09.02.1787) @2@ above
  (vi)+ other issue - Walter of Whatlington (bpt 20.01.1670, bur 20.03.1704), John of Lincoln's Inn (bpt 11.04.1672, bur unm 07.04.1733)
  (C) Mary Frewen (bpt 21.09.1628)
  m. John Sharpe of Tenterden
  (D)+ other issue - John (b 01.1626, d 02.1626), William of London (bpt 29.11.1635, d unm bur 09.10.1666), Samuel, Elizabeth (d 09.1635)
  (3) Stephen Frewen of London, later of Brickwall House & Bonby House in Lincolnshire (bpt 19.10.1600, bur 11.09.1679, 6th son)
  m1. (09.04.1629) Katherine Scott (bur 01.12.1630, dau/coheir of Thomas Scott of Goateley)
  (A) Thomas Frewen of Brickwall (bpt 27.09.1630, d 08.09.1702)
m1. Judith Wolverstone (d 29.09.1666, dau/heir of John Wolverstone of Fulham)
  (i) Sir Edward Frewen of Brickwall & Bonby Hall (b 1661, d 08.10.1723, Major)
  m. Selina Godsehall (d 25.11.1714, dau of John Godsehall of East Sheene)
  (a) Thomas Frewen of Brickwall & Bonby Hall (b 1687, d before 04.1738)
  m. (07.07.1713) Martha Turner (d 06.02.1752, dau of Henry Turner of Cold Overton Hall)
  ((1)) Thomas Frewen of Brickwall (b 1716, d unm bur 14.08.1766)
  (b) Jane Frewen (b 1686, dsp 10.01.1706)
  m. (1704) William Ives of Bradden ## see here ##
  (c) Selina Frewen of Brickwall & Cold Overton Hall (b 1691, dsp 05.03.1770)
  m. (15.08.1727) John Turner of Cold Overton Hall (dsp 05.08.1753)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (dvp unm 1680), Katherine
  m2. (1671) Bridget Laton (bur 11.09.1679, dau of Sir Thomas Laton of Laton)
  (iv) Laton Frewen of Brafferton Hall, Yorkshire (b 04.1674, d 1738)
  m. Catherine Talbot
  (a) Laton Frewen of Brafferton Hall, later Turner of Brickwall & Cold Overton (b 1694, dsp 19.07.1777)
  m. Mary Faceby (d 23.04.1786, dau/heir of Thomas Faceby)
  (v) John Frewen (b 1677, bur 19.02.1735, rector of Sidbury then Tysoe & Walton-upon-Trent, 5th son)
  m. Rachel Stevens (b 1674-5, d 21.03.1752, dau of Richard Stevens of Culham)
  (a) Thomas Frewen, later Turner of Brickwall & Cold Overton (b 1708, d 22.11.1791, rector of Sapcote)
  m. Esther Simkin (d 06.10.1803)
  ((1)) John Frewen, later Turner of Brickwall & Cold Overton, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b 01.08.1755, d 01.02.1829, Colonel) had issue
  m. (1808) Eleanor Clark (b 1785-6, d 19.03.1879, dau/coheir of Charles Clark of London)
  ((2))+ other issue - Mary (b 09.1753, d unm 07.12.1811), Selina (b 11.1760, d 27.04.1784)
(b) John Frewen (b 1715, d 03.10.1767, rector of Tortworth)
  m. Elizabeth Townsend (b 1740-1, d 02.04.1814, dau/coheir of John Townsend of Oxford, m2. Nathan Wright of Englefield)
  ((1)) Selina Frewen (b 05.01.1767, d 07.02.1818)
  m. (02.09.1794) James Knight Moor (rector of Sapcote)
  (c) Bridget Frewen (b 1704, d unm)
  (d) Rachel Frewen (b 1710, bur 07.1794)
  m. Simon Knight of Rugby
  (e) Mary Frewen (b 1715, dsp 12.09.1801)
  m. Stanley Burrough (rector of Sapcote, Headmaster of Rugby School)
  (vi) Mary Frewen (b 25.07.1672, d 13.10.1735)
  m. Henry Turner of Cold Overton (d 29.03.1724)
(vii)+ other issue - Stephen (b 04.1675, d unm), William (b 08.1677, bur 12.1677), Charles (b 09.1678, bur 12.1678)
  m3. Jane Cooke (dsp 20.06.1718, dau/heir of Sir Robert Cooke of Highnam, widow of Sir Dawes Wymondsold of Putney)
  m2. (1636) Elizabeth Greene (bur 26.12.1655)
  (B) John Frewen (bpt 28.05.1637, bur 02.10.1638)
  (4) Mary Frewen (bpt 19.06.1603)
  m. John Bigg of Tenderden
  (5)+ other issue - Thankful (bpt 05.09.1591, d unm 30.11.1656), John (b 01.1593, d 01.1594), Joseph (bpt 04.06.1598, bur 02.11.1602)
  m2. (07.10.1607) Helen Hunt (bur 08.05.1617, dau of Miles Hunt of Sandhurst)
  (8)+ other issue - Benjamin of London (bpt 10.05.1609), Thomas (bpt 17.03.1611), Jacob (bpt 18.06.1615, bur 28.02.1616), Samuel (bpt 02.0331617)
  b.+ other issue - Francis (b 1558, bur 1606), Richard (bur 1568, bur 1609)
  ii. Richard Frewen of Hanley Castle (dsp 1584)
  m. Margaret (bur 1591)
  iii. Ellynor Frewen, later of Hanley (d 1648)
  m. John Archer of Welland

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Frewen of Northiam)
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