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Families covered: Turner of Bramcote, Turner of Cold Overton, Turner of Lynn, Turner in Lancashire, Turner of Warham
[We know of no connection between the following families and, as "Turner" was normally a job-related name, we know of no reason to expect one. They are shown together on this page for convenience.]

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Charles Turner, later of Weasenham (Norfolk) then North Elmham (Norfolk) (b c1598, d 17.02.1681)
m. Elizabeth (b 1603-4, d 01.05.1683)
1. Sir John Turner of Lynn Regis (b c1631, dsp 19.01.1711-2, MP)
  m. Jane Syms (b c1623, d 07.12.1689, dau of John Syms, relict of Edward Allen of Cambridge)
2. William Turner of North Elmham (b c1633, d 06.01.1678-9)
m. Anne Sponer (a 1711, dau of John Sponer (Spooner) of North Elmham, m2. John Anguish of Great Melton)
  A. Sir Charles Turner, 1st Bart of Warham (bpt 11.06.1666, d 24.11.1738, MP)
  m1. (04.1689) Mary Walpole (b 08.06.1673, d 28.04.1701, dau of Robert Walpole of Houghton, sister of Sir Robert)
  i. John Turner (dvp 21.11.1724 (bur 01.03.1724-5?))
  m. Anne Emerton (bur 05.10.1730)
  a. Mary Turner (b c1716, d unm 20.06.1790)
  b. Dorothy Walpole Turner (a 02.1773)
  m. Horace Hamond (prebendary of Norwich, cousin (son of Anthony by Susan Walpole))
  c. Anne Carolina Turner (b c1719, d 05.10.1750)
  m. John Playters (b 1712-3, d 27.04.1759, son of Sir John, Bart)
ii. Anne Turner (b 01.03.1691, d 01.1769)
  m. Maurice Suckling (b 1676, d 1730, prebendary of Westminster, Rector of Barsham)
  iii. Elizabeth Turner (b c1695, d 29.01.1763)
  m. John Fowle of Brome
  iv.+ other issue - Mary (b 28.04.1693, bur 21.01.1694), Mary (b 19.07.1696, d young)
  m2. (sp) Mary Blois (d 30.08.1738, relict of Sir Neville Catlyn of Kirkby Kane, dau of Sir William Blois of Cockfield Hall by Martha, dau of Sir Robert Brook)
  B. William Turner of Ingham (bpt 24.12.1667, dsp 02.06.1735)
  C. Sir John Turner, Mayor of King's Lynn, 2nd Bart of Warham (bpt 30.12.1668, d 06/7.01.1738-9, MP for Lynn)
  m. (c05.1691) Anne Allen (b 1672-3, bur 29.12.1761, dau of Thomas Allen of Ludgate)
i. Sir John Turner, 3rd Bart of Warham (bpt 19.06.1712, d 04/25.06.1780, MP for Lynn)
  m1. _ Stonehouse (d 1749)
  m2. (20.10.1742) Frances Neale (b 1723, d 07.03.1749, dau of John Neale of Allesley)
  a. Anne Turner (d 1822)
  m. Robert Hales of King's Lynn (b 1740-1, d 12.09.1789)
  (1) John Turner Hales of Hardingam then Herringswell (Suffolk), Sheriff of Norfolk (bpt 27.08.1774, dsp 30.11.1854)
  (2) Ann Dorothy Hales (b 1774-5, d 03.02.1847)
  m. William Bulkeley Parry of Lynn then Fakenham (b c1772, d 15.12.1854, MD)
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (b 21.03.1778, d 11.06.1853, Rector of Hillington & Herringswell), Elizabeth (b 1776-7, d 07.03.1842)
  b. Fanny Turner (d 30.11.1813)
m. (28.12.1777) Sir Martin Browne Folkes or Ffolkes, Bart of Hillington (b 05.1749, d 11.12.1821)
  ii. Elizabeth Turner (bpt 17.08.1699, a 1744)
  m. (16.04.1719) Richard Taylor of Wisbech
  iii. Ann Turner (b 1692-3, d 08.06.1729)
  m. (before 11.1709) John Turner @@ below
  iv. Mary Turner (bpt 21.01.1702-3, d 30.01.1783) 
  m. (23.03.1720-1) Robert Say of Lynn (b c1687, d 17.11.1723)
  a. Mary Say (b 1727-8, d 28.04.1748, heir)
  m. (26.07.1745) Henry Partridge (d 04.11.1793, Recorder of Lynn)
  D. Edward Turner of King's Lynn (d before 04.04.1753)
  E. Elizabeth Turner (bpt 24.09.1673, d 04.02.1758)
  m. Charles Le Gros of Crostwight (b c1652, d 14.10.1736)
  F. Anne Turner (d 01.02.1753)
  m. Roger Pepys of Impington (b c1677, bur 30.12.1730)
3. Charles Turner, Mayor of Lynn (b c1648, d 11.12.1711)
m. Mary Allen (b c1660, d 28.12.1708, dau of Edward Allen by Jane)
  A. John Turner of Lynn (d before 1745)
  m. Ann Turner (b 1692-3, d 08.06.1729, dau of Sir John Turner, 2nd Bart of Warham) @@ above
  i. Charles Turner of Lynn (d before 31.03.1792)
  m. Catherine (a 1791)
  a. Mary Turner (b 1744-5, d 23.05.1815)
  m. John Towers Allen (b 1743-4, dsp 02.10.1787, Vicar of Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalene)
  ii. Ann Turner (d 09.03.1813)
  m. Robert Glover of Barwick
  a. Ann Glover (d 1834)
  m. (1787) William Hoste of Barwick
  iii.+ other issue - John (d unm before 12.12.1735), William (a 07.1746)
  B. Jane Turner (b c1681, d 06.01.1722)
  m. Thomas Archdale (a 12.1711, d before 06.01.1722)
  i. Ann Archdale
  m. John Wilson of Stanhoe, Sheriff of Norfolk (a 1732)
  C. Elizabeth Turner (b c1699, d 1745)
  m. Edwin Coiny of Walpole St. Pet., Sheriff of Norfolk (b c1692, d 1755)
4. Philippa Turner (d 29.02.1704)
  m. Edward Harvey (b 1636-7, d 23.06.1685)
5. Elizabeth Turner (b c1633, d 14.11.1721)
  m. James Greene
6. daughter
  m. John Wastell of Litcham (b 1636-7, d 10.04.1710)
7.+ 1 other son + 3 other daughters



