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Families covered: Pole-Carew of Antony, Pole of Devonshire, Poole of Poole (Pole of Pole, Pull of Pull, Wirrall, Cheshire), Pole of Shute

William de Pola
1. Nicholas de Pola
  A. Nicholas de Pola
  i. William de Pola
  a. Johanna de Pola
  m. Guydo de Brian (b c1202)
  b. Hawisia de Pola
  m. William de la Ponday
  c. Matilda de Pola
  m. Thomas de Cirencester
  B. Maurice de Pola
  m. Dionisia
  i. Radus de Pola
  m. Agatha (dau of Roger de Daldich)
  a. Walter de Pole
  m. Matilda (dau of Richard de la Mare)
(1) John de la Pole
  m. Agnes (dau of Richard de Membrey by Agnes, dau/heir of Robert de Evedon)
  (A) Thomas de la Pole
  (i) John de la Pole
  (a) John de la Pole
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Richard de Okebere (son of Philip by Isabel Bonvile) by Elizabeth, dau of Robert de Orwey)
  ((1)) John Pole of Devonshire
  m. Elizabeth Havering (dau of John Havering)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Pole
  m. Arthur Pole @@ below



William Pull de Pull, Wirrall, Cheshire
1. Reginald Pull de Pull
  A. Robert Pull de Pull of Barretspoole (a 1292)
  m. Elizabeth Raby (dau of Hugh Raby)
  i. Reginald Pull or Poole de Pull (Poole)
This connection between the Pooles of Poole and the Poles of Pole is given in Visitation (Nottinghamshire,1569, Poole). However, we have some unease with it as:
(1) we suspect there may be confusion between the Sir John (shown as son of Robert, son of the following John) who married the heiress of Capenherst and the Sir John (the Vice Admiral, shown below as son of Robert, son of John, grandson of the following Jacob/James) who married Johanna Capenherst. BEB1841 (Poole of Poole) jumps from Robert, Lord of Barretspoole who married Elizabeth Raby, to his great-grandson Robert who married the heiress of Capenherst.
(2) Visitation (Cheshire, 1580+1613, Poole) show the Thomas, father of the (Sir) William who married a Manwaring of the Peever family, as son of William rather than John.
  a. John Poole of Poole (a 1325)
  (1) Robert Poole of Poole (a 1357)
  (A) Sir John or Robert Poole of Poole (a 1380)
  m. _ (dau/heir of Bureton & Capenhurst)
(i) Sir John de Pull or Poole (a 1380, 1416) mentioned by BEB1841 (Poole of Poole), not by Visitation
  (a) Thomas Poole of Poole (a 1428)
  m. (1425) Elizabeth Stanley (dau of Sir William Stanley of Hooton)
  ((1)) William Poole of Poole (a 1429)
  m. Maud Manwaring (dau of Randall Manwaring of Pever or Peever)
  ((2)) Mary or Margaret Poole
  m. John Meols of Meols
  ((3))+ other issue - Randall of Poole, Robert, James, Henery, Richard
  (b) Richard Poole
  The following John is identified as "second brother to ... Poole of Poole in Cheshire". Provisionally, following various web sites, we show him here but would not be surprised had he been a brother or son of the above William.
