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Families covered: Bomford of Clowanstown, Bomford of Cushinstown, Bomford of Gallow, Bomford of Rahinston
[Much of this page was derived from BIFR1976 and was originally uploaded to BZmisc17 on 20.03.13. It was moved here when the family was reviewed & expanded using MGH.]

Laurence Bomford of Clonmahon, co Meath (b 1617, d 1720!, Colonel)
m. (1650) Eleanor Chevenix (b c1633, d 1722)
1. Thomas Bomford of Rahinston, co. Meath (dsp 04.02.1740-1)
2. Laurence Bomford identified by MGH as 'of Killeglan' and d before 06.03.1721-2
  BIFR1976 shows that Laurence dsp (no date given) having married Anne Ecklin. MGH suggests that he had children by ...
  m. Susanna Wilson (niece of Andrew Wilson of Piersfield)
  A.+ issue - Laurence, Isabella, Ellenor, Mary, Wilson
3. Edward Bomford of Hightown mentioned by BIFR1976 but not by MGH
  A. John Bomford
4. Stephen Bomford of Gallow, later also of Rahinston (d 1756)
  m. Anne Smith of Violetstown
  MGH does not follow this line but refers to Burke's Landed Gentry.
  A. Thomas Bomford of Rahinston (d unm 1741)
B. Stephen Bomford of Rahinston
  m. (04.1745) Elizabeth Sibthorpe (dau of Stephen Sibthorpe of Brownstown by Margaret, sister of Anthony Foster (Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland))
  i. Robert Bomford of Rahinston (2nd son)
  m. (1792) Maria Massy or Massy-Dawson (dau of James Massy-Dawson)
a. Robert George Bomford of Rahinston, Sheriff of co Meath (b 1802, dsp 11.12.1846)
  m. (1826) Elizabeth Kennedy (d 01.07.1870, dau/heir of James Traill Kennedy of Annandale, m2. Marcus Gervais Beresford, Archbishop of Armagh)
  b. Annette Maria Bomford (d 17.12.1879)
  m. (03.04.1824) Sir Thomas Henry Hesketh, 4th Bart (d 10.02.1843)
  c. Jane Rosetta Bomford (d 20.02.1836)
  m. (25.02.1822) Richard Martin Southcote Mansergh of Greenane (d 24.03.1876)
  d. Frances Bomford
m. Richard Bolton of Bective Abbey
  e. Jemima Bomford (d 1878)
  m. (1830) Richard Bolton of Brook Lodge (d 1870)
  f. Sarah Maria Bomford (d 03.01.1845)
  m. (26.08.1831) Frederick James Tollemache (d 02.07.1888, son of Sir William, 1st Bart)
  g. Susan Bomford (d 12.08.1849)
  m. (1826) Rev. Charles Rudinge Martin (d 1846, son of John of Blackrock)
  ii. George Bomford of Drumlargan, co Meath (b 1759, d 01.1814, 5th son) had issue
m. (1809) Arbella Winter (d 11.09.1815, dau of Samuel Winter of Agher)
  iii. Trevor Bomford had issue (2 daus)
  m. _ Donel (relict of _ Bateson)
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas, Stephen, Anthony, Ephraim, Chichester (Captain)
  C. David Bomford of Gallow (d before 02.02.1810, 4th son)
  m. (12.1756) Sarah Burtchaell (d before 23.03.1816, dau of David Burtchaell of Brownstown)
  i. Isaac Bomford of Gallow (bpt 31.03.1766, dsp after 11.1835)
  ii. Jane Bomford
  m. (08.1785) Duke Cooper of Great Down
  iii. Anne Bomford
m. (07.1786) John North of Whitwell
  Their second son inherited Gallow and assumed the name North-Bomford.
  iv. Mary Elizabeth Bomford (bpt 28.09.1768, d young)
  v. Sarah Frances Bomford
  m. (1803) John Coates of Coolcor
  D. Anne Bomford
  m. (1740/1750) Samuel L'Estrange of Boardstown (d 1757)
  E. Dorcas Bomford
  m. E. Williams
  F. Mary Bomford
  m. W. Coates
  G. Esther Bomford
  m. T. Kelly of Galway
  H.+ other issue - John (Rev.), Isaac
5. Oliver Bomford of Cushinstown, co. Meath (b c1679, d 1721)
  Oliver is not mentioned by BIFR1976 but is shown by MGH as the 3rd son, the children of this generation being given as Thomas, Stephen, Oliver, Laurence plus 4 unnamed daughters.
  m. Elizabeth Wilson (niece of Andrew Wilson of Piersfield)
  A. Thomas Bomford of Clowanstown, co. Meath (b c1704, d before 02.09.1757)
m. (c02.1729-30) Jane Shinton of Skreen (d before 19.05.1785)
  i. William Bomford of Cushinstown (d 01.1873)
  m1. (22.03.1754) Charity Ryder of Dublin (d 03.1764)
  a. ThomasBomford (dsp 26.05.1827)
  m. Rebecca Eyre (d 07.05.1837)
  b. Charity Bomford (d 08.1827)
  m1/2. Richard Hinde
  m2/1. Alexander Plunket
  c. Anne Bomford (a 05.1830)
  m. (c09.1782) Francis Brunton (d before 24.11.1803)
  (1) William Brunton (d 10.05.1851) had issue
  m. Elleb
  (2) Harriet Brunton
m1. _ Cazalet
  m2. (c1830) William Fetherston
  m3. James Vallentine
  (3) Frances Brunton (d unm)
  d. Frances Amelia Bomford (b c1763, bur 18.09.1844)
  m. Benjamin Hinde (d 1825?)
  m2. (01.1769) Margaret Watson of Dublin & South Carolina
  ii. Thomas Bomford of Clowanstown
  m. (01.1764) Alicia Jessop (dau of Thomas Jessop of Mount Jessop)
  a. Thomas Bomford
  b. Robert Bomford, later Jessop of Mount Jessop (a 1825) had issue
  m. (23.11.1805) Martha Battersby (dau of Francis Battersby of Hightown)
  iii. Ann Bomford
  m. (01.1759) Wilson Bomford of Dublin
  a. Thomas Bomford (a 1781)
  iv. Frances Bomford
  m. (before 14.05.1754) Robert Maddon of Meadsbrook
  v. Jane Bomford
  m. (c01.01.1770) Samuel Heatly (d before 21.05.1784)
  a.+ issue - Gabriel, Samuel
  vi.+ other issue - John, Elizabeth, Emilia, Christian
  B. Elinor Bomford
  m. (before 1738) _ Cathcart
  C. Margaret Bomford
  m. (c1735) John Echlin
  D.+ other issue - Andrew, Arthur (b c1708, a 1719), Laurence, Oliver
6. Elizabeth Bomford
  m. R. Hyland
7. Catherine Bomford
  m. _ Hamilton
8. Lucy Bomford
  m. T. Birmingham
9. daughter

Main source(s): BIFR1976 ('Bomford'), MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), 'Bomford of Cushinstown, co. Meath', p61+)
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