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Families covered: Winter of Agher, Winter of Sheffield

Thomas Winter of Oxfordshire
1. Christopher Winter of Balsall, Warwickshire
  A. Samuel Winter (b 1603, d 1666, rector of Cottingham, later Provost of Trinity College, Dublin) the first mentioned by Commoners
  m1. Anne Beeston of Boston, Lincolnshire
i. Samuel Winter (d 1670)
  m. Elizabeth Sankey (dau/sister of Colonel _ Sankey) ## possibly here?? ##
  a. Samuel Winter (d 1692)
  m. Marry Pywell (dau of Francis Pywell of Possickstown)
  (1) Sankey Winter (dsp 1736, Archdeacon of Killala, Dean of Kildare)
  m. Elizabeth Lloyd (dau of William Lloyd, Bishop of Killala)
  (2) Francis Winter 'of Agher' (d 1743)
  m. Margaret Pratt (dau of Benjamin Pratt of Agher (by Jane, dau of Thomas Nugent of Clonlost), son of Benjamin Pratt (by Margaret, dau of James Mortimer of Lislin), brother of Joseph)
  (A) Samuel Winter of Agher (d 19.05.1811)
  m. (1762) Margaret Robbins (b 1735, d 1814, dau of Joseph Robbins of Ballyduff by Margaret Piers)
(i) John Pratt Winter of Agher, Sheriff of co. Meath (b 31.05.1768, d 1846)
  m. (04.08.1794) Anne Gore (dau of Captain Arthur Gore, son of William of Barrowmount)
  (a) Samuel Winter of Agher (b 02.08.1796, d 06.11.1867) had issue
  m. (18.11.1826) Lucy Sanderson (dau of James Sanderson of Cloverhill)
  (b) John Winter (b 31.10.1800, d 1867, 3rd son) had issue (2 daus)
  m. (25.06.1835) Mary Winter (b 1814, cousin)
  (c) Francis Winter (b 1805, d 17.05.1893) had issue
  m. (1850) Anna Julia Caulfeild (d 29.01.1909)
  (d) Anna Maria Winter (b 19.06.1779, d 10.02.1831-7)
  m. (10.01.1821) William Humphreys (b 1798, d 1872)
(e) Elizabeth Winter (b 1804)
  m. Thomas G. Caulfeild of Westmeath
  (f) Arbella Winter (b 1804, d 1901)
  m. (1832) George Bomford of Drumlargin / Oakley Park (b 1811, d 1866, cousin)
  (g)+ other issue - Arthur (b 24.02.1798, d 1834-5), Benjamin Pratt (b 1808, d 1844), Margaret
  (ii) Samuel Pratt Winter (d 1830, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1812) Frances Rosetta Bomford (b c1792, d 1830)
  (iii) Arbella Winter (b 1779, d 1815)
  m. (1809) George Bomford of Drumlargin / Oakley Park (b 1759, d 1814)
  (iv)+ other issue - Francis Pratt (b 1770, d 1847, minister), Anna Maria (b 1773, d unm 1847)
  (B) Jane Winter
  m. (24.01.1767) Rev. Edward Reynell
  (C) Mary Winter (dsp)
  m. Nicholas Reynell of Reynella
  ii.+ other issue - Daniel, Ebenezer, Gonnaught, Thomas
  m2. Elizabeth (Mrs. Weaver)



William Winter of Sheffield
m1. ??
1. William Winter (bpt 26.12.1624, bur 04.06.1625)
m2. (29.11.1626) Margaret Creswick (bur 04.02.1645/6)
2. John Winter of Sheffield (bpt 20.03.1635/6, d 15.04.1709, amster cutler)
  m. (10.10.1659) Ann Ringe (bur 30.09.1702)
  A. John Winter of Sheffield (bpt 20.05.1662, bur 29.05.1718, cutler)
  m. (13.01.1688/9) Ann Bright (bur 15.01.1730/1, dau of Thomas Bright of Gray's Town)
  i. Elizabeth Winter (bpt 22.12.1689, bur 06.01.1702/3)
  ii. Ann Winter (bpt 23.07.1691, (dsp) bur 17.01.1724/5)
  m. John Smith of Sheffield & Bellhouse
  B. William Winter (bpt 17.03.1666/7, bur 14.03.1706/7, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 24.06.1657)
  C. Luke Winter of Sheffield (bpt 01.03.1673/4, bur 23.01.1719/20, cutler, 5th son)
  m. Lidia Matthewman (b 1665, d 02.12.1723, dau of _ Matthewman, heir of John Matthewman of Attercliffe)
  i. Joshua Winter (bpt 30.03.1699, curate, 2nd son)
  m. ?? (widow of _ Wilmot)
  a. Benjamin Luke Winter of Manchester
  m. _ Harrison of Manchester
  (1)+ issue - Joseph of Manchester (wine merchant), Gibert, Edward
  b. Joshua Winter
  c. Bridget Winter
  m. _ Prince of London
  ii. Hannah Winter (bpt 01.01.1697/8)
m. (28.09.1719) Jeremiah Marshall of Sheffield (bpt 12.02.1688/9, bur 05.04.1756)
  a.+ issue - Samuel of Sheffield (ironmonger), Lydia (d unm)
  iii.+ other issue - Samuel (bpt 24.06.1695, bur 14.09.1696), Luke (bpt 26.04.1702, bur 30.05.1702), Joseph in Walsall (had issue, minister), Lidia (bpt 14.04.1709, d unm)
  D. Paul Winter (bpt 27.05.1677, dsp 20.12.1705)
  m. Dorothy Fletcher (dau of Thomas Fletcher)
  E. Hannah Winter (bpt 25.04.1660, d 27.09.1727)
  m. (25.05.1681) Francis Morton of Sheffield (bpt 25.05.1654, d 01.09.1727, son of John of Bradfield)
  F.+ other issue - Joseph (bpt 09.02.1664/5, bur 10.11.1665), Samuel (bpt 19.09.1667), Mark (b 12.05.1672, d 10.03.1673), Margaret (bpt 09.02.1664/5, bur 28.03.1666)
3. Mary Winter (bpt 01.9.1633)
  m. (29.11.1660) John Greaves of Sheffield (scissor maker)
4.+ other issue - Joseph (bur 28.11.1629), Joseph (bpt 07.11.1630, d unm bur 27.05.1654), Sara (bpt 16.09.1627, bur 14.06.1641), Margaret (bpt 08.03.1639/40)



Thomas Wynter of Warwickshire
m. Johan, heiress of Treberveth (d 09.10.1509, possibly dau of John Lercedekne of Treberveth)
1. Thomas Wynter of Treberveth (b c1476, d 23.03.1513-4)
  m. Jane Bere of Somerset
  A. Edmund Wynter of Cliffe, Somerset
  m1/2. Eleanor Sydenham (dau/heir of Sylvester Sydenham)
  i. Jane Wynter (a 1594)
  m. Sir George Rogers of Cannington
  The Rogers source suggests that Jane was dau of Sir Thomas Winter of Cliffe. Note that Visitation (Somersetshire, 1623, 'Sidenham') shows an unnamed daughter of Silvester Sidenham as m. "Edw. Winter".
  m2/1. Jane Cavell (dau of Nicholas Cavel of St. Kew)
  ii.+ other issue
2. Edmund Wynter or Winter of Fentenfredle & Copcroft

Main source(s)
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(2) For middle section (uploaded 03.09.16) : FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Winter of Sheffield', p158+)
(3) For lower section (uploaded 17.01.21) : 'History of the Deanery of Tring' (Sir John Maclean, vol 3 (1879), 'Pedigree of Lercedekne', p260)
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