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Families covered: Tollemache of Bentley, Tollemache of Dysart, Tollemache of Helmingham

Hugh de Tollemache (a temp Stephen who r. 1135-1154)
1. Peter de Tollemache
  A. ?? de Tollemache
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? de Tollemache
a. Sir Hugh de Tollemache of Bentley (a 1297) presumed father of ...
  BP1934 next mentions William & John, whom we presume to have been sons of Sir Hugh, and then jumps to Sir Lionel. We presume that the William was ....
  (1) Sir William de Tollemache of Bentley named in BLG1952 (Colvile of Lullington)
  (A) ?? de Tollemache
  (i) ?? de Tollemache
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (a) ?? de Tollemache
  ((1)) ?? de Tollemache
  ((A)) Sir Lionel de Tollemache of Bentley (d 1477) - continued below
  m. heiress of Helmington
  (B) Margaret de Tollemache
  m. (1300) Sir Geoffrey de Colvile (d 1317)
  (2) John de Tollemache



Sir Lionel de Tollemache of Bentley (d 1477) - continued above
m. heiress of Helmington
1. John Tollemache of Bentley (b c1450, d 1510)
  m1. Anne Lowthe (dau of Roger Lowthe of Snotrey)
  m2. (before 1487) Elizabeth (widow of William Joyce of Helmingham)
  Not known which wife was mother of which child.
A. Lionel Tollemache of Helmingham and Bentley, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk (b c1482, d 25.06.1552)
  m1. Edith Joyce (d 1545, dau of Edmund Joyce of Helmingham Manor)
  m2. Elizabeth Jeffrey (dau of ?? Jeffrey of Stansfield)
  Not known which wife was mother of which child though, if his birth date is accurate, it is most likely that Lionel was by the first marriage.
  i. Lionel Tollemache of Helmingham and Bentley, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk (b c1497, d 05.12.1571, 4th son)
  m. Dorothy Wentworth (bur10.03.1551/2, dau of Sir Richard Wentworth of Nettlested)
a. Lionel Tollemache of Helmingham and Bentley, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk (b c1545, d 11.12.1575, 2nd son)
  m. Susan Jermyn (bur 25.08.1597, dau of Sir Ambrose Jermyn of Rushbrook)
  (1) Sir Lionel Tollemache, 1st Bart of Helmingham, Sheriff of Suffolk (bpt 14.12.1562, d before 1621)
  m. (10.02.1580-1) Katherine Cromwell (d 24.03.1620, dau of Henry Cromwell, 2nd Lord)
(A) Sir Lionel Tollemache, 2nd Bart of Helmingham (b 01.08.1591, d 06.09.1640)
  m. Elizabeth Stanhope (dau of John Stanhope, 1st Lord of Harrington)
  (i) Sir Lionel Tollemache, 3rd Bart of Helmingham (bpt 25.04.1624, bur 25.03.1669)
  m. (c1647) Elizabeth Murray, Countess of Dysart (d 04.06.1698, dau of William Murray, 1st Earl of Dysart)
  (a) Sir Lionel Tollemache, 4th Bart, 3rd Earl of Dysart (b 30.01.1648, d 03.02.1726-7)
m. (before 01.11.1680) Grace Wilbraham (d 26/30.04.1740, dau of Sir Thomas Wilbraham, 3rd Bart of Woodhey)
  ((1)) Lionel Tollemache, 'Lord Huntingtower' (b 06.06.1682, dvp 26.07.1712)
  m. (06.12.1706) Henrietta Cavendish or Heneage (d 11.01.1717-8, natural dau of William Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire)
  ((A)) Lionel Tollemache, 4th Earl of Dysart (b 01.05.1708, d 10.03.1770)
  m. (22.07.1729) Grace Carteret (b 08.07.1713, d 23.07.1755, dau of John Carteret, 1st Earl of Granville)
  ((i)) Lionel Tollemache, 5th Earl of Dysart (b 06.08.1734, dsp 23.02.1799)
  m1. (02.10.1760) Charlotte Walpole (dsp 05.09.1789, natural dau of Sir Edward Walpole)
  m2. (19.04.1791) Magdalene Lewis (d 02.02.1823, dau of David Lewis of Malvern Hall)
((ii)) Wilbraham Tollemache, 6th Earl of Dysart (b 23.10.1739, dsp 09.03.1821)
  m. (04.02.1773) Anna Maria Lewis (b c1765, d 14.09.1804, dau of David Lewis of Malvern Hall)
  ((iii)) John Tollemache (b 30.03.1750, d 25.09.1777)
  m. (03.12.1773) Bridget Henley (d 13.03.1796, dau of Robert Henley, 1st Earl of Northington)
  ((a)) Lionel Robert Tollemache (b 10.11.1774, d unm 14.07.1793)
  ((iv)) Louisa Tollemache, Countess of Dysart (b 02.07.1745, d 22.09.1840)
m. (04.09.1765) John Manners of Hanby Hall and Buckminster (d 23.09.1792)
  The eldest son of their eldest son (who dvm) became 8th Earl of Dysart.
