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Families covered: Simeon (Symeon) of Baldwin's Brightwell, Simeon of Chilworth, Springett of Broyle Place, Steele of Hampstead (co. Dublin), Steele of Summer's Cove, Shapcott of Shapcott

John Simeon or Symeon of Baldwin's Brightwell, Oxfordshire (d 1618-9)
m. Anne Mollins (dau of Anthony Mollins of Chilworth)
1. Sir George Simeon of Baldwin's Brightwell and Chilworth
  m1. Mary Vaux (d c1622, dau of George Vaux of Harrowden family)
  A. Anne Simeon (d unm)
  B. Elizabeth Simeon (d 18.02.1673/4)
  m1. William (sb Sir John?) Conyers
  m2. (before 20.01.1637) Edmund Butler, 4th Viscount Mountgarret (d 1679)
In 1838 one of their descendants (George Charles Mostyn) was successful in his claim for the barony of Vaux of Harrowden.
  m2. Margaret Molyneux (dau of Sir Richard Molyneux, 1st Bart of Sefton)
  C. Sir James Simeon, 1st Bart of Chilworth (d 15.01.1708/9)
  m. Bridget Heveningham (d 16.03.1691, dau of Walter Heveningham of Aston)
  i. Sir Edward Simeon, 2nd Bart of Chilworth (b c1682, d unm 22.12.1768)
  ii. James Simeon (d 05.1714)
iii. Margaret Simeon
  m. (1701) Humphrey Weld of Lulworth Castle (d 1722)
  D.+ 4 sons (dvp) - including Edward (b 1632, d 17.01.1701, Jesuit)
2. Sir John Simeon
3. daughter
  m. _ Plowden of Shiplake
4. Anne Simeon (Symeon)
  BEB1844 (Simeon of Chilworth) reports that John's 2nd daughter (unnamed) married Edward Gascoigne but BEB1844 (Gascoigne of Barnbow) shows that his daughter Anne married ...
  m. Sir Thomas Gascoigne, 2nd Bart of Lasingcroft and Barnbow
5. daughter
  m. Ralph Ireland



It appears, from the coat of arms, that the following family was a branch of the above one.
Sir John Simeon, 1st Bart (d 04.02.1824, senior master of the court of Chancery)
m. Rebecca Cornwall (d 21.10.1830, dau of John Cornwall of Hendon House)
1. Sir Richard Godin Simeon, 2nd Bart (b 21.05.1784, d 04.01.1854) had issue
  m. (08.04.1813) Louisa Edith Barrington (d 12.04.1847, dau/coheir of Sir FitzWilliam Barrington, 10th Bart)
2. Edward Simeon of Carshalton House, Surrey (b 1788, dsp 16.10.1851)
  m1. (09.1814) Sophia Charlotte Powys (dsp 1833, dau of Philip Lybbe Powys of Hardwicke House)
  m2. (22.09.1836) Eliza Martin (dau of Fiennes Wykeham Martin of Leeds Castle, widow of Philip Thomas Wykeham of Tythrop)
3. Charles Simeon (b 07.11.1791, d 12.11.1858, Rear Admiral) had issue
  m. (05.07.1821) Frances Woore (d 08.12.1882, dau of Capt. Thomas Woore)
4. Eleanora Elizabeth Simeon
  m. Webber Smith (Colonel)
5. Charlotte Simeon (d 04.09.1860)
  m. Thomas Browne Evans of Tuddenham
6. Harriet Simeon (d 15.11.1845)
  m. (07.1814) Sir Frederick Francis Baker, 2nd Bart of Loventor (d 01.10.1830)



Thomas Springett (in Kent?)
m. Margaret Roberts (dau of Edmund Roberts of Hawkhurst)
1. Herbert Springett of Lewes, Sussex (a 1612)
  m. Anne Stempe
A. Sir Thomas Springett of Broyle Place, Sussex (b c1588, d 17.09.1639)
  m. Mary Bellingham (dau of John Bellingham of Erringham)
  i. Sir Herbert Springett, Bart of Broyle Place (b by 1614, d 05.01.1662)
  m. Barbara Campion (b c1611, d 1696, dau of Sir William Campion of Combwell by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Sir William Stone of London)
  a. Mary Springett (b 1634, d 1708)
  m. Sir John Stapley, Bart of Patcham
  b. Elizabeth Springett
m. John Whalley of Ringmer
  c. Charity Springett (d unm)
  ii. Anthony Springett (b 1620, 3rd son)
  a. Anthony Springett (d 08.04.1689)
  m. (1658) Dorothy Moore of Wivelsfield
  (1)+ issue - Anthony (b c1662, d 1735, rector of Plumpton & Westmeston), William of Plumpton (b c1667, d 1732)
  iii. Mary Springett
  m. Thomas Southland of Ickham
  iv. Anne Springett (b 1616) who married ...
  m. Edward Campion
  v. Frances Springett (bpt 26.10.1624, d 25.12.1680) apparently of this generation
  m. (08.07.1646) Sir Walter Hendley of Cuckfield, Bart
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1617), Jane
  B. Herbert Springett of Ringmer (b 1554-5, d 21.05.1621)
  m. Katherine Partridge (dau of Edward Partridege of Bridge)
  i.+ issue - Sir William (d 1643), Herbert, Catherine
  C. Elizabeth Springett
  m. Simon Stone of the Middle Temple



