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Families covered: Vesey of Derrabard, Vesey Viscount De Vesci, Vesey of Hollymount, Vesey of Lucan

Probably descended from the family of de Vesci of Alnwick was ...
Thomas Vesey (a 1629, 1655, rector of Coleraine, archdeacon of Armagh)
1. John Vesey, Archbishop of Tuam (b 1638, d 28.03.1716, Lord Justice of Ireland)
  m1. (c1662) Rebecca Wilson
A. Sir Thomas Vesey, 1st Bart 'of Knapton', later Bishop of Killaloe then Ossory (d 06.08.1730)
  m. Mary Muschamp (dau of Denny Muschamp of Horsley by Elizabeth, dau of Michael Boyle, Archbishop of Armagh)
  i. Sir John Denny Vesey, 1st Lord Knapton (d 25.07.1761)
  m. (1732) Elizabeth Brownlow (dau of William Brownlow of Lurgan by Elizabeth Hamilton, dau of 6th Earl of Abercorn)
  a. Thomas Vesey, 1st Viscount de Vesci (d 13.10.1804)
  m. (24.04.1769) Selina Elizabeth Brooke (dau of Sir Arthur Brooke, Bart of Colebrooke, by Margaret, sister of 1st Lord Clermont)
  (1) John Vesey, 2nd Viscount de Vesci (b 15.02.1771, d 19.10.1855) had issue
  m. (25.08.1800) Frances Letitia Brownlow (d 06.06.1840, dau of William Brownlow of Lurgan)
(2) Arthur Vesey (b 03.03.1773, d 05.12.1832, rector of Abbey Leix) had issue
  m. (1810) Sydney Johnstone (dau of Edward Johnstone of Woodpark House)
  (3) Selina Vesey
  m. (1800) Andrew Savage Nugent of Portaferry (d 02.1846)
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Charles (b 1784, d 1826), Elizabeth
  b. Elizabeth Vesey (d 1821)
  m1. (1751) Robert Handcock of Waterstown
  m2. (1762) Edmund Sexton Pery, Viscount Pery of Newton Pery (b 1719, d 1806)
c. Anne Vesey (d 21.10.1803)
  m. (1753) Thomas Knox, 1st Viscount Northland of Dungannon (b 20.04.1729, d 05.11.1818)
  d. Jane Vesey (d 1822)
  m. (1776) Sir Robert Staples, Bart of Dunmore (b 01.08.1740, d 1816)
  ii. Frances Muschamp Vesey (dsps 1719)
  m. (20.01.1717) Caesar Colcough of Duffrey Hall
iii. Elizabeth Vesey
  m1. William Handcock of Willsbrook
  m2. Agmondisham Vesey of Lucan (dsp) @1@ below
  B. Mary Vesey
  m. (13.03.1682) Sir Robert Staples, 4th Bart of Lissane
  m2. Anne Muschamp (dau of Col. Agmondisham Muschamp)
  C. Agmondisham Vesey of Lucan (d before 07.05.1739)
  The following comes from BLG1886 (Vesey of Lucan).
  m1. Charlotte Sarsfield (dau of William Sarsfield of Lucan, brother of Patrick, Earl of Lucan)
  i. Anne Vesey (d 02.1761)
  m. (1730) Sir John Bingham, Bart (b 1696, d 21.09.1749)
Their 2nd son became 1st Earl of Lucan of the 2nd creation.
  ii. Henrietta Vesey
  m. (18.07.1721) Caesar Colclough of Tintern Abbey (and/or Duffrey Hall)
  m2. Jane Pottinger (d 1746, dau of Capt. Edward Pottinger, relict of John Reynolds of Killabride then Sir Thomas Butler, Bart)
  iii. Agmondisham Vesey of Lucan (dsp before 20.12.1785)
m. Elizabeth Vesey (dau of Sir Thomas Vesey, Bart) @1@ above
  iv. George Vesey 'of Lucan'
  m. (1754) Letitia Vesey (dau of Rev. George Vesey) @2@ below
  a. George Vesey of Lucan (Colonel)
  m. (1790) Emily La Touche (dau of Hon. David La Touche)
  (1) Elizabeth Vesey
  m. (1818) Sir Nicholas Conway Colthurst, Bart
  b. daughter possibly fits here?
  m. Richard Martin of Ballynahinch Castle ' (d 06.01.1834)
  v. Letitia Vesey
  m. _ Meredyth
  vi. Catherine Vesey
  m. Anthony Jephson of Mallow
  vii.+ other issue - Edward, Charles (RN), Jane, Semira
  D. John Vesey (Rev.)
  The following comes from TCP (Fitzgerald and Vesey).
