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Families covered: Graves of Gravesend (Londonderry), Graves of Limerick

(1) We do not know of any connection between the two families on this page. They share the page for our convenience.
(2) "descended from an ancient Yorkshire family" was ...
James Graves
m. _ Herdman (dau/coheir of Sir John Herdman of Stannington)
1. Samuel Graves
  m. _ Moore
A. John Graves of Castle Dawson, Ireland (Rev., 3rd son)
  m. _ Hudson
  i. Samuel Graves (Rear Admiral, RN)
  m. _ Fethersonehaugh
  a. John Samuel Graves had issue
m. (1827) Maria Molyneux (dau of General Sir T(homas) Molyneux, Bart)
  b. Anna Graves (d 23.12.1875, eldest daughter) probably of this generation
  m. (06.02.1815) Robert William Lowry of Pomeroy House (b 02.09.1787, d 16.11.1869)
  ii. John Graves (Admiral, RN)
  m. (20.04.1786) Elizabeth Sawle (dau/coheir of Richard Sawle by Bridget, dau of Sir Richard Vynyan, Bart of Trelowarren)
a. Sir Joseph Sawle Graves, later Graves-Sawle, 1st Bart (b 10.12.1793, d 13.01.1865) had issue
  m1. (07.12.1815) Dorothea Prideaux Brune (dau of Rev. Charles Prideaux Brune of Prideaux Place)
  m2. (07.11.1854, sp?) Eleanor Hoskyns Kempthorne (dau of James Kempthorne)
  b.+ other issue - Carew Sawle Vyvyan, John Samuel, Mary mentioned in Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Sawle of Penrice)
  iii. Sir Thomas Graves (d 1814, Vice Admiral, 2nd in command to Lord Nelson at Copenhagen)
  m1/2. ??
  iv. Richard Graves 'of Hembury Fort, Devon' (Admiral RN) had issue
  m. Louisa Caroline Colleton (dau of Sir John Colleton, Bart)
  a. Septima Sexta Graves (d 14.12.1831, heir) apparently of this generation
  m. (12.12.1819) Sir James Roupell Colleton, 7th Bart (cousin)
  v.+ "several daus."
  B. Olivia Graves
  m. Charles Knox of Londonderry
C.+ other issue - Thomas, James (d unm), Samuel (Admiral RN)
2. Thomas Graves of Thankes, Cornwall (b 1680, Rear Admiral)
  m1. (1713) _ Warne (dsp 1718)
m2. (1723) Elizabeth Budgell (dau of Rev. Gilbert Budgell of St. Thomas's near Exeter)
  A. William Graves (master in Chancery)
  B. Thomas Graves, 1st Lord Graves of Gravesend, co. Londonerry (b 23.10.1725, d 09.02.1802)
  m. (22.06.1771) Elizabeth Williams (d 1827, dau/coheir of William Peere Williams of Chadleigh (Cadhay) by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Pierre Seignoret of Greenwich & Vevay)
i. Thomas North Graves, 2nd Lord Graves of Gravesend (b 28.05.1775, d 07.02.1830)
  m. (27.06.1803) Mary Paget (d 29.04.1835, dau of Henry, 1st Earl of Uxbridge)
  a. William Thomas Graves, 3rd Lord Graves of Gravesend (b 18.04.1804, d 20.03.1870) had issue
  m1. (11.08.1829) Sophie Therese Berthier (d sp 01.08.1833, dau of General Berthier, relict of General Count Bruyere)
  m2. Louise Adele Malene (d 27.11.18177)
  b. Caroline North Graves (d 27.10.1861)
  m. (18.01.1844) Hugh Percy Davison of Swarland Park (d 05.07.1849, Major General)
  c.+ other issue - George Augustus Frederick (b 1816, d 1841), Henry Richard (b 1849, d 1882, had issue), Adolphus Edward Paget (b 1821, d 1891, had issue), Jane Anne (d 1881, m. Capt. J.W. Cuthbert of Dumbarton Manor), Louisa Elizabeth (d 1868, m. Charles Heneage), Augusta Champage (d 1844, m. Hon. Rev. Towry Law), Hester Charlotte (d 1880, m. Edward Isaac Hobhouse), Isabella Letitia ( dsp 1870, m. |tephen Roald Woulfe of Tiermaclane)
  ii. Elizabeth Anne Graves
  m. (1802) William Bagwell of Kilmore
  iii. Anne Elizabeth Graves (d 11.09.1823)
  m. (15.01.1803) Sir Thomas Hare, Bart
  iv. Margaret Anne Graves
  m. _ Nesham (Captain RN)
  vv.+ other issue
3.+ other issue



