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Families covered: Donelan of Ballydonelan, Donelan of Killagh (Killaghmore), Donelan of Rahally, Donelan of Peterswell

Reportedly descended from Domhnallen, great-grandson of Domhnall son of Bresai (founder of Clan Bresai) son of Dluthach (d 738, Prince of Hymany), was ...
Tully O'Donelan of Ballydonelan Castle ('Black Castle') (a 1412)
1. ?? O'Donelan
  A. ?? Donelan
  i. Loughlin Donelan of Ballydonelan Castle (d 1548)
  m. Cicely Kelly (dau of William O'Kelly of Calla)
  a. Nehemiah Donelan, Archbishop of Tuam (d 1609)
m. Elizabeth O'Donel (dau of Nicholas O'Donel of Tyrconnell)
  (1) John Donelan of Ballydonelan, Sheriff of co. Galway (d 04.1655)
  m. Dorothy Mostyn (d 1666, dau of William Mostyn, Governor of Athlone)
  (A) Loughlin or Melaghlin Donelan of Ballydonelan (d 08.1673)
m. Christian Blake (dau of Robert Blake of Ardfry)
  (i) John Donelan of Ballydonelan
  BLGI1912 does not follow this line any further. The following comes from cross-references from elsewhere in the database.
(a) ?? Donelan presumed intermediary generation
  ((1)) John Donelan of Ballydonelan probably of this generation
  m. Mabella Hore (dau of Mathew Hore of Shandon)
  ((A)) John Donelan of Ballydonelan probably of this generation
  m. Frances Bellew (dau of Sir Patrick Bellew, 5th Bart of Barmeath)
  ((i)) Mable Donelan probably of this generation
  m. (19.08.1811) Anthony Strong-Hussey of Westown (b 24.08.1782, d 12.07.1859)
((B)) Frances Donelan (b 26.03.1766, d 30.01.1835)
  m. (18.12.1785) Arthur James Plunkett, 8th Earl of Fingall (b 09.09.1759, d 30.07.1836)
  (ii) Nicholas Donelan of Rahally (d 1718)
  m1. Elizabeth French (dau of John French of Aggard)
  (a) John Donelan of Rahally
  (b) Mary Donelan
  m. Thomas Kirwan of Galway
  m2. Rebecca Taylor (dau of Walter Taylor of Castle Taylor)
  (c) Nehemiah Donelan of Caheroyan & Peterswell (d 01.1771)
m. (1739) Marcia Shaw (dau of Robert Shaw of Newford by Alice, dau/heir of Thomas Croasdale of Clostoken)
  ((1)) Nicholas Donelan
  m. (25.08.1772) Catherine Doolan (dau of William Doolan of Caddisburne)
  ((A))+ issue (dsp) - Nehemiah (d 1840), John (d 1832), William (d 1839)
  ((2)) Thomas Donelan of Peterswell, co. Galway (d 1816, 3rd son)
  m. (02.07.1771) Mabel O'Conor (dau of Dermot O'Conor of Sylan, sister/heir of Thomas, Bishop of Achonry)
  ((A)) Dermot Donelan of Sylan & Peterswell (b 1781, d 11.04.1852) had issue
  m. (11.11.1811) Maria Keary (dau of William Keary of CLough, sisetr of Rev. William of Mornington)
  ((B)) Marcia Donelan
  m. John Joyce of Oxford, co. Mayo
  ((C))+ other issue - Belina (nun), Alice, Margaret
  ((3)) Alice Donelan
  m. (04.08.1770) Patrick Burke
  ((4)) Rebecca Donelan
  m. (11.1770) Thomas Kirwan of Blindwell
  ((5))+ other issue (dsp) - Robert (d 1805), John (d 1810)
  (iii) Richard Donelan of Ballyeighter had issue
  (B) William Donelan of Leitrim, Sheriff (a 1641) had issue
  m. Cecilia Kelly (dau of William Reogh Kelly of Knockcroghery)
  (C) Edmond Donelan of Killaghmore (d 1679)
  The following comes from BLGI1912 (Donelan of Killagh).
  (i) William Donelan of Killaghmore (a 1700)
  (a) Joseph Donelan of Killagh (d after 15.07.1736)
  m1. Margaret Burke (dau/coheir of Ulick Burke of Kilcarrunan)
  ((1)) Honora Donelan
  m2. Margaret Daly (dau of Laghlin Daly of Benmore)
((2)) Stephen Donelan of Killagh (d 1794)
  m. (02.1752) Elizabeth Kelly (dau of Edmund Kelly of Ballyforan)
  ((A)) Joseph Donelan of Killagh (d 1798)
  m. (04.1780) Ellis Lambert (d 08.1823, dau of Charles Lambert of Creg Clare)
  ((i)) Stephen Joseph Donelan of Killagh (b 06.03.1789, d 10.1866) had issue
  m. (01.12.1826) Evelyn Wilhelmina Catherine French (d 10.1880, dau of Robert French of Monivea Castle)
  ((ii)) Eliza Donelan (d 08.05.1836)
  m. (08.08.1803) Sir Valentine John Blake, 12th Bart of Menlo (d 01.1847)
((3)) Hyancinth Donelan
  (b) Peter Donelan, Bishop of Clonfert (b 1678, d 05.1778)
  (D)+ other issue - James, Loughlin, Nicholas (Rev.), Murtogh (Rev.), Eugene (Rev.)
  (2) Edmond Donelan (d 1640, Archdeacon of Cashel) had issue
  m. Margaret Ussher (dau of Rev. Luke Ussher, archdeacon of Armagh)
  (3) Sir James Donelan (d 1665, Lord Chief Justice)
  m1. Ann Barry (dau of Richard Barry of Dublin, sister of James, 1st Lord Santry)
  (A)+ 4 sons and 2 daughters
  m2. Sarah Wheeler (dau of Jonas Wheeler, Bishop of Ossory, widow of Matthew Tyrrell of Dublin)
  (G) Nehemiah Donelan (d 1705, Lord Chief Baron) had issue
  (4) William Donelan (d 30.10.1634, Rev.)
  m. Jane Golborne (dau of Ralph Golborne)
  (5) Teige (Thadeus) Donelan (Rev.)
  m. Elizabeth Golborne (dau of William Golborne, Bishop of Kildare)
  (6) Mortogh or Nicholas Donelan in Vienna (a 1647)

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Donelan of Sylanmore) with input as reported above
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