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Families covered: Wheeler of Grenane, Wheeler (Wheeler-Cuffe) of Leyrath, Wheeler of Stamcarthy

?? Wheeler
1. Jonas Wheeler, Bishop of Ossory (b c1544, d 19.04.1640) this line followed by BP1934
  m. Martha Tucker of Kent
A. Oliver Wheeler of Grenane, Queen's Co. (d before 16.12.1676)
  m. Elizabeth Weldon (dau of Walter Weldon of Athy)
  i. Jonah Wheeler of Grenane (d before 07.06.1697)
  m. Dorcas Percival (dau of Sir Philip Percival)
  a. Philip Wheeler of Grenane (dsp)
  m. Alicia Hoey (dau of William Hoey of Dungastown, cousin) @@ below
  b. Oliver Wheeler of Grenane
  m. Sarah Vesey (dau of John Vesey, Archbishop of Tuam)
  (1) Sarah Wheeler (dsp)
m. Edward Maurice, Bishop of Ossory
  c. Elizabeth Wheeler (dsp)
  m. William Sergeant
  d. Dorcas Wheeler
  m. John Barrington of Cullinagh
  e. Mary Wheeler
  m1. William Greatrakes of Affane
m2. William Palliser, Archbishop of Cashel
  f.+ other issue (d unm) - Catherine, Judith
  ii. Francis Wheeler
  m. (12.06.1670) Mary Tighe (dau of Richard Tighe of Dublin)
  a. Richard Wheeler of Leyrath, co. Kilkenny (d 26.05.1736)
  m. (13.11.1713) Rose Brabazon (dau of George Brabazon)
  (1) Jonah Wheeler of Leyrath
m. (22.12.1743) Elizabeth Cuffe (dau/coheir of Denny Cuffe of Sandhill, brother of John, 1st Lord Desart)
  (A) Sir Richard Wheeler, later Wheeler-Cuffe of Leyrath
  m. (1768) Rebecca Mossom (dau of Eland Mossom of Eland)
  (i) Sir Jonah Denny Wheeler-Cuffe, 1st Bart of Leyrath (d 09.05.1813) had issue
  m. (31.01.1814) Elizabeth Browne (d 15.01.1871, dau of William Browne of Browne's Hill)
  (ii) William Oliver Wheeler-Cuffe (b 05.1778, d 17.06.1863, Captain) had issue
  m. Mary Helsham (d 10.08.1861, dau of John Helsham of Leggett's Rath, cousin)
  (iii) Hannah Wheeler-Cuffe
  m. Robert Cooke of Kilfinane Castle
  (iv) Elizabeth Wheeler-Cuffe
  m. John Burke O'Flahertie of Castlefield
(v) Rebecca Wheeler-Cuffe (d young)
  (vi) Rosetta Wheeler-Cuffe
  m. James Edmund Scott of Anne Grove
  (B) William Wheeler (d 06.1770, registrar of Ossory)
  (2) Oliver Wheeler (dsp 1782, Rev.)
  m. Elizabeth Birch (dau of John Birch)
  (3) Mary Anne Wheeler
  m. (08.1733) John Lovett of Dublin
  (4) Judith Wheeler
  m. Richard Helsham of Leggett's Rath
(5) Brabazon Wheeler
  m. (02.1756) John (Murray) (Lt. Colonel, (grand)son of Lord Nairne)
  (6)+ other issue - Rose, Sarah
  b. Oliver Wheeler (d 1722, Rev.) had issue
  m. Martha Baker (dau/heir of William Baker of Badynrie, m2. Joseph Cuffe of Cuffesborough)
  iii. Elizabeth Wheeler
  m. William Hoey of Dungastown
a. Alicia Hoey
  m. Philip Wheeler of Grenane (dsp) @@ above
  B. Elizabeth Wheeler
  m. Randolph Barlow, Archbishop of Tuam
  C. Frances Wheeler
  m. Abel Walsh
  D. Grizell Wheeler
  m. Benjamin Cullum (Dean of St. Patrick's)
  E. Sarah Wheeler
  m1. Matthew Tyrrell of Dublin
  m2. Sir James Donellan (judge)
  F. Martha Wheeler (d unm)
  G. Mary Wheeler
  m. Sir Patrick Wemyss (d 1661)
2. (Joseph ?) Wheeler
  BP1934 identifies Joseph Wheeler of Stancarty as younger brother of Bishop Jonas but does not follow his line other than to refer to BLG (De Courcy-Wheeler of Robertstown). BIFR1976 starts with Joseph Wheeler of Stancarty, identifying him as nephew of the Bishop.
  A. Joseph Wheeler of Stamcarthy, Sheriff of co. Kilkenny (a 1634) this line followed by BIFR1976
  i. Sir Joseph Wheeler of Stamcarthy (a 1673)
  a. Joseph Wheeler of Stamcarthy (d 16.09.1702)
  m. (c1690) Catherine Myhill (dau of Robert Myhill of Killarney, m2. Wheaton Bradish)
  (1) Robert Wheeler of Stamcarthy (d 1714)
  m. (06.1713) Sarah Hull (dau of Rev. William Hull of Finouil, m2. William Colles of Alleyvale)
  (A) Robert Wheeler of Stamcarthy (b 1714-5, Rev.)
  m. Elizabeth Wheeler of Tullowherin
  (i) Joseph Wheeler of Stamcarthy & Wildfield (d before 15.05.1795)
  m. (01.1769) Mary Murray-Prior (dau of John Murray-Prior of Rathdowney)
  (a) Robert Wheeler of Widfield
  m. Helen Ellis (dau of James Ellis of Wingfield)
  (b) Joseph Wheeler
  m. ?? (widow of _ Palmer)
  (c)+ 3 daughters
  (ii) Oliver Wheeler (dsp)
  m. Mary Holmes
  (iii) Broderick Wheeler of Dublin (d 06.08.1805)
  m. Eliza Walker (d 18.09.1837, dau of George Walker of Balgriffin)
  (a) George Wheeler of Dublin, Sheriff of co. Dublin (b 28.02.1778, d 03.12.1819) had issue
  m. (05.05.1803) Elizabeth Meade (d 16.01.1829, dau of Robert Meade of Tissaxon & Killaney)
  (b) Elizabeth Wheeler
  m. (1793) George Russell
  (c) Anne Wheeler
  m. (1798) Patrick Murray
(d) Bridget Wheeler
  m. (1818) David Kearney
  (e)+ other issue - John, Henry
  (2) Robert Wheeler (d 14.03.1725)
  m. Dorothy (d 09.1768)
  (A) Robert Wheeler of Ballyreddin
  m. (07.1738) Jane Brownrigg (dau of Henry Brownrigg of Ballanglyne)
  (i) Elizabeth Wheeler (dsp)
  m. (1762) Henry Brownrigg of Altidore (Major, son of Henry of Wingfield)
  (ii)+ other issue - John (b 1740, d 1795), Henry
  (B) Catherine Wheeler
  m. (06.1747) Rev. James Myhill (son of James of Killarney)
  (C)+ other issue - Mary, Jane, Dorothea
  (3)+ other issue - John, Jonas, Mary, Jane
  b. Jonas Wheeler of Ballyreddin (d 1717)
  (1) Sarah Wheeler
  m. John Shee
  c. daughter
  m. Patrick Welch of Newtown Welch

Main source(s): BP1934 (Wheeler-Cuffe), BIFR1976 (De Courcy-Wheeler)
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