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Families covered: Sarsfield of Cork, Sarsfield of Doughcloyne, Sarsfield of Dublin, Sarsfield of Kilmallock, Sarsfield of Lucan
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Roger Sarsfield of Sarsfieldtown
1. John Sarsfield, Mayor of Dublin (a 1531, 2nd son)
  A. Patrick Sarsfield, Mayor of Dublin (a 1554)
  B. Sir William Sarsfield of Lucan, Mayor of Dublin (d 27.11.1616)
  m. Margaret Tyrrell (dau of Andrew Tyrrell of Athboy)
  i. John Sarsfield of Lucan
  m. Margaret Dillon (dau of Sir Luke Dillon)
  a. William Sarsfield of Lucan (b 1582)
m. Anne Barnewall (dau of Sir Patrick Barnewall of Gracedieu)
  (1) Patrick Sarsfield
  m. Anne O'More (dau of Roger or Rory O'More of Balyns)
  (A) William Sarsfield of Lucan
  m. Mary Walters or Crofts (alleged natural dau of King Charles II)
  (i) Charlotte Sarsfield
  m. Agmondisham Vesey of Lucan (d before 07.05.1739)
  (B) Patrick Sarsfield, 1st Earl of Lucan (d Landen 29.07.1693, General)
m. (c09.01.1689/90) Honora Burke (b c1676, d 16.01.1698, dau of William Burke, 7th Earl of Clanricarde)
  (i) James Francis Edward Sarsfield, 2nd Earl of Lucan (b 30.03.1693, d unm 12.05.1719)
  (C) Anne Sarsfield
  m1. Edward Chevers, Viscount Mount Leinster (dsp 1693)
  m2. Dominick Sarsfield, 4th Viscount Sarsfield of Kilmallock (dsp 1701, Colonel) @@ below
  (D) Mary Sarsfield
  m. Thomas Rositer
  b. Jane Sarsfield
  m. Robert Alen of St. Wolstans (d 1641)
  ii. Patrick Sarsfield had issue
  iii. Katherine Sarsfield
  m1. Sir Robert Dillon
  m2. Sir Christopher Bellew
  iv. Mary Sarsfield
m. Christopher Bathe
  v. Jennet (Genet) Sarsfield
  BE1883 shows that a Jennet of this generation m. Sir John Plunket of Dunsoghly. We provisionally show that this was the Jenet (b c1528, d 1598) who is shown by Wikipedia ("Jenet Sarsfield") to have been daughter of John Sarsfield and sister of William, alderman of Dublin and to have married as follows. However, we acknowledge that the dates might suit better if that Jennet was a generation or two earlier and accept that, had this been that Jenet, BE1883 might have shown at least her earlier marriage to Lord Plunkett.
  m1. Robert Shilyngford, Lord Mayor of Dublin (a 1535)
  m2. James Luttrell (d 1557)
  m3. Robert Plunkett, 5th Baron of Dunsany (d 1559)
  m4. Sir Thomas Cusack (b c1490, d 1571, Lord Chancellor of Ireland)
  m5. John Plunkett (d 1582) = Sir John Plunket of Dunsoghly?
  m6. John Bellew (a 1598)



Geoffrey Sarsfield
m. Jeanie Martyn (heiress of estates near Cork)
1. Thomas Sarsfield
  A. Edmund Sarsfield
  i. William Sarsfield
  a. Thomas Sarsfield (a 1582, rector of Glanman)
  (1) William Sarsfield
  (A) Thomas Sarsfield (a 1633)
  (i) Dominick Sarsfield of Sarsfield Court (a 1681)
  For possible wife, see ## below.