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_ Turner, later of Bramcote
m. _ Watson (dau/coheir of Edward Watson of Bramcote)
1. John Turner of Bramcote & Atherstone-upon-Stour, Warwickshire (a 1573)
  A. William Turner of Bramcote & Atherstone (a 1608) "supposed to have been the father of" ...
  i. John Turner of London (d 1669)
  m. Martha Pettiward (d 1681, dau of John Pettiward of Putney)
  a. Henry Turner of Cold Overton & Sapcote, Leicestershire (b 1656, d 29.03.1724, Serjeant-at-law)
  m. Mary Frewen (d 13.10.1735, dau of Thomas Frewen of Brickwall)
  (1) John Turner of Cold Overton & Sapcote, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b 1691, dsp 05.08.1753)
  m. (15.08.1721) Selina Frewen (dau of Sir Edward Frewen of Brickwall)
  (2) Martha Turner (b 1695, d 1752)
  m. (07.07.1713) Thomas Frewen of Brickwall
  b.+ other issue - John of Exeter (dsp), Richard of Lincoln's Inn then Barbadoes (d unm 1705), Roger in Faro (d unm 06.02.1735)



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_ Turner of Chorley Moor Side
1. John Turner of Preston, etc. (Lancashire) (minister)
  m. Hannah Chorley dau of John Chorley, widow of ?? Holder)
  A. William Turner of Wakefield (Yorkshire) (b 05.12.1714, d 28.08.1794)
  m. (1758) Mary Holland (d 31.10.1784, dau of John Holland of Mobberley)
  i. William Turner of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (b 20.09.1761, d 04.1859)
  m1. Mary Holland (dau of Thomas Holland of Wem & Manchester)
  a. William Turner in Glasgow then Halifax (dsp 1853)
  m. Mercy Benton (dau of James Benton)
  b. Henry Turner of Nottingham (dsp 1822, 3rd son)
  m. Catherine Rankin (dau/heir of John Cole Rankin of Newcastle-upon-Tyne by Catherine Holland)
  c. Mary Turner
  m. (31.12.1811) John Gooch Robberds of Manchester (d 04.1854, on of _ of Norwich)
  d.+ other issue - Philip Holland (d unm), Ann (a 1821)
  m2. (sp) Jane Willets (dau of William Willets of Newcastle-under-Line)
  ii. John Turner of Bolton (Lancashire)
  m. Betty Aspinall of Liverpool
  a. James Turner (b c1797)
  m. Sarah Blackmore of Manchester



William Turner of Hull
m. (04.08.1731) Mary Blythe (dau of Samuel Blythe of Norton Lees)
1. Joseph Turner of Manchester
m. Elizabeth Robinson of Manchester
2. daughter
  m. James Benton of Birmingham (m1. _ Cobb)
  A. Mercy Benton
  m. William Turner of York (minster)
  B. Mary Benton
  m. George (probably not Robert) Blythe of Birmingham
3. daughter
  m. Robert Bell of Manchester
  A. John Bell of Overton had issue
  m. Sarah Cappe (dau of Newcome Cappe of York, cousin)
  B. Mary Ann Bell
  m. James Milnes of Flockton
  C. Margaret Bell (d unm)
4. daughter
  m. Newcome Cappe of York (d 24.12.1800)
5.+ other issue (d unm) - William, Robert

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