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Families covered: Gosnold of Netherhall, Gosnold of Otley (Oteley)

It seems that this family has been well-researched by Gene & Lucie Field, whose work on it (linked to below) contains more details than we have recorded below so anyone particularly interested in this family should look to that work. We show in italics the data we have taken from that work. The rest comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1561) or as reported below.
John Gosnold of Otley, Suffolk (a c1430)
1. John Gosnold of Netherhall in Otley (d before 17.02.1511)
  m. Katherine Keble presumed mother of ...
  A. Robert Gosnold of Netherhall in Otley (d before 04.02.1573)
  m1. Agnes Hill (dau of John Hill of Ashbocking)
i. John Gosnold of Shrubland Park, Barham (b by 1507, dsp 1554, MP, Solicitor General)
  m. Katherine Blennerhassett (dau of Sir Thomas Blennerhassett of Frenze, m2. Anthony Wingfield)
  ii. Robert Gosnold (dvp before 7.04.1559)
  m. Mary Vesey (dau of Robert Vesey of Hadleigh)
  a. Robert Gosnold of Otley (d before 01.11.1615)
  m. Ursula Naunton (dau of William Naunton of Alderton by Elizabeth Wingfield)
  (1) Robert Gosnold (b c1560, dvp c1596)
  m. Amy Forth (dau of Robert Forth of Butley, m2. Edward Ward of Knodishall & Mendham)
Visitation (1561) does not give any indication that Robert & Amy had any children. However, Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, 'Gosnold of Otley') shows that a Robert of Otley was father of another Robert of Otley who was father (by Dorothy Jeggon) ofthe Robert of Otley who was alive in 1664. The Fields' book suggests that the first Robert mentioned was son of Robert & Amy.
  (A) Anthony Gosnold (b c1588, a 1632, to Virginia then back to Suffolk)
  m. Margaret Risby (dau of Robert Risby) ## see here ##
  (B) Robert Gosnold of Netherhall in Otley (b 1587)
  m. (20.02.1608/9) Ann Talmache (Tollemache)
  (i) Robert Gosnold of Netherhall in Otley
  m. (08.02.1632/3) Dorothy Jeggon (dau of John Jeggon, Bishop of Norwich, by Dorothy Cornwallis)
  (a) Robert Gosnold of Netherhall in Otley (a 1664)
  (b) Dorothy Gosnold probably the Dorothy (bur 15.03.1673, sister of Edward of Great Yarmouth, who married ...
m. Michale Grigg of Bealings Parva
  (c)+ other issue - Charles, Elizabeth
  (ii) Sackforth Gosnold
  (C) Elizabeth Gosnold
  m. Thomas Keene
(2) John Gosnold of Otley (b c1568, d 17.02.1628/9, 3rd son)
  m. Winifred Windsor (dau of Walter Windsor (son of William, Lord Windsor) by Margaret, dau of Sir Geoffrey Poole (Pole), son of Sir Richard by Margaret, dau of George, brother of King Edward IV)
  (A)+ 5 sons + 3 daughters
  (3) Anthony Gosnold of Swilland, Suffolk (5th son)
The following is supported by Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, 'Gosnold of Ipswich').
  m. Ursula Pratt (dau of Gregory (not Roger) Pratt of Ryston)
  (A) Henry Gosnold of Ipswich (a 1664, 2nd son)
  m. Sarah Lindfield (dau of Gilbert Lindfield of Ipswich)
  (i)+ issue (a 1664) - Henry (b c1648), Anthony, Robert, Arthur, Sarah, Margaret, Elizabeth
  (B)+ other issue - Anthony, Robert, Dorothy
  (4) Dorothy Gosnold shown by the Fields as a generation earlier
  m. Sir John Gilbert of Great Finborough
  (5) Ursula Gosnold shown by the Visitation as possibly of this generation but not mentioned by the Fields
  m1. (1602) Francis Pratt of Ryston (d 1612)
m2. (1615-6) Thomas Cutler of Sproughton
  (6)+ other issue - Richard, Edmund, Thomas, Elizabeth
  b. Anthony Gosnold of Grundsiburgh, Swilland, etc.
  m. Dorothy Bacon (dau of George Bacon of Hessett)
  (1) Bartholomew Gosnold ("founder of Jamestown in America")
  m. Mary Golding (dau of Robert Golding by Martha Judd)
  (2) Elizabeth Gosnold
  m. Thomas Tilney
  (3) Margaret Gosnold
  m. Zachary Norman
  (4)+ other issue
  c. Edward Gosnold of Bilton, Suffolk (5th son)
m. Katherine Clifton (dau of Henry Clifton of Toftrees)
  d. Katherine Gosnold
  m. (05.1568) Alexander Pratt
  e. Dorothy Gosnold
  The Fields show this as the Dorothy who married Sir John Gilbert. Provisionally, we follow Visitation in showing her a geneation later.
  f. Anne Gosnold
  Visitation shows Anne in italcis, indicating uncertainty as to her existence (in this generation). The Fields show an Ann in this generation but suggest that she "may have died in infancy". However, this may be the Ann who married ...
  m. Edward Warner of Parham
  g. Agnes Gosnold
  m. John Rossington
  h. Cecily Gosnold
  m. Thomas Thorne (rector of Hemingstone & Feltwell)
  i. Judith Gosnold
  m. (29.10.1578) Henry Rise of Norfolk (son of William)
  j.+ other issue - John, William, Alice, Mary
  iii. Katherine Gosnold
  m. Thomas Golding of Poslingford & Cavendish
  iv. Joan Gosnold
m1. John Golding of Walter Belchamp (brother of Thomas)
  m2. (John?) Bromley
  v. Christian Gosnold (d before 02.04.1589)
  m. James Ryvett of Witnesham & Mendlesham (d 1572)
  m2. (c1547) Anne Doggett (d before 11.11.1578, dau of Richard Doggett of Groton, widow of Thomas Bacon of Hessett)
  B. Alice Gosnold (d 31.10.1536)
  m1. Thomas Merrell of Whepstead
  m2. Thomas Webb of Dedham
  m3. John Beriff of Brightlingsea (d 26.08.1521)
  C. Margaret Gosnold
  m. William Cardinall of Wenham
  D.+ other issue - Edmund of Codenham (d before 08.10.1560), William
2. Edmund Gosnold
3. Katherine Gosnold
  m. William Gardener of Otley
4. Anne Gosnold
  m. Thomas Cady of Ipswich (d 1510?)

Main source(s): Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, 'Gosnold of Otley'), 'Descendants of John Gosnold' by Eugene Allen Field & Lucie Catherine Field (May 2009, found here)
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