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Families covered: Goodman of Ruthyn (Ruthin)

Ifan Goch
m. Margaret (dau of Richard Bolton)
1. Edwart
  A. Thomas Goodman
  m. Mallt (dau of Gruffydd ab Delo al Grono ab Gruffydd ab Madoc ab Llewelyn Voel ab Ierf ab Owen Brogyntn, base son of Madoc ab Meredith P. of Powys)
i. Edward Goodman of Ruthyn (b c1471, d 1560)
  m. Sissely (Sisli) Thelwall (d 1583, dau of Edward Thelwall, son of Eubul of Plas y Ward)
  a. Gawen Goodman of Ruthyn
  m1. Ellin (dau of Thomas Griffith of Pant y llongu)
(1) Edward Goodman of Ruthyn & Plas ucha
  m. Elsbeth Thelwall (b 1560, dau of Symon Thelwall of Plas y Ward, widow of Thomas Morys of Plas ucha)
  Dwnn ends with this generation. Newcome shows Elsbeth (b 1560) mother (by Edward) of Gabriel who is shown as died 1673 aged 38 i.e. born c1635 when Elsbeth would have been aged about 75. We suspect that there is a generation missing here, possibly ....
  (A) Gawen Goodman of Ruthyn father of Frances, possibly also of ...
(i) Gabriel Goodman (b c1635, d 1673)
  m. Jane Goodman (dau of Godfrey Goodman) @1@ below
  (a) Edward Goodman of Ruthyn (d 1699)
  m. Ellen (dau/heir of Hugh Jones of Hendre Nanclyn)
  ((1)) Gabriel Goodman of Ruthyn & Nantclwyd (dsp)
  m. Susan Goodman (dau of Charles Goodman of Glanhesbyn, m2. Roger Mostyn) @2@ below
  ((2)) Jane Goodman (b c1638, d 1719)
m. Meredydd Wynn (son of Edward of Plas Llannefydd)
  ((3)) Mary Goodman
  m. Evan Lloyd (son of Edward of Nanclyn)
  ((A)) Edward Lloyd
  ((4)) Martha Goodman
m. _ Foulks of Cadwyrn
  (b) Jane Goodman
  m. Robert Wynn of Nerquis
  ((1)) Jane (coheir) probably of this generation
  m. (1675) John Williams of Plas Issa, Pontygwyddel & Nerquis (b 1649, d 28.01.1689)
  (c) Sisli Goodman
  m. Thomas Foulks of Vaynol
(d) Catherine Goodman
  m. Ambrose Thelwall of Cefn Coch
  (e)+ other issue - Godfrey in London, Mary
  (ii) Frances Goodman (dau of Gawen of Ruthin) possibly of this generation
  m. Edward Griffith of Garn, Lleweny and Plasnewydd (bpt 06.06.1589)
  (B) Sisli Goodman
  m. Symon Roberts of Maesmaen Cymro
  (C) Blanch Goodman
  m. John Lloyd of Rhydwriel-by-Ruthyn & Bryn Eglwys
  (D) Dorty Goodman
  m. William Bailey (rector of Llan y Strowydd)
  (E) Gaynor Goodman
  m. _ Alexander (rector of Llanfwrog)
  (F) Susan Goodman
  m. R. Ingram of Worcestershire
  (G) Mildred Goodman
  m. John Elmore of Oatland Woodward
  (H) Frances Goodman
  m. John Jones of Porth y Dwr
  (2) Godfrey Goodman
  m. Alis (dau of Hugh)
  (A) John Goodman (virginal maker)
  m. Ann
  (i) Symond Goodman
  m. Alis (dau of ?? son of Richard)
  (a) Richard Goodman
  m. Jane Hughes
  ((1)) Charles Goodman
  m. Hannah
  ((A)) Godfrey Goodman (d 1786, rector of Kemmerton)
  ((2)) Hannah Goodman
  m. John Jones of Ruthin (shoe-maker)
  ((A)) Richard Jones
  m. Mary Jones of Ruthyn
  ((i)) Robert Goodman Jones (a 1786, cleric)
  (B) Charles Goodman (dsp, glazier)
  (3) Thomas Goodman (d 1623)
m. Lowri Morys (dau/heir of Thomas Morys of Plas ucha)
  (A) Symon Goodman (dsp)
  (B) Charles Goodman of Glanhesbyn
  m1. Rebecca Langford (dau of Risiart Langford of Trefalyn)
  (i) Penelope Goodman
m. Marmaduke Lloyd of Trenewydd, Whittington
  m2. Ann or Jane Pryse (dau/coheir of Edward Pryse of Llwynyn)
  (ii) Susan Goodman
  m1. Gabriel Goodman of Ruthyn & Nantclwyd (dsp) @2@ above
  m2. (1679) Roger Mostyn (son of William (Archdeacon of Bangor), son of Sir Roger, Bart)
  (iii) Elin Goodman
  m. Elias Lloyd of Plas Einion (d 1677)
(iv) Jane Goodman (dsp)
  (C) Ellen Goodmann
  m. John (Sion) Price of Llwyn-yn (dsp)
  (4) Jane Goodman
  m. _ Jones of Ruthyn
  (5) Dorothy Goodman
  m. Edward Roberts (dsp)
  (6) Mary Goodman
  m. John Foulks of Eriviat (d before 16.10.1598)
  (7) Catrin Goodman
  m. Hugh Salbrey of Llanfwrog
  m2. Gaynor Prys (dau of Ellis Prys of Plas Yolyn)
  (8) Sion (John) Goodman
b. Gabriel Goodman (b 1528, dsp 17.06.1601, Dean of Westminster)
  c. Godfrey Goodman of Edd (d 1586)
  Dwnn shows Godfret (sic) as m. Alys dau of Hyw. Newcome identifies his wife as ...
  m. Jane Croxton, heiress of Merllyn (dau/coheir of Symon Croxton by Catherine)
  (1) Gabriel Goodman of Merllyn 'of Abenbury' (d 1641, prothonorary of North Wales)
  m. Mary Sanders (dau/coheir of John Sanders of Abenbury)
  (A) Mary Goodman (d 17.01.1657)
  m. (1635) Owen Salusbury of Rug (b 1612, d 1677, son of William)
  (2) Godfrey Goodman, Bishop of Gloucester (b 28.02.1582/3, d unm 19.01.1656)
(3) Jane Goodman
  m. Gabriel Goodman @1@ above
  (4) Susan Goodman
  m. Edward Prys of Llwyn-yn
  (5) Martha Goodman
  m. (1615) Richard Prydderch of Myvyrian (Chief Justice of Chester)
  d. Catherine Goodman
  Dwnn identifies Katrin's husband as Rys Wyn ap Rys. Newcome identifies him as ...
  m. Rhys Wynn ab Ievan, of Mold
  e. Dorothy Goodman
  m. John Chambre of Lleweni (d 1605)
  f. Sionet (Jenet) Goodman
  m. William Griffith of Pant y llongdu ## see here ##
  (1)+ issue - Thomas of Pant y llongdu, John, Edward, Dorothy, Sisli, Elsbeth, Gras
  g.+ other issue - Clare, Fiddes

Main source(s): 'A Memoir of Gabriel Goodman' by Rev. Richard Newcome (1825, Appendix S) with a little support from Visitation (Dwnn (Meyrick, vol 2, 1846), Wales, 'The Rythin', p337)
[A partial pedigree on this family, based on cross-references from elsewhere in the database supplemented by some data from various web sites, was provided on a Draft page on 04.02.11. That was deleted when this page was launched.]
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