John Graves, Sheriff of Limerick (a 1719)
m. Anne
1. James Graves (b 18.11.1713, rector of Gilfinnan & Darragh, co. Limerick)
  m. (08.03.1744) Jane Ryder (dau of Rev. Thomas Ryder of Mitchelstown)
  A. Thomas Graves (b 03.03.1745, d 30.09.1828, Dean of Ardfert & Connor)
  m. (21.11.1771) Ann Dunlevie (b 1750-1, d 17.06.1814, dau of John Dunlevie)
  i. James William Graves (b 1774, d 1845, Major General)
  m. (1802) Marie Victoire Black
  a. James William Graves (Lt. Colonel, 2nd son)
  m. (1849) Katherine Anne Wright (dau of James Wood Wright of Gola)
  b. John Crosbie Graves (Colonel)
  m. Mary Montgomery
c. William Henry Graves (Captain)
  m. Antoinetta Deane (dau of George Deane of Harwich)
  d. Robert Stannus Graves
  m. (1854) A.J. King
  e. Alexander Hope Graves
  m. Marianna Deane (dau of George Deane of Harwich)
  f. Clotilda Bona Graves
  m. Robert Stannus (Major)
  g. Anna Victoria Graves
  m1. C. Croker of Downdaniel
  m2. H. Ainslie (RN)
h. Annabella Graves
  m1. (1842) H.W. Magee (Captain)
  m2. J. Rudge (d 1856)
  i. Josephine Lacoste Graves
  m. (1848) George C.Bowring (Captain)
  j.+ other issue - Thomas Cockburn (d 1835), Emily Georgiana (d unm 1871), Frances Charlotte (d unm 1871), Mary Arabella
  ii. John Crosbie Graves (b 02.07.1776, d 13.01.1835) had issue
  m. (1806) Helena Perceval (dau/coheir of Rev. Charles Perceval of Bruhenny)
  iii. Thomas Ryder Graves had issue
  iv. William Henry Graves (b 1794, Captain)
  m. Julia Blosome
  v.+ other issue - Arabella (b 1743, d 1805), Anne (b 1787)
  B. James William Graves (b 1747, RN)
  m1. _ Fawson
  i. Elizabeth Graves
  m. _ O'Flaherty
  ii.+ other issue - James, Thomas
  m2. _ Hilliard
  iv. Robert Graves
  v. Jane Graves
  m. _ Roche
  vi. Harriet Graves
  m. Thomas Ryder Graves (cousin) @@ below
  C. John Graves (rector of Ballingarry)
  m1. _ Ryves
  i. James William Graves had issue (21 children)
  m2. _ Baker
  ii. John Baker Graves
  m. _ Bellew
  iii. Hugh Ryves Graves
  m. _ Marshall
  iv. Thomas Ryder Graves
  m. Harriet Graves (dau of James William Graves, cousin) @@ above
  v. Harry Meggs Graves (Major General) had issue
  vi. Mabella Graves
  m. Rev. John Croker
vii. Sydney Graves
  m. Frederick Elderton
  viii. Margaret Graves
  m. _ Drought
  ix.+ other issue - Richard, William, Jane, Katherine, Sybella, Bessie
  D. Richard Graves (b 10.1763, d 31.03.1829, Dean of Ardagh, professor)
  m. Eliza Mary Drought (dau of Rev. Professor _ Drought)
  i. Robert James Graves of Dublin (d 1853) had issue
  m1. (sps?) Jane Eustace
  m2. (sps?) Sarah Brinkley (dau of John Brinkley, Bishop of Cloyne)
  m3. Anne Grogan (dau of Rev. William Grogan of Slaney Park)
  ii. Eliza Graves
  m1. _ Meredyth
m2. _ Burton
  iii. Jane Graves
  m. Richard MacDonnell (provost of Trinity College, Dublin)
  iv. Ann Graves
  m1. Edward Johnson of Ballymacash
  m2. John Mayne
  v. Harriet Graves
  m. Matthew Brinkley (son of Bishop John)
  vi.+ other issue - James (d 1794), Richard Hastings (d unm 1877, rector of Brigown), Hercules Henry (d unm), Arabella (d unm)
  E.+ other issue (d unm) - Patty, Anne
2. Richard Graves, Sheriff of Limerick (a 1735)
  m. Jane Meggs
  A. Harry Meggs Graves (rector of Templemore)
3. Abigail Graves

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(2) For lower section : BLG1886 (Graves of Cloghan Castle), BLGI1912 (Graves of Cloghan Castle)
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