Descended "of an ancient English family" was ...
Robert Steele of Summer's Cove (near Kinsale) named Richard of co. Cork by TCB as father of Richard by ...
m. _ Hart of co. Cork identified by TCB as father of Richard, probably also of ...
1. _ Steele
  A. ?? Steele of Summer's Cove (Major)
  m. Harriet Steele @@ below
2. Sir Richard Steele, 1st Bart of Hampstead, co. Dublin (d 02.1785, MP)
  m1. (1731) Jane Armstead (dau of Francis Armstead of Cork)
A. Sir Parker Steele, 2nd Bart of Hampstead (b c1785, d 13.05.1787, 2nd son)
  m. (11.1773) Maria Verity (d by 1809, dau of John Verity of Bowling Hall)
  i. Sir Richard Steele, 3rd Bart of Hampstead (b 04.08.1775, d 02.08.1850)
  m. (20.03.1798) Frances Mary Collette D'Alton (b 27.12.1783, d 18.07.1857, dau of Lt. Gen. Edward, Count D'Alton)
  a. Sir John Maxwell Steele, later Steele-Graves, 4th Bart of Hampstead, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (b 04.05.1812, d 25.09.1872, 2nd son) had isssue (1 dau)
  m. (31.07.1838) Elizabeth Ann Graves (b c1817, d 29.09.1877, dau/coheir of John Graves of Mickleton Manor)
  b. Frances ('Fanny') Steele (d 08.06.1861)
  m. John Synge of Glenmore Castle
  c. Harriet Steele
  m. (01.10.1835) Rev. Edward B. Elliott of Cove House, Torquay
  d. Emily Steele
  m. Rev. Edward Synge
  e. Catherine Steele
  m. Christopher Bowen (rector of St. Thomas's, Winchester)
  f.+ other issue - Richard (d young), Edward (b 1814, d 04.08.1862, Lt. Colonel), Bertha (d 1847), Lucy, Elizabeth (d young)
  ii. Robert Steele in Norfolk (rector of Mundesley & Trimingham) had issue
  iii. Sir Frederick Ferdinand Armstead Steele, 5th Bart of Hampstead (b 25.03.1787, d 29.06.1876) had issue (dspms)
  m1. (24.10.1809) Ann Everard (d 19.08.1844, dau of Robert Everard of Bridgewater)
  m2. (04.03.1863, sp?) Ann Mary Gardner (d 30.06.1897, dau of Samuel Gardner of Sheffield)
iv. Elizabeth Steele (d unm)
  v. Maria Steele
  m. Joshua Smith
  B. Harriet Steele
  m. ?? Steele of Summer's Cove (Major, cousin) @@ above
  C. Dorothea Steele
  m. James Butler of Fethard
  D.+ other issue - Richard (d unm), Frederick (d young)
  m2. (16.09.1756) Margaret Smith (dau of Robert Smith of Gibblestown)
  F. Smith Steele
  m. Angelina Smith (dau of Sir Michael Smith, Bart, m2. W. Borrowes)
  i. Marianne Steele (d 11.03.1884) probably of this generation
  m. William Henry Hemsworth (b 1797, d 1871)
  G. Margaret Steele
  m. James Fetherston of Bracklyn



As far as we are aware, and despite the similarity of name, this family is not connected to the Sapcotes or Sapcotts of Lincolnshire & Huntingdonshire. The first mentioned by Vivian was the following brother of Simon Shapsott (sic).
William Shapcott
1. Simon Shapcott
  A. Thomas Shapcott
  m. Alice (a 1477)
  i. William Shapcott (a 1477)
  a. John Shapcott (a 1499)
  m. Edith Windiyat (dau/heir of William Windiyat)
  (1) John Sapcott (or Shapcott) (d by 1581)
  m. _ Milhuishe
  (A) Phillip Sapcott (or Shapcott or Shapcote) (bur 14.12.1609)
  m1. (07.02.1556-7) Mary Melhuishe (bur 27.02.1578-9)
  (i)+ issue - John (bpt 30.10.1561), Thomas (bpt 14.05.1565), Philip (bpt 21.05.1578), Mary, Dorothy (bpt 02.04.1564)
  m2. (21.07.1579) Elizabeth Isack (bur 08.04.1596, dau of William Isack)
  (vi) German Shapcote of Gulvall, Cornwall (5th son) had issue
  m. (c12.1621) Judith (widow of _) Alsipp)
(vii) Thomas Shapcote of Shapcott (bpt 16.02.1586-7, d 03.02.1669-70, 7th son)
  m. Urith Sotherin (d 17.02.1660-14, dau of Henry Sotherin of Cheshire)
  (a) Philip Shapcott of Shapcott (bpt 28.02.1621-2, d 31.08.1703, 2nd son)
  m1. (c11.1668) Katherine (widow of _ Bowden of Chudleigh)
  ((1)) Thomas Shapcott
  m. Elizabeth
  ((A)) Philip Shapcott (b 10.07.1690, d 31.07.1691)
  m2. (23.01.1683-4) Elizabeth Lyte (d 12.11.1700, dau of William Lyte, widow of John Rosier then James Courtenay of Molland)
  (b) Urith Shapcott (bpt 12.06.1617)
  m. Sir Courtenay Pole, Bart
  (c) Dorothy Shapcott (bpt 08.07.1619)
  m. James Walker, Mayor of Exeter (brother of Sir Thomas of Exeter) identified by Westcote, not by Vivian
  (d) Mary Shapcott
  m. (30.08.1640) Thomas Southcott
  (e)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 07.02.1614-5, bur 07.10.1643), Robert (bpt 08.06.1628, bur 17.08.1629), Peter (bpt 08.06.1628, bur 16.09.1632)
  (ivii)+ other issue - Henry (bpt 21.05.1580), James (bpt 17.08.1583), Nathaniell, Peter
  (B) Robert Shapcott had issue
  (C) William Shapcott (bpt 24.06.1543) had issue
  m. (19.05.1571) Joan Mildon
2. Johanna Shapcott (a 1376)

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