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Families covered: Hamilton in Auldtoun, Hamilton of Greenhuik, Hamilton of Kinneil(l), Hamilton of Kype, Hamilton of Middleholm, Inglis-Hamilton of Murdistoun, Hamilton in Rawes, Hamilton of Sandiehill, Hamilton of Shawtounhill

Richard Hamilton (alias Clark) in Kinneill (d 24.03.1580/1)
m1. ?? probably parents of ...
  A. John Hamilton (a 1614)
1. John Hamilton of Greenhuik (d 03.1616, Chamberlain of Kinneil)
  m. ??
  A. John Hamilton of Greenhuich (d 164*, Chamberlain of Kinneil)
  m. Jean Livingstoune
  i. Thomas Hamilton (bpt 08.1604, dvpsp, Chamberlain of Kinneil)
  m. (07.10.1622) Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of Alexander Hamilton of Kinglas)
  ii. Richard Hamilton in Kinneill (a 1655)
  a. Richard Hamilton in Maytrie (dvp 05.1652)
  (1) Richard Hamilton in Kinneill
  (2) Marion Hamilton
  b. Alexander Hamilton (in Woodheid of Kinneill) (d before 14.05.1655)
  iii. John Hamilton
  B. John Hamilton (b c1615, d 1629)
  p. Elizabeth Kirkaldy
  C. John Hamilton (a 1614)
2.+ other issue - Bessie, Janet
m2. ?? (a 03.1580/1)
4. Richard Hamilton



John Hamilton in Langkype aka Kype & Kypchappel (d c1611)
m. Isobel Hamilton (d before 24.06.1611)
1. Gavin Hamilton of Kype (d by 1650)
  m. Abigail Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Stanhous)
  A. John Hamilton of West Kype (a 1688)
  m. (after 08.11.1648) Jean Cleland (d 02.1657)
  i. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 26.07.1688) James Porteous of Kikrtondyke
  ii.+ other issue - Gavin (a 1670), James, John, Janet, Helen, Katherine
  The following comes from 'HamiltonHistory' ('Kype, Rawes of', p548+). Possibly 2nd son of Gaving was the following James.
  B. James Hamilton in Rawes of Kype (a 1658)
  i. John Hamilton in Rawes (a 03.1701)
  m. (mcrt 09.03.1659) Jonet Stewart (dau of John Stewart in Kype)
  a. James Hamilton of Rawes (a 1727)
  m. (mcrt 06.03.1701) Isobel Peacock (dau of John Peacock in Chappell)
  (1) James Hamilton in Langkype (a 1719)
2. daughter
  m. William Auchinleck in Hessildene
3.+ other issue - Hew, Grizel



Allan Hamilton of Linlithgow (d before 05.05.1550)
1. James Hamilton of Sandiehill (d before 09.1563, bailie of Linlithgow)
  m. (before 04.1551) Janet Hamilton (dau of Peter Hamilton of Bathgate, m2. Robert Bruce)
  A. James Hamilton of Sandiehill & Linlithgow (d before 23.12.1623)
  m. (before 18.07.1594) Janet Wilson (a 1623, dau/coheir of Alexander Wilson)
  i. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 23.12.1623) James Maisterton of Linlithgow
  B. Agnes Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 22.08.1588) Alexander Douglas of Ediburgh
  C.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Helen



'HamiltonHistory' reports that "The entries relating to this family are difficult to disentange. There were apparently several Hamiltons of Shawtounhill, portioners of the estate, with similar christian names in each family, and Hamiltons in Nether Shawtoun had issue who were in Shawtounhill and vice versa." The only connected-bit for which we have so far found a connection to elsewhere in the database related to *** brothers, shown as sons of ...
?? Hamilton 'of Shawtounhill'
1. Walter Hamilton of Shawtounhill (dsps 02.1727, Chamberlain of Evandale)
  A.+ issue including Gavin (dvpsp before 29.08.1722)
2. Gavin Hamilton of Cleland, later of Innerdovat (d 1737?)
  m. (before 21.07.1686) Issobell Hