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Families covered: Hamilton of Bargany (Bargeny), Hamilton of Hamilton, Hamilton of Lettrick

John Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Hamilton (b 1540/1, d 06.04.1604)
m. (mcrt 30.12.1577) Margaret Lyon (d 12.1625, dau of John Lyon, 7th Lord Glamis, widow of Gilbert, Earl of Cassillis)
1. Edward Hamilton (d 1586)
2. James Hamilton, Earl of Cambridge, 2nd Marquess of Hamilton (b 1589, d 02.03.1624-5)
  m. (mcrt 30.01.1603) Anne Cunningham (dau of James Cunningham, 7th Earl of Glencairn)
  A. James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Hamilton (b 19.06.1606, d 09.03.1648-9)
  m. (1620) Margaret Fielding (d 10.05.1638, dau of William Fielding, 1st Earl of Denbigh)
  i. Charles Hamilton, Earl of Arran (b c1630, bur 30.04.1640)
ii. Anne Hamilton, Duchess of Hamilton (b c06.01.1631/2, d 17.10.1716)
  m. (29.04.1656) William Douglas, 1st Earl of Selkirk, Duke of Hamilton (b 24.12.1634, d 18.04.1694)
  The dukedom passed into the Douglas family. Their children assumed the name Hamilton.
  iii. Susanna Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 20.12.1668) John Kennedy, 7th Earl of Cassilis (d 23.07.1701)
  iv.+ other issue (d young) - James, William, Mary
  p. Marion Livingstone
vii. Mary (or Marion) Hamilton (d 1688)
  m. (1661) Sir Thomas Hay, 1st Bart of Park (b c1636, dvp 03.06.1666)
  B. William Hamilton, Earl of Lanark, 2nd Duke of Hamilton (b 14.12.1616, d 12.09.1651)
  m. (26.05.1638) Elizabeth Maxwell (bur 02.09.1659, dau of James Maxwell, Earl of Dirleton, m2. Thomas Dalmahoy of Guildford)
  i. James Hamilton (bur 12.03.1647-8)
  ii. Anne Hamilton (d 10.1695)
  m. (mcrt 05.07.1664) Robert Carnegie, 3rd Earl of Southesk (d 19.02.1688)
  iii. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m1. (30.09.1662) James Cunningham, Lord Kilmaurs (dvpsp, son of William, Earl of Glencairn)
  m2. (30.04.1664) Sir David Cuningham, 4th Bart of Robertland (d c1705)
iv. Mary Hamilton (d 1705)
  m1. (mcrt 25.08.1663) Alexander Livingston, 2nd Earl of Callander (dspl 08.1685)
  m2. (mcrt 28.06.1690) Sir James Livingston of Westquarter (dsp 27.11.1701)
  m3. (sp) James Ogilvy, 3rd Earl of Findlater (d 1711)
  v. Margaret Hamilton (d before 1715)
  m. (mcrt 03.1666) William Blair of that ilk (d c1690)
  vi. Diana Hamilton (d before 09.11.1653)
  C. Anne Hamilton (d 16.10.1632) --
  m. (mcrt 04.1631) Hugh Seton Montgomerie, 7th Earl of Eglinton (b 30.03.1613, d 02.1669) --
  D. Margaret Hamilton (d 1678)
  m. (c1635 or 1640) John Lindsay, 1st Earl of Lindsay, 17th Earl of Crawford (b c1596, d 1676)
  E. Mary Hamilton (dsp 29.10.1633)
m. (mcrt 04.06.1630) James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Queenesberry
  partner: Anne Stewart (dau of Walter Stewart, 1st Lord Blantyre, widow of John Abernethy, 8th Lord Saltoun)
  F. Margaret Hamilton
  m. John Hamilton, 1st Lord Belhaven (d 17.06.1679)
3. Margaret Hamilton (d 1606)
  m. (mcrt 09.08.1597) John Maxwell, 9th Lord of Carlaverock (dsp 21.05.1613)
p. Euphame Hamilton (probably sister (not dau) of Claud Hamilton of Little Earnock)
4. Sir John Hamilton of Lettrick & Bargeny (b c1564, d after 1637)
  The following is supported by 'HamiltonHistory' ('Bargeny', p102+) and 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p382+).