  ((1)) John Poole (d 1488)
  (c) Isabel Poole
  m. John Leighe of High Leighe (d c1440)
  (d)+ other issue - John, James, William
  ii. Jacob (James) Pull de Pull (d 1272-3)
  a. Reginald Pull de Pull
  (1) John Pull de Pull
  (A) Robert Pull de Pull
(i) Sir John Pole (Vice Admiral)
  m. Johanna Capenherst (dau of Thomas Capenherst)
  (a) Thomas Pull de Pole
  (b) Sir John Pole of Pole
  m1. Alice
  ((1)) Arthur Pole (moved from Cheshire to Devonshire)
  m. Elizabeth Pole (dau of John Pole of Devonshire) @@ above
  ((A)) John Pole
  m. Johanna Code (dau of Richard Code of Gidleigh)
  ((i)) John Pole - continued below
  m1. Johanna Count (dau of Robert Count)
  m2. Edith Titherleigh (dau of Robert Titherleigh of Titherleigh)
  m2. _ Manwaring (dau of Arthur Manwaring)
  (c)+ other issue - Richard, Jacob, William



John Pole - continued above
m1. Johanna Count (dau of Robert Count)
1. Thomas Pole
m2. Edith Titherleigh (dau of Robert Titherleigh of Titherleigh)
2. William Pole of Shute
  m1. Margaret Waller
  m2. Agnes Drake (dau of John Drake of Ashe)
  A. William Pole (bur 24.08.1587)
  m. Katherine Popham (bur 09.11.1583, dau of John Popham of Huntworth)
i. Sir William Pole of Colcombe 'of Shute' (bpt 27.08.1561, bur 09.05.1635)
  m1. (30.07.1583) Mary Periam (bur 08.05.1606, dau of Sir William Periam, chief baron of the Exchequer, by Agnes Parker)
  a. Sir John Pole, 1st Bart of Shute (d 16.04.1658)
  m. (05.01.1613) Elizabeth How (d 16.04.1628, dau of Roger How)
  (1) (Sir) William Pole (bpt 06.12.1614, dvp bur 20.01.1648-9)
  m1. Grace Trenchard (dsps 1639, dau of Sir Thomas Trenchard)
  m2. Catharine St. Barbe (bur 17.01.1642-3, dau of Henry St. Barbe of Ashington)
(A) Jane Pole
  m. Humphry Sydenham of Combe
  (B) Amy Pole
  m. (04.07.1677) William Floyer of Berne
  (C)+ other issue (d unm) - Catherine, Elizabeth
  (2) Sir Courteney Pole, 2nd Bart of Shute, Sheriff of Devon (bpt 17.02.1618-9, bur 13.04.1695)
  m. Ureth Shapcote (dau of Thomas Shapcote of Shapcote)
  (A) Sir John Pole, 3rd Bart of Shute (bpt 17.06.1649, d 13.03.1707-8)
  m. Anne Morrice (bur 01.03.1713-4, dau of Sir William Morrice of Worrington)
  (i) Sir William Pole, 4th Bart of Shute (bpt 17.04.1678, d 31.12.1741)
m. Elizabeth Warry (bur 12.04.1758, dau of Robert Warry)
  (a) Sir John Pole, 5th Bart of Shute (d 19.02.1766)
  m1. Elizabeth Mills (d 13.08.1758,dau of John Mills of Woodford)
  ((1)) Sir John William Pole, later de la Pole, 6th Bart of Shute (d 30.11.1799)
  m. (09.01.1781) Anne Templer (d 12.02.1832, dau of James Templer of Stover House)
  ((A)) Sir William Templer Pole, 7th Bart of Shute (b 02.08.1782, d 01.04.1857) had issue
  m1. (24.08.1804) Sophia Anne Templer (d 17.03.1808, dau of George Templer of Shapwick House)
m2. (30.08.1810) Charlotte Fraser (d 02.10.1877, dau of John Fraser, niece of John Farquhar of Fonthill Abbey)
  ((B)) Marianne Pole
  m. J.M. West of New House, Glamorgan
  m2. Anna Maria Palmer
  (ii) John Pole (d unm 20.06.1710)
  (iii) Carolus Pole (bpt 25.05.1686, d 1731, rector of St. Breock)
  m. (23.08.1714) Sarah Rashleigh (dau of Jonathan Rashleigh of Menabilly by Jane, dau of Sir John Carew of Antony)
  (a) Reginald Pole of Stoke Damerel (b 1717, d 11.11.1769)
  m. Anne Buller (d 25.04.1758, dau of John Fancis Buller of Morval)
((1)) Reginald Pole, later Pole-Carew of Antony (b 28.07.1753, d 03.01.1835)