  (a) Dominick Sarsfield
  m. Catherine Ronayne
((1)) Thomas Sarsfield of Doughcloyne (2nd son)
  m. Mary Ronayne
  ((A)) Dominick Ronayne Sarsfield of Doughcloyne
  m. (01.1793) Mary Bruce Bonwell (dau of James Bonwell of Cork by Mary Bruce)
  ((i)) Thomas Ronayne Sarsfield of Doughcloyne, Sheriff (b 10.12.1793, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (20.05.1820) Angelina Stopford (dau of Rev. William Stopford of Garrycloyne by Abigail Evans)
  ((ii)) Philip Sarsfield (d 1868) had issue
  m. _ Egan (dau of Daniel Egan)
  ((iii)) Mary Sarsfield (d 1872 (1875?))
  m. William Hastings Greene of Lota
  ((iv))+ other issue - James (d unm), Dominick (d 1866)
  ((2))+ other issue (d unm) - Dominick (d 1767), Edmond (Colonel)
  (B)+ other issue
  b. James Sarsfield
  (1) Patrick Sarsfield ancestor of Sarsfield of Johnstown
  ii. Thomas Sarsfield
(1) BLGI1912 identifies Thomas as ancestor of the Viscounts Kilmallock.
(2) The following comes from TCP ('Sarsfield of Kilmallock').
  a. Edmund Sarsfield of Cork the first mentioned by TCP, probably of this generation (or one after)
  m. Katherine Gold (dau of Piers Gold of Cork)
  (1) Dominick Sarsfield, 1st Viscount Sarsfield of Kilmallock (d 12.1636, Chief Justice, 3rd/youngest son)
  m1. Joan Terry (dau of Edmund Terry of Cork)
(A) William Sarsfield, 2nd Viscount Sarsfield of Kilmallock (d before 26.07.1648)
  m. Joan Roche (a 07.1648, dau of David, Viscount Roche of Fermoy, by Joan Barry)
  (i) Dominick Sarsfield (dvp 1644)
  (ii) David Sarsfield, 3rd Viscount Sarsfield of Kilmallock (dsp 1687)
  m1. Elena Fitzgerald
  m2. (before 23.04.1680) Elizabeth De Courcy (dau of Patrick De Courcy, 15th Lord Kinsale, by Mary FitzGerald)
(B) Dominick Sarsfield (d c09.1642)
  ## The wife of Dominick Sarsfield of Sarsfield's Court, son of 1st Viscount Sarsfield of Kilmallock is shown by BIFR1976 (Galwey) as Catherine Galwey (dau of William Galwey of Cork). However, BLGI1912 shows that Sarsfield Court was (also/later) held by another Dominick (shown above). Also, BIFR1976 (Galwey) shows the husband of Dominick Sarsfield of Johnstown as Helen Galwey (dau of Stephen Galwey) and cross-refers to this family. It seems likely that either Catherine or Helen was wife of this Dominick and the other was wife of the above Dominick.
  (i) Edmund Sarsfield of Cork
  (a) Dominick Sarsfield, 4th Viscount Sarsfield of Kilmallock (dsp 01.09.1701, Colonel)
  Dominick was attainted in 1691 and his title was forfeited.
  m. Anne Sarsfield (dau of Patrick Sarsfield of Lucan (by Anne O'More), sister of Patrick, Earl of Lucan) @@ above
  (b) David Sarsfield (d 10.12.1710, Colonel)
  ((1)) Dominick Sarsfield (d unm c1718)
  ((2)) Edward (or Edmund) Sarsfield (b 11.06.1693)
  ((A)) Edward (or Edmund) Sarsfield (b 02.01.1743) had issue
  m. (1784) ??
  (C) daughter probably of this generation
  m. Walter Galwey, Mayor of Cork
  m2. (sp) Anne Bagenall (d by 1647, dau of Sir Nicholas Bagenall (Marshall of Ireland) by Ellen, dau/coheir of Edward Griffith of Penthren, Anne was widow of Sir Dudley Loftus)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (initially uploaded within SZmisc03 on 23.12.04) : BE1883 (Sarsfield of Lucan)
(2) For lower section : BLGI1912 (Sarsfield of Doughcloyne) with input as reported above
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