  ((v)) Jane Tollemache (b 26.03.1750, d 28.08.1702)
  m1. (23.10.1771) John Delap Halliday of the Leasowes (d 24.10.1794)
  ((a)) John Richard Delap Halliday, later Tollemache (b 1772, d 16.07.1837, Admiral) had issue
  m. (28.02.1797) Elizabeth Stratford (d 13.05.1861, John Stratford, 3rd Earl of Aldborough)
  ((b)) Charlotte Elizabeth Halliday (d 1826) apparently of this generation
  m. (02.12.1793) Henry Wolseley
  m2. (04.03.1802) David George Ferry of Bath
((vi))+ other issue - son (b/d 21.05.1730), Lionel (b/d 03.1731), son (b 24.06.1737, d young), son (b 07.10.1740, d young), George (b 14.03.1744, d 13.11.1760, RN), William (b 22.03.1751, d unm 16.12.1776), Grace (b 09.04.1732, d 10.05.1736), Harriet (b/d 08.1733), Mary (b 12.03.1736, d 14.08.1744), Frances (b c1738, d unm 18.12.1807), Catherine (b 1741, d 24.05.1751)
  ((B)) Henrietta Tollemache (d 08.12.1772)
  m. (04.05.1731) Thomas Clutterbuck (d 23.11.1742)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Tollemache (dsp 06.08.1746)
  m. Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton, Bart of Combermere (d before 01.1749)
((3)) Catherine Tollemache (d 17.01.1754)
  m. (01.09.1724) John Brydges, 'Marquess of Carnarvon' (b 1703, dvp 08.04.1727)
  ((4))+ other issue (d unm) - Mary (d 02.12.1715), Grace (d 27.05.1719)
  (b) Elizabeth Tollemache (bpt 26.07.1659, d 16.05.1735)
  m. (12.03.1677-8) Archibald Campbell, 1st Duke of Argyll (d 25.09.1703)
  (c) Catherine Tollemache (bpt 1661,d before 02.1708)
  m1. (02.12.1677) James Stewart, Lord Doune (dvp 1685)
  m2. (sp) John Gordon, 16th Earl of Sutherland (bpt 02.03.1661, d 27.06.1733)
(d)+ other issue - Thomas (b c1651, bur unm 30.06.1694, Lt. General), William (bpt 02.1662, d unm 25.05.1691, Captain RN), Elizabeth (bur 04.02.1657-8), Catherine (bur 01.10.1658), 4 others (dvpsp)
  (ii) Elizabeth Tollemache (bur 14.04.1671)
  m1. William Alington of Horseheath and Great Wymondley, 1st Lord of Killard (bur 25.10.1648)
  m2. (c1651) Hon. Sir William Compton (d 18.10.1663)
  (iii) Catherine Tollemache (d 1653)
  m1. Sir Charles Mordaunt, 3rd Bart of Massingham (d 10.07.1648)
  m2. Sir Charles Lee of Edmonton & Billesley (b c1622, a 1682)
  (iv) Susannah Tollemache
  m. Sir Henry Felton, Bart
  (v) Anne Tollemache
  m. (1642) Sir Robert Broke, Bart of Nacton (b 1622, d 25.02.1693)
(vi) Jane Tollemache
  m. Thomas Cholmondeley of Vale Royal (b 1627)
  (vii) Bridget Tollemache
  m. Sir Nicholas Bacon of Shrubland
  (B) Susan Tollemache probably of this generation
  m. Sir Henry D'Oyly of Shottisham
  b. William Tollemache of Framsden (a 1571)
  m. (18.02.1563/4) Rosie Lord
  (1)+ issue - Dorothy, Edith
  c. Edith Tollemache
  m. (16.06.1551) Edward Clerke (son of Walter of Hadley)
  d. Mary Tollemache (bur 06.08.1606)
  m. John Jermyn of Depden
  e.+ other issue - Humphrey (dvpsp), Thomas (bur 16.11.1538), Agnes (bpt/bur 04.1541), Cecily (bur 20.12.1596)
  ii. Elizabeth Tollemache
  m1. Edmund Pury
  m2. John Cracknell
  iii. Anne Tollemache
  m. Robert Knevitt of Buckenham (d 1549)
  iv.+ other issue - William (dvpsp), John (dvpsp), James (dvpsp), Robert (a 1552)
  B. Robert Tollemache of Otley or London (3rd son)
  m. Margery Sampson (b c1475, d 1506, dau of Thomas Sampson, sister of Sir Thomas of Kersey)
  C. Katherine Tollemache
  m. _ Trestayle or Trowsdale
  D. Jane Tollemache
  m. Edmund Bocking of Ashbocking
  E. Anne Tollemache
  m. Sir Thomas Pargeter, Lord Mayor of London
  F.+ other issue - Hugh, Oliver, William, Joan (nun)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Dysart) with input from TSP (Dysart) and Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Tollemache of Bentley and Helmingham)
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