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Families covered: Bonville (Bonvile) of Chewton, Bonville of Ivybridge, Bonville (Bonvile) of Shute

This page provides a good example of how we improve our database over the years as we obtain access to more and more sources. The kernel of the page was first launched on 08.02.04 in BZmisc07 when it was based on TCP & BE1883 with additions from Visitation (Devon, 1620, Pole) and input from various web sites. Later additions, such as from Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Rous) & VCH (Sussex, vol 4: 'The Rape of Chichester', Boxgrove), meant that the record became somewhat patchy so it was moved on 26.09.11 to a Draft 'Bonville1'. Obtaining a copy of Vivian's work enabled us to pull together the data 'properly' and to expand the page sufficiently to justify the launch of the page into 'the database proper'.
Sir Nicholas Bonville (a 1199)
1. Sir William Bonville (a 02.1265)
m. Amicia
  A. William Bonville
  m. Joan
  i. Nicholas Bonville (d 1294-5)
  m. Hawisia (d 1295, widow of Sir Thomas Pyne of Coombe Pyne)
  a. Sir Nicholas Bonville (b c1292)
  m. Johanna Champernowne (dau of Henry Champernowne by Joanna, dau of Henry Bodrigan)
  (1) Sir William Bonvile or Bonville of Shute, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset (d 1408-9) the first mentioned by TCP & BE1883
  m1. Margaret Damerell (dau/coheir of Sir William Damerell)
(A) John Bonville (dvp 21.10.1396)
  m. Elizabeth, lady of Chewton (b c1370, dau of John FitzRoger of Chewton, m2. Richard Sucley)
  (i) Sir William Bonville of Shute, 1st Lord of Chewton (b 30.08.1393, d 18.02.1460/1)
Vivian & BE1883 both report that Sir William's 1st wife was Margaret Meriet but TCP suggests that such reports are probably mistaken and does not identify her other than as Margaret. Provisionally, we follow those web sites which identify her as a Grey of Ruthyn. [NB. BLG1952 (Treffry of Place) shows that a daughter of Sir John Treffry married "Sir William Bonville, afterwards Lord Bonville" but the dates make that look an unlikely fit.]
  m1. Margaret Grey (a 05.1426, dau of Reginald de Grey, 3rd Lord of Ruthyn)
  (a) William Bonville (dvp Wakefield 31.12.1460)
m. (by 1442) Elizabeth Harrington (dau of William Harrington, 5th Lord)
  ((1)) William Bonville, 'Lord Harrington' (d Wakefield 31.12.1460)
  m. Catherine Nevill (dau of Richard Nevill, Earl of Salisbury)
  ((A)) Cecily Bonville (b c1461, d before 02.06.1530)
  m1. (before 04.1475) Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset (d 10.04.1501)
m2. Henry Stafford, Earl of Wiltshire (dsp 06.03.1523)
  (b) Margaret Bonville
  m. Sir William Courtenay of Powderham Castle (d 1485)
  (c) Philippa Bonville
  m1. William Grenville of Bideford (d c1450)
  m2. John Almescombe
  (d) Elizabeth Bonville (d 14.02.1490/1) probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Tailboys of Kyme (b c1415, d c26.05.1464)
  m2. (before 10.1427) Elizabeth Courtenay (dsp 18.10.1471, dau of Edward Courtenay, 3rd Earl of Devon)
  p. Isabella Kirkeby
  Vivian identifies the following John as "spurious son of William, Lord Bonville of Chewton" but does so having reported that Lord William was "named together with Isabella Kirkeby in the Inq. taken on the death of their natural son John".
(e) John Bonvill of Combraleigh (Comrawley) & Ivybridge
  We presume that this was the John, natural son of a Lord Bonville who, according to BHO (Magna Britannia, vol 6, Devonshire, Parishes: Eggesford-Exbourne), gave John the manor of Ivybridge who later passed it to his own natural son John. Vivian shows the younger John as his legitimate son by his wife (whose mother is given in Vivian's pedigree of 'Larder of Upton Pyne') ...