  i. Henry Vesey (Rev., Warden of Galway)
  m. Mary Gerry (dau of George Gerry, alderman of Galway)
  a. John Vesey of Oranmore (d 1779)
  b. Catherine Vesey, Baroness Fitzgerald and Vesey (b c1759, d 03.01.1832, youngest sister)
  m. (1782) James Fitzgerald (b c1743, d 20.01.1835, son of William of Inchicronan by Eliza, dau of Pierce Lynch of Grange)
E. William Vesey (d before 19.07.1735)
  m. Mary (Mrs. Ormsby)
  F. George Vesey of Hollymount, co. Mayo
  m. Frances Stewart (dau of Achibald Stewart of Ballintoy)
  The following comes from BLG1886 (Vesey of Derrabard).
  i. Francis Vesey
  m. (1756) Elizabeth Kenrick
  a.+ issue - George, Francis, Matilda, Eliza
  ii. John Vesey
  m. Jane Hickman (dau of Poole Hickman of Kilmore)
a. William Vesey
  m. Phoebe Bingham
  (1) John Vesey
  b. George Vesey of Derrabard & Dublin (b 1760/1, d 29.02.1845, rector of Manfieldstown)
  m. (10.1789) Barbara Taylor (b c1762, d 19.12.1832, dau of Samuel Taylor of Grange)
  (1) Samuel Vesey of Derrabard House, Sheriff (of co. Tyrone?) (b 11.1795, d 12.12.1876) had issue
  m. (10.02.1816) Waller Kearney (d 21.07.1876, dau of John Kearney, Bishop of Ossory)
  (2) Anna Jane Vesey
  m. (c03.1814) Robert Ellwood of Knockaboo
  (3) Sarah Vesey (d 26.08.1842)
  m. (26.07.1813) Christophilus Garstin (rector of Ballyroney, son of Christophilus of Bragganstown)
  (4) Frances Vesey
  m. (01.06.1822) Mervyn Stewart of Martray
  (5) Phoebe Vesey
  m. (18.08.1824) Robert Holt Truell of Clonmannen
  (6) Eleanor Vesey
  m. Robert Law of Dulbin
  c. Poole Hickman Vesey (Lt. Colonel)
  m. Mary Transe (dau of James Transe, cousin)
  d. John Agmondisham Vesey (General)
  m. _ Reynell
  e. Francis Vesey (Captain RN)
  m. _ Lloyd of Carmarthen
  f. Frances Vesey
  m. Robert Marshall
  g. Letitia Vesey
  h. Maria Vesey
  m. _ Lindsay of co. Sligo (Captain)
  iii. Thomas Vesey (Rev.)
  m. Mary
  a. George Vesey of Hollymount (dsp)
  b. Thomas Agmondisham Vesey (d 1844, rector of Magherafelt)
  m. (1792) Anna Maria Murray (dau of Rev. _ Murray)
  (1) William Vesey of Clarinda Park (b 11.06.1800, Rev.)
  m. (09.1862) Mary Anne Darling (dau of Richard Darling)
(2) George Vesey (d 1852, Rev.) had issue
  (3) Thomas Agmondisham Vesey of Cookstown had issue
  m. Jemima Gregg
  (4) John Stuart Vesey had issue
  m. Lucy Boyle
  (5) Elizabeth Frances Vesey
  m. Rowley Miller of Moneymore
(6) Mary Anne Vesey
  m. (21.01.1822) George William Blathwayt of Dyrham Park (d 1871, Colonel)
  iv. Anne Vesey (d unnm)
  v. Letitia Vesey
  m. (1754) George Vesey of Lucan @2@ above
  vi. Frances Vesey
  m. Thomas Lindsay
  vii. Mary Vesey
  m. John Ladaveze
G. Muschamp Vesey (d before 04.02.1762, archdeacon of Leighlin)
  m. Elizabeth Forde (dau of Matthew Forde of Seaforde)
  H. Elizabeth Vesey
  m. (1723-4) Richard Dawson (MP)
  I. Leonora Vesey
  m. Rev. Archibald Stewart of Ballintoy
  J. Elizabeth Vesey
  m. _ Walker
  K. Catherine Vesey
  m. (06.1713) James Smyth (archdeacon of Meath)
  L. Anne Vesey
  m. Henry Bingham
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  M. Sarah Vesey
  m. Oliver Wheeler
2. Theodore Vesey (b 1641, d 1682, prebendary of Kilnaglory)
  A. Theodore Vesey (b 1672)
3. Lettice Vesey
  m. Merrick Hart of Crobert

Main source(s): BP1934 (De Vesci) with input from BLG1886 as reported above
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