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Families covered: Fetherston of Ardagh, Fetherstonhaugh of Bracklyn, Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick, Fetherston of Mosstown

Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh or Fetherston (to Ireland in/after 1651)
It is known that the following family derived from the Fetherstonhaughs of co. Durham and/or Northumberland but exactly how they connect to the family given on Fetherston01 is unknown.
1. Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh or Fetherston
  A. Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh or Fetherston of Dardistown (d 01.08.1744)
  m. Mary Magan (dau of Richard Magan)
i. John Fetherstonhaugh or Fetherston (d 1766)
  m. (1741) Anne Magan (dau of Morgan Magan of Killeenbrack)
  a. Cuthbert Fetherston of Mosstown, Sheriff (d 1817)
  m. (1770) Mary Wolfe (dau of Theobald Wolfe)
  (1) Theobald Fetherston of Mosstown, Sheriff (d 17.10.1844) had issue
  m. (1797) Mary Harding (dau of Jonathan Harding of Harding Grove)
(2) Edward Fetherston of Grouse Lodge had issue
  m. Mary Magan (dau of Richard Magan of Newtown)
  b. Lydia Fetherston 'of Mosstown' probably of this family, of this generation
  m. Thomas Lambert (d 1828)
ii. Thomas Fetherstonhaugh of Bracklyn, co. Westmeath (d 11-2.1776)
  m. Mary Nugent (dau of Oliver Nugent of Derrymore)
  a. James Fetherstonhaugh of Bracklyn, Sheriff (d 1822)
  m. (1778) Margaret Steele (dau of Sir Richard Steele, 1st Bart of Hampstead (Dublin))
  (1) Thomas James Fetherstonhaugh of Bracklyn Castle, Sheriff of Westmeath (b 1790, d 13.12.1853) had issue
  m. (18.12.1816) Eleanor Howard (dau of William Howard, 3rd Earl of Wicklow)
  (2) Richard Steele Fetherstonhaugh of Rockview (d 30.08.1835) had issue
  Richard's wife is named in BLG1886 (Fetherstonhaugh of Rockview) as ...
  m. (1822) Dorothea George (dau of Denis George, brother of Sir Rupert, 1st Bart of Park Place)
  (3) John Fetherstonhaugh of Griffinstown (d 1874, Rev.)
  m. (27.03.1826) Susan Maria Massy (dau of Hugh Massy, 3rd Lord)
  (4) Charlotte Fetherstonhaugh
  m. Robert Tighe of South Hill (Major)
  (5) Margaret Anne Fetherstonhaugh (d 21.01.1871)
  m. Sir Thomas Chapman, 2nd Bart of Killua Castle
  (6) Harriet Fetherstonhaugh
  b. Anne Fetherstonhaugh
  m. Francis MacEvoy of Tobertynan
  c. Mary Fetherstonhaugh
  m. Samuel Lea Owen
  d.+ other issue - John, Ismay
iii. Frances Fetherstonhaugh
  m. Joseph Daly of Castle Daly
  iv.+ other issue - Richard, William, Margaret
  B. Thomas Fetherstonhaugh or Fetherston of Carrick, co. Westmeath
  m. _ Sherlock of Irishtown
  i. John Fetherstonhaugh or Fetherston (d unm 1764, Dean of Leighlin)
  ii. William Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick (d 1770)
  m. Lydia Sherlock (dau of William Sherlock)
  a. Thomas Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick (d before 1773)
  m. Elizabeth Fetherston (dau of Sir Ralph Fetherston, Bart) @@ below
  (1) child (d young)
  b. William Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick, Sheriff (d 1800)
  m. Susanna Wills (dau of Godfrey Wills of Willsgrove)
  (1) William Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick (b 1783, d 21.04.1851) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Orme (dau of William Orme of Abbeytown)
  (2) Godfrey Fetherstonhaugh of Dublin (d 1879) had issue
  m. Matilda Radcliff (dau of Rev. Stephen Radcliff of Skryne)
  The following are shown by BLG1886 (Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick) as daughters of William of Carrick. We provisionally follow BP1870 in showing them as his sisters simply because Elizabeth (whose husbands were given by BLG1886 but not by BP1870) is shown as married to Rev. Stephen Radcliff and Godfrey of the next generation is shown as married to a daughter of a Rev. Stephen Radcliff, his cousin?
  c. Sarah Fetherstonhaugh
  m. Rev. Robert Nixon
  d. Lydia Fetherstonhaugh
  m. John Perkins of Ballybroony
  e. Anna Maria Fetherstonhaugh (d unm)
  f. Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh
  m1. James Given (Captain)
  m2. Rev. Stephen Radcliff
iii. Francis Fetherstonhaugh or Fetherston
  m. Mary Birch
  a. Thomas Fetherston (to East Indies)
  b. Mary Fetherston
  m. William Sherlock of Irishtown, co. Kildare
iv. Sir Ralph Fetherston, 1st Bart of Ardagh (d 1780)
  m1. Elizabeth Achmuty (dau of Samuel Achmuty of Brianstown)
  a. Elizabeth Fetherston
  m. Thomas Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick @@ above
m2. Sarah Wills (dau of Godfrey Wills of Wills Grove)
  b. Sir Thomas Fetherston, 2nd Bart of Ardagh (d 19.07.1819)
  m. Elizabeth Whitney (dau of George Boleyn Whitney of New Pass)
  (1) Sir George Ralph Fetherston, 3rd Bart of Ardagh (b 04.06.1784, dsp 12.07.1853)
  m. (22.10.1821) Frances Elizabeth Solly (d 24.03.1864, dau of Richard Solly)
  (2) Sir Thomas Francis Fetherston, 4th Bart of Ardagh (b c1800, d 22.08.1853, Rev., 3rd son) had issue
  m1. (1823) Adeline Godley (d 1830, dau of Col. _ Godley)
  m2. Anne L'Estrange (dau of Edmund L'Estrange)
  (3) Elizabeth Fetherston
  m. _ Fetherson (Lt. Colonel)
  (4) Catherine Fetherston
  m. (1811) Rev. Robert Jessop
  (5) Isabella Fetherston (d 03.04.1867)
  m. John Godley of Fonthill, co. Dublin
  (6) Octavia Letitia Fetherston (d 02.10.1868)
  m. (17.10.1850) James Gregory (Dean of Kildare)
  (7)+ other issue - John (d unm 07.1840), Sarah, Maria
c. Sarah Fetherston
  m. Robert Thorpe
  d. Maria Fetherston
  m. William Sneyd
  e. Elizabeth Fetherston
  m. Rev. Henry Massey of Limerick
  f.+ other issue - 3 sons, Letitia (d unm)
  C. Francis Fetherston
  BLG1886 (Fetherstonhaugh of Bracklyn Castle) & BP1870 both identify Francis as ancestor of the Fetherstons of Whiterock. The following comes from cross-references from elsewhere in the database.
  i. Robert Fetherston of White Rock father of Mary Anne, probably of this generation
  a. Francis Fetherston of Whiterock father of Maria, probably of this generation
  (1) Maria Fetherston (d 1864)
  m. Rev. Clement Wolseley of Sandbrook
  b. Mary Anne Fetherston (co-heir)
  m. John Jessop of Doory Hall

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Fetherstonhaugh of Bracklyn Castle), BLG1886 (Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick), BP1870 (Fetherston (of Ardagh))
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