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Families covered: Manners, Tollemache of Dysart

William Manners (b 13.11.1697, d 23.04.1772)
p. Corbetta Smyth (dau of William Smyth of Shrewsbury)
1. John Manners of Hanby Hall and Buckminster (b 1730, d 23.09.1792)
  m. (04.09.1765) Louisa Tollemache, Countess of Dysart (b 02.07.1745, d 22.09.1840, dau of Lionel Tollemache, 4th Earl of Dysar
  The following comes from BP1934 (Dysart).
  A. Sir William Manners, later Talmash, Bart, 'Lord Huntingtower' (b 1766, dvm 11.03.1833)
  m. (12.01.1790) Catherine Rebecca Gray (d 21.03.1852, dau of Francis Gray of Lehena)
  i. Lionel William John Tollemache, 8th Earl of Dysart (b 18.11.1794, d 23.09.1878) had issue
m. (23.09.1819) Maria Elizabeth Toone (d 15.02.1869, dau of Sweeney Toone of Keston Lodge)
  ii. Felix Thomas Tollemache (b 16.02.1796, d 05.10.1843) had issue
  m1. (01.10.1825) Sarah Gray (d 1831, dau of James Gray of Ballincor, cousin)
  m2. (27.04.1833, sp) Frances Julia Peters (d 26.07.1794, dau of Henry Peters of Betchworth Castle)
  iii. Arthur Caesar Tollemache (b 01.09.1797, d 01.04.1848) had issue
  m. (17.08.1820) Catherine Scheppers (d 23.07.1868, dau of Alberic Joseph Schleppers)
  iv. Hugh Francis Tollemache (b 19.09.1802, d 02.03.1890, rector of Harrington) had issue
m. (22.06.1824) Matilda Hume (dau of Joseph Hume of Notting Hill)
  v. Frederick James Tollemache (b 16.04.1804, d 02.07.1888) had issue
  m1. (26.08.1831) Sarah Bomford (d 03.01.1835, dau of Robert Bomford of Rahinstown)
  m2. (04.09.1847) Isabella Anne Forbes (b 21.10.1817, d 30.08.1850, dau of George Gordon Forbes of Ham Common)
  vi. Algernon Gray Tollemache (b 24.09.1805, d 16.01.1892) had issue
  m. Frances Louisa Tollemache (d 15.04.1893, dau of Charles Tollemache, cousin) @@ below
  vii. Louisa Tollemache (d 18.04.1830)
  m. (09.08.1816) Sir Joseph Burke, 11th Bart of Glinsk (d 30.10.1865)
  viii. Catherine Camilla Tollemache (d 17.03.1863)
m. (01.05.1816) Sir George Sinclair, 2nd Bart of Ulbster (b 23.08.1790, d 09.10.1868)
  ix. Laura Maria Tollemache (b c1807, d 12.07.1888
  m. (07.08.1847) James Grattan of Tinnehinch (d 24.10.1854)
  x. other issue - Emily Frances (d unm 14.08.1864), Caroline (d unm 19.03.1825), Catherine Octavia (d 09.01.1878)
  B. John Manners, later Tollemache of Portman Square (dsp 13.02.1837)
  m. (19.08.1806) Mary Bechnoe (d 09.04.1838, dau of Benjamin Bechnoe)
  C. Charles Manners-Tollemache of Harrington or Market Overton (b 02.01.1775, d 26.07.1850)
  m1. (04.08.1797) Frances Hay (b 1775/6, d 29.03.1801, dau of William Hay of Newhall)
  i. Arthur Hugh Manners-Tollemache (b 23.04.1799, d 11.12.1870)
  ii. Wilbraham Francis Manners-Tollemache (b 26.04.1800, d 06.01.1864, Commander RN) had issue
m. (05.10.1841) Elizabeth Munro (d 13.1.1883, dau of Alexander Munro)
  m2. (08.08.1803) Gertrude Florinda Gardiner (d 27.09.1864, dau of Gen. William Gardiner, relict of Charles John Clarke)
  iii. William Manners-Tollemache (b 07.11.1810, d 17.03.1886, 5th son) had issue
  m1. (13.09.1838) Anna Maria Seymour (d 23.09.1873, dau of Edward Adolphus, 11th Duke of Somerset)
  m2. (11.05.1875, sp) Emma Sidney (d 23.08.1904, dau of James Sidney, widow of Maj. Gen. Sir Herbert Edwardes)
  iv. Henry Bertie Manners-Tollemache (d 28.10.1886)
m. (12.08.1837) Emilia Magdalen Louisa Sinclair (d 19.01.1864, dau of Sir George Sinclair, 2nd Bart)
  v. Frances Louisa Manners-Tollemache (d 16.04.1893)
  m1. (01.06.1850) George Richard Halliday of Bridefield (d 11.11.1855, RN)
  m2. (28.11.1857) Algernon Gray Tollemache (d 16.01.1892) @@ above
  vi. Maria Manners-Tollemache (d 07.05.1893)
  m. (20.08.1833) Charles (Brudenell-Bruce), 1st Marquess of Ailesbury (d 04.01.1856)
  vii.+ other issue - Charles William, Lionel (b 1806, d 06.02.1838, Captain)
  D. Catherine Sophia Manners (d 28.05.1825)
  m. (16.08.1793) Sir Gilbert Heathcoate, 4th Bart (d 26.03.1851)
  E. Maria Caroline Manners (dsp 20.12.1805)
  m. (09.09.1799) James Duff, 4th Earl of Fife (d 09.03.1857)
  F. Louisa Grace Manners (d 19.02.1816)
  m. (15.08.1802) Aubrey Beauclerk, 6th Duke of St. Albans (d 12.08.1815)
  G. Laura Manners, later Tollemache (d 11.07.1834)
  m. (02.06.1808, div 07.1811) John Dalrymple, 7th Earl of Stair (b 16.11.1784, dsp 20.03.1840)
  H.+ other issue (d infant) - George, Elizabeth Louisa, Sophia
2. Thomas Manners (b 1731, d 01.12.1812, Rev.)
  m1. (1758) Susannah Buckland
  m2. ??
  Not sure which wife was mother of ...
A. William Manners had issue
  m. Frances Whichcote of Aswarby
3. William Manners (b 1734, d 1827)
  m. Caroline Pickering
4. Russell Manners (b 1736, d 11.09.1800, General)
  m. Mary Rayner
  A. Russell Manners of Clewers Lodge, Berkshire (b c1771, d 16.01.1840, MP)
  Some details on Russell come from HoP.
  m. (07.01.1799, div 1813) Catherine Pollok (dau of Rev. Thomas Pollok of Grittleton, m2. Sir Thomas Stepney, 9th Bart)
  i. Russell Henry Manners (b 31.01.1800, d 09.05.1870, Admiral, astronomer) had issue
  m. (1834) Louisa Jane de Noé (dau of Count de Noé of France)
5. Robert Manners (b 1743, d 18.04.1810, youngest son)
  m. Elizabeth White (b 1749, d 1817)
6. Corbetta Manners (b 1728, d 1760)
  m. George Lawson Hall (Captain)
7. Caroline Manners (b 1741, d 1800)
  m. Jeremiah Ellis
8.+ other issue - Robert (b 1740, d young), Augusta (b 1737, d 1828), Frances (b 1739, d 1817)

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