  m1. (after 1593, sp) Catherine Carnegie (d 17.02.1595/6, dau of John Carnegie of that ilk)
  m2. (1596) Jean Campbell (d before 23.11.1624, au of Alexander Campbell, Bishop of Brechin)
  A. Sir John Hamilton of Lettrick & Carriden, 1st Lord Bargany (d 04.1658)
  m. (1632) Jean Douglas (d 1669, dau of William Douglas, 1st Marquess of Douglas)
i. John Hamilton, 2nd Lord Bargany (d 15.05.1693)
  m1. (1662) Margaret Cunningham (d before 1676, dau of William Cunningham, 9th Earl of Glencairn)
  a. John Hamilton, Master of Bargany (dvp bur 27.03.1690)
  m. (19.06.1688) Jean Sinclair (d 12.12.1700, dau of Sir Robert Sinclair, Bart of Longformacus)
  (1) Johanna Hamilton (b 1690)
  m. (20.03.1707) Sir Robert Dalrymple of Castleton (dvp 21.08.1734)
b. William Hamilton, 3rd Lord Bargany (d 07.1711)
  m1. Mary Primrose (b 20.06.1677, d before 1708, dau of Sir William Primrose of Carrington)
  (1) John Hamilton (b 22.03.1696, d young)
  (2) Grizel Hamilton (d 10.1722)
  m. (15.02.1713) Thomas Buchan of Cairnbulg and/or Auchmacoy (b 1680, d 09.09.1761)
m2. (mcrt 06.08.1708) Margaret Dundas (d 30.03.1717, dau of Robert Dundas of Arniston)
  (3) James Hamilton, 4th Lord Bargany (b 29.11.1710, d unm 28.03.1736)
  c. Nicola Hamilton (a 1708)
  m. (24.04.1690 or 14.04.1699) Sir Alexander Hope, 2nd Bart of Kerse (b 13.08.1663, d 10.02.1719)
  m2. (1676, sp) Alice Moore (d 12/25.12.1677, dau of Henry, 1st Earl of Drogheda, widow of Henry Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Clanbrassill)
  ii. William Hamilton (Major)
  m. (03.04.1662) Mary Hay (dau of Sir Patrick Hay of Pitfour, relict of George Butlar of Clashberry)
  a. Thomas Hamilton (a 1683)
  iii. Margaret Hamilton (d 04.1669)
  m1. (1653) John Kennedy of Culzean (d 1665)
  m2. (1667) Sir David Ogilvy of Clova
iv. Anna Hamilton (d 04.1669/03.05.1678)
  m. (mcrt 1660) Sir Patrick Houstoun, 1st Bart of Houstoun (d 1696)
  v. Grizel Hamilton (d 05.1678)
  vi. Marjory Hamilton
  m. (07.10.1671) William Baillie of Lamington
  vii. Katherine Hamilton (d 11.01.1741)
  m. (mcrt 12.1676) William Cunningham of Enterkin (Cuningham of Enterkine)
  B. Margaret Hamilton mentioned by 'HamiltonHistory' but not by TSP (Bargany) or Paterson
  m. (mcrt 11.01.1615) Sir John Hamilton of Bearcrofts (son of Sir John of Grange)
  C. Catherine Hamilton
  m. (03.1619) Sir James Drummond of Machany
D. Helen Hamilton
  m. (1623) Sir James Somerville of Cambusnethan (b 1596, d 1659)
  F. daughter
  m. Sir William Weir (or Vere) of Stonebyres
  G. Mary Hamilton (d before 18.08.1716)
  m. Alexander Cleland of Cleland
  H. Jean Hamilton mentioned by 'HamiltonHistory' but not by TSP (Bargany) or Paterson
  m. (mcrt 12.1632) Thomas Hay of Park (d before 08.1683)
  B.+ other issue - Alexander (a 10.1633), William (a 1639), Thomas (dsp)
partner unknown
5. Jean or Margaret Hamilton (d before 13.09.1633)
  m1. (mcrt 29.12.1585) Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss (b 1565, d 07.1592)
  m2. Sir John Campbell of Ardkinglas (d before 22.12.1615)

Main source(s) (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' (p18+), TSP (Hamilton), BP1934 (Hamilton), TSP (Bargany) with input/support as reported above
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