  m. Alice Dennys (dau/heir of William Dennys of Combraleigh by Jane, dau/heir of John St. Aubin by Jane, dau/heir of Sir Robert Challons of Conrawley)
  ((1)) John Bonvill of Combraleigh
  m. Edith Blewett (dau of Nicholas Blewett of Greenham)
  ((A)) Humphrey Bonville of Ivybridge
  m. Johanna Wynslade (dau of William Wynslade)
  ((i)) Adam Bonville
((a)) Philipp(a) Bonville
  m. _ Mogeridge
  ((b))+ other issue - Humphrey (dsp 02-3.1593), Katherine
  ((ii)) Edmund Bonville of Parva Modbury (younger son)
  m. Jane Tregion of Cornwall
  ((a)) Richard Bonville 'of Modbury'
  (((1))) Agnes Bonville, heiress of Ivybridge
  m. (c1580) Hugh Croker
  ((iii)) Johanna Bonville
  m. Sampson Byell of Stoke
  ((iv)) Alice Bonville
m. Edmond Tooker
  ((v))+ other issue - Andrew, John, William
  ((B)) Margaret Bonvill
  m. Walter Alford
  ((C)) Honor Bonvill
  m. Robert Revell of London
  ((2)) Elizabeth Bonvill
  m. Edmond Larder of Upton Pyne
  ((3)) Jane Bonvill
m. William Fulford
  ((4)) Matilda or Katherine Bonvill
  m. Nicholas Kirkham
  ((5)) Cicelly Bonvill
  m1/2. Thomas Wivell of Crediton
m2/1. Morris Moore of Collumpton (b 1459, d 1500)
  m3. James Note of London
  ((6)) Florence Bonvill
  m. Thomas Fortesecue of Wympston
  ((7)) Anne Bonvill
  m. Roger Dinham
(ii) Thomas Bonville, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1400, d 11.02.1467)
  m1. Johanna/Joan de Poynings, heiress of Halnaker (dau of Hugh ('de St. John') de Poynings, son/heir of Thomas de Poynings of Basing)
  (a) John Bonville of Shute / Halnaker (d 24.08.1494)
  m1. Joan Wiberry (dau of John Wiberry or Wyberry by Leva, dau/heir of John Georges)
  ((1)) Anne Bonville
  m. Philip Coplestone
  ((2)) Joane Bonville (dsp before 1494)
  m. John Eliot of Coteland
Vivian identifies John's 2nd wife as Katherine. Various web sites identify her further as ...
  m2. Katherine Wingfield (d before 24.03.1498-9, dau of Sir Robert Wingfield of Letheringham)
  ((3)) Florence Bonville (b 1472, dsp 10.1524)
  m1. Sir Humphrey Fulford (dsp 1508)
  m2. John Bourchier, 1st Earl of Bath (d 1539)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Bonville
m. Thomas West, Lord Delawere (dsp 1554)
  m2. Leva Georges (d 16.12.1461, dau/heir of John Georges, widow of John Wibbery)
  (iii) Isabell Bonville
  m. Richard Champernowne of Modbury
  (B) Thomas Bonville (d 1412)
  m. Cecilia (widow of William Cheyney)
  (i)+ issue - William (d 28.08.1412), John of Meriet in Somerset (b 1400-1, dsp 1426)
  (C) Elizabeth Bonville
  m. Thomas Carew of Carew and Mulsford (d 1431)
  (D) Katherine Bonville
  m1. Sir John Cobham
  m2. John de Wyke of Yeovilston
  (E)+ other issue - Richard (dsp), William
  m2. Alice (m2. Sir John Rodney)
  (2) Alexander Bonville
Vivian does no more with this line than show that Alexander & Hawysia had a son Nicholas. The following comes from Visitation (Devon, 1620, Pole) which describes Alexander as "2 f., D'ni Bonvile", i.e. as 2nd son of Lord Bonvile. It seems likely that Alexander's father (Sir Nicholas) was an early feudal lord rather than a parliamentary Lord.
  m. Hawise de la Ford (dau/heir of Henry de la Forde son of Henry de la Forde)
  (A) Nicholas Bonvile "at Ford"
  m. Editha
  (i) Isabella Bonvile (coheir)
  m. Philip de Okebere
  (a) Richard de Okebere
  m. Elizabeth de Orwey (dau/heir of Robert de Orwey)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Okebere (heir)
  m. John de la Pole
  (3) Isabella Bonville
  m. Sir Richard Novant
  (4) Anne Bonville (nun)
  b. John Bonville
  m. Joan Hampton (dau of Waryn Hampton of Musbury, m2. John Sackville, m3. ?? Farringdon)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Bonville of Shute and Chawton) with a (very) little support from TCP (Bonville), BE1883 (Bonvile)
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