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Families covered: Goddard of Cork, Goddard of London

The author of the article on the family reports that they use "the arms of Goddard of Wilts." and starts the pedigree with 2 brothers.
?? Goddard
1. ?? Goddard
  m. Mary
  A. William Goddard, Sheriff then Mayor of Cork, later of London (a 01.1713)
  m. Rebecca Franklin (d by 1742)
  B. John Goddard of Fort S.t George, Madras (d by 1686)
  C. Mary Goddard
  m. _ Biffin
  D. Margaret Goddard
  m. _ Goslin or Gosden
  E. Elizabeth Goddard
  m. _ Oxall
  F. Johanna Goddard
  m. _ Goslin or Gosden
2. John Goddard of Cork (a 03.1684)
  m1. Ann
  A. Mark Goddard of Bristol (bpt 12.04.1664, a 1721)
  i. Holland Goddard of Bristol (dvp c04.1721)
  ii. Ann Goddard
  m. Holland Goddard of Cork @@ below
  B. Ann Goddard (bpt 29.06.1662)
  m. (1685) Thomas Alwyn
  m2. Bridget (d 1702)
  C/D. Holland Goddard of Cork (d by 1720)
  m. (20.10.1687) Sara Wike (d by 1743)
  i. John Goddard of Rotterdam (b c1690)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS4 vol 4 (1912), p134+).
m. (21.08.1734) Elizabeth Smith (b c1702)
  a. James Goddard of Woodford Hall (Essex) & Saxby (Lincolnshire) (d before 07.08.1798)
  m. Henrietta Maria Hope (sister of Henry Hope of Amsterdam)
  (1) Anne Goddard
  m. John Williams, later Hope of Amsterdam (d 1813)
  (2) Sarah Goddard
  m. (by 1798) John Langston of Sarsden
  (3) Henrietta Goddard
  m. (1792) Sir Charles Morice Pole, Bart (d 1830)
  b. Sarah Goddard (b 14.02.1738-9, d 26.01.1814)
  m. (16.06.1759) William Markham, Bishop of Chester then Archbishop of York (d 03.11.1807)
  ii. Holland Goddard of Cork
  m. (c1726) Ann Goddard @@ above
  iii. Mark Goddard of Cork (d by 1736)
  m. (c1720) Mary Osbourne (dau of Quinten Osbourne of Cork)
  a. Mary Goddard
m. Henry Davis
  iv. William Goddard of Cork (a 07.1726)
  v. Elizabeth Goddard
  m. Robert Glynn
  vi. Sara Goddard
  m. Silvanus Shower or Shore (son of John of Sheffield)
  vii. Ann Goddard (d 1764)
  m. (1708) Nathaniel Wraxhall of Bristol
  D/C. John Goddard of London
  m. (1686) Elizabeth Bandfield
  i. John Goddard of London (d 13.05.1729)
  m1. Rebecca Bridges (b c1669, d 05.11.1692, dau of John Bridges by Elizabeth of Dunstable)
  m2. Martha of London (d before 10.12.1735)
  a. John Goddard of Barking (d before 16.09.1759)
  m. Mary (d 1769)
  b. James Goddard of Barking
  m. Martha
  c. Elizabeth Goddard
m. _ Payne
  d. Rebecca Goddard
  m. _ Dukes
  e. Sara Goddard
  m. James Maisters
  f. Jane Goddard
  m. Nicholas Morse, Governor of Fort St. George (son of Nicholas by Jane Lloyd, granddau of Henry Ireton by dau of Oliver Cromwell)
  g.+ other issue - William, Joseph, Holland
  ii. William Goddard
  E. Ann Goddard
  m. William Boyle (d 1737-8)
  F. Elizabeth Goddard
  m. James Smith of Bristol

Main source(s): MGH (NS4 vol 3 (1910), Part VIII (December 1909), 'Pedigree of Goddard of Cork, Ireland', p330+)
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