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Families covered: Hamilton of Cavan, Hamilton of Coates (Coats), Hamilton of Harwood, Hamilton of Killenover, Hamilton of St. John's Chapel

James Hamilton 'of Kinneill', Bishop of Argyll & Lismore (d 06.01.1579-80)
As reported here, the James who was progenitor of the Hamiltons of Coates is often shown as son rather than younger brother of John, Archbishop of St. Andrews.
m. Janet Murray (d before 01.10.1572)
1. William Hamilton of Glasgow (a 1613)
  m. Agnes Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton of Nethermylne, of the Kincavil family)
  A. Andrew Hamilton
2. Paul Hamilton of Coates (d 04.1635, Captain of Arran)
  'AndersonMemoirs' ('Coats', p264) starts with Paul, identifying him as "The first that has been met with of this family" and showing him as uncle of his successor, Andrew.
  m. (1634) Margaret Hamilton (a 1635, dau of James Hamilton of Stanehouse, relict of Robert Hamilton of Millburn then Patrick Hamilton (Captain of Arran))
  partner unknown
  A. Patrick Hamilton of Coates (Coittes or Coittis) (d 08.1672)
  'HJHeraldry' suggests that the following William was son of Patrick, brother or cousin of Andrew. BP1895 & Anderson suggest that it was Andrew who was William's father. We are following 'HamiltonHistory'.
  i. William Hamilton of Coates (a 1661)
  m. Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton, chamberlain of Arran)
  a. John Hamilton of Coates (d 03.1692)
  b. Patrick Hamilton, last of Coates (b c1658, d 1754) the last mentioned by Anderson
  m. (1686) Isobel (or Anne) McDonald of Sandra (Sanda, Kintyre)
  (1) Archibald Hamilton (2nd son?)
  (A) John Hamilton of Deer Park, Renfrewshire (b 1754, d 1809)
  m1. Jane Campbell
  (i) Hugh Hamilton
  (ii) William Hamilton had issue
  m. (1817) Mary Wilkinson (dau of John Wilkinson, widow of _ Bowman)
  (iii) daughter
  m. John Douglas (brother of Sir Neil)
  (iv) daughter
  m. Thomas Forsyth
  m2. (22.06.1794) Isabella Gellie (dau of Captain James (or Lewis) Gellie of Ardencapher)
  (v) John Hamilton in Liverpool (b 01.03.1801, d 17.01.1865) had issue
  m. (10.05.1831) Jessy Ann Kemble (d 09.04.1868, dau of Captain Peter Kemble)
  Their only surviving son was created a baronet. He dspm and the baronetcy expired.
  (2)+ "a numerous family" including William
  c. Robert Hamilton (d before 16.07.1730)
  m. (mcrt 25.03.1696) Anna Robertson (sister of Thomas Robertson of Burnbank)
  ii. Robert Hamilton (a 1667, in Bute?)
3. Gavin Hamilton (a 1608)
  A.+ issue - John (d before 25.11.1611), Robert, John, Margaret



James Hamilton of Sproston & St. John's Chapel (d 29.10.1585)
m. (mcrt 14.09.1551) Marie Hepburn (d 07.1571, dau of Patrick Hepburn of Fairnington (son of Patrick of Bolton, Master of Hailes) by _Pringle)
1. John Hamilton of St. John's Chapel (d 08.1587, 2nd son)
  m. (mcrt 24.03.1579/80) Margaret Cairncross (a 1612, sister of William Cairncross of Colmerlie, m2. Sir William Hart of Leirland & Preston)
  A. Margaret Hamilton
  m. Robert Home of Carronsyde
  B. Jean Hamilton (a 1616)
  m. Walter Bellenden or Hannatyne (brother of Sir Ludovick Bellenden of Auchmuill)
  C. Marie or Mary Hamilton (d 06.04.1619)
2. Patrick Hamilton (d 04.1598)
  A. Nichola(s) Hamilton
  m. (by 1619) Alexander Lawson
3. James Hamilton of Harwood or Herret (d before 1614)
m. (mcrt 12.07.1593) Jean Cairncross (sister of William Cairncross of Columslie, sister of Margaret)
  A. Francis Hamilton of Harwood (to Baillieborough, Ireland?)
  B. Andrew Hamilton of Killenover, co. Donegal (3rd son)
  The following comes from 'HamiltonHistory' ('Killenover, Co. Donegal', p975+).
  m. Nicola Hamilton (dau of Sir Francis Hamilton, Bart of Clonwyn (Killaugh), m2. Robert Leslie, Bishop of Clogher, m3. George Cunningham of Killenlesseragh)
  i. Charles Hamilton of Cavan (Cacanonagh), co. Donegal
  a. Charles Hamilton of Cavan (MP)
  m. Catherine Brooke (dau of Sir Henry Brooke)
  ii. Francis Hamilton of Mullenard, co. Donegal (d before 09.04.1702)
  a. Katherine Hamilton
  m. Hans Hamilton
  (1) Rebecca Hamilton
  b. Dorcas Hamilton
  m. John Parmiter of Mullenard
  c.+ other issue - Andrew of Mullenard (d by 1707), James
  iii. Rebecca Hamilton
  m. Rev. James Barclay
  iv.+ other issue - William, Nicola, Anne
  partner unknown
  vii. John Hamilton of Killenover
  m. Florinda
  a.+ issue (a 12.1685) - Andrew, Charles
  C. Jean Hamilton
  m1. James Chisholm of Gornewood (d by 1633)
  m2. (mcrt 13.04.1642) Patrick Kincaid of Edinburgh
  D. daughter
  m. John Ballyboe of Mulenard
  E.+ other issue - John, William
4. Andrew Hamilton of St. John's Chapel (d before 1619)
  A.+ issue - Andrew of Harwood (dsp before 20.04.1637), Agnes (d before 20.04.1637), Mary, Margaret
5. Thomas Hamilton of Telstane (d before 1619)
  A. Anna Hamilton (d before 28.06.1624)
  m. (by 1619) John Little
6.+ other issue - Alexander (a 12.1610, dvp), Marion, Margaret, Nichola(s), Jane

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(2) For lower section : 'HamiltonHistory' ('St. John's Chapel', p760+) with input as reported above
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