  m1. (18.11.1784) Jemima Yorke (d 16.07.1804, dau of Hon. John Yorke)
  ((A)) Joseph Pole-Carew of Antony (b 29.09.1787, d 09.03.1852) had issue (1 dau)
  m1. (10.09.1810) Caroline Ellis (dau of John Ellis, brother of Lord Seaford)
  m2. (sp?) ?? (Mrs. Cadogan)
  ((B)) Charlotte Jemima Pole-Carew
  m1. (1806) Charles Garth Colleton of Haines Hill
  m2. Comte Alphonse de Morel Champemonte
((C)) Harriet Pole-Carew (b 09.02.1790, dsp 04.03.1877)
  m. (19.08.1819) John Eliot, 1st Earl of St. Germans (b 1761, dsp 1823)
  ((D)) Agneta Pole-Carew (d 14.09.1836)
  m. (24.10.1813) Thomas Somers Cocks (d 10.03.1859)
  ((E)) Amabel Pole-Carew (d 12.04.1871)
  m. (06.03.1821) Francis Glanville of Catchfrench (d 24.04.1881)
  ((F))+ other issue (d unm) - John Reginald (b 23.09.1800, d 28.07.1804), Jemima, Elizabeth Anne
  m2. (04.05.1808) Caroline Anne Lyttleton (d 10.04.1833, dau of William Henry Lyttelton, 1st Lord)
((I))+ other issue - William Henry of Antony (b 30.07.1811, d 1890, Sheriff, had issue), Gerald (b 26.08.1815, dsp 14.03.1845, vicar of Antony), Caroline (m Maj.Gen. James Bucknall Estcourt), Frances Antonia (m Joseph Yorke of Forthampton Court, d 27.02.1889), Juliana (m Thomas James Robartes,1st Lord, d 12.04.1851), Catherine (d unm 26.01.1893)
  ((2)) Sir Charles Morice Pole, Bart (b 18.01.1857, d 31.08.1830, Admiral)
  m. (06.1792) Henrietta Goddard (d 16.11.1818, dau of John Goddard of Woodford Hall)
((A)) Henrietta Maria Sarah Pole (d 26.07.1853)
  m. (08.08.1821) Sir William Stuart of Tempsford Hall
  ((B)) Anna Maria Pole (d unm)
  ((3)) Edward Pole (b 14.04.1758, d 28.12.1837, rector of Barford) had issue
  m. (1801) Jane Robinson (d 1854, dau of William Robinson)
  ((4)) Anne Pole (d 22.04.1833)
  m. (20.05.1772) Charles Cocks, 1st Lord Sommers of Evesham (b 1725, d 1806)
  ((5)) Sarah Pole (dsp)
  m. Charles or Henry Hippisley Coxe of Stone Easton
  (iv) Ureth or Urith Pole (d 1697)
  m. (1693) Sir John Trevelyan, 2nd Bart of Nettlecombe (b c1670, d 25.09.1755)
  (B) Jane Pole (d c09.1710)
  m1. Sir Coplestone Bampfylde, Bart
  m2. Edward Gibbons 'of Whitechapel, Devon'
(C) Penelope Pole
  m. Francis Robartes (son of John, Earl of Radnor)
  (D)+ other issue (d young) - Courtenay, Mary
  (3) Martha Pole
  m. (01.06.1631) William Everitt
  (4) Jane Pole
  m. (23.09.1657) John Croker
  (5)+ other issue including John (d 02.1636-7), Elizabeth (d unm 30.04.1628)
  b. Mary Pole probably of this generation
  m1. Nicholas Hurst
  m2. (07.11.1606) Francis Courtenay of Powderham Castle (bur 05.06.1638)
  c. Amy or Anne Pole probably of this generation
  m. Edmond Walrond of Bovey (a 1612)
  d. Eleanor Pole (bpt 1597, 5th dau) probably of this generation
  m. Anthony Floyer of Floiers Hayes & Berne
  m2. (sp) Jane Simmes (bur 17.01.1623-4, dau of William Simmes of Chard)
  B. Anna Pole
  m. Thomas Broughton

Main source(s):
(1) For top section : Visitation (Devonshire, 1620, Pole)
(2) For middle section : Visitation (Devonshire, 1620, Pole), Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569, Poole), with some support from BP1934 (Pole, Bart of Shute), BEB1841 (Poole of Poole)
(3) For lower section : BP1934 (Pole, Bart of Shute) with a little support/input from Visitation (Devonshire, 1620, Pole), BEB1841 (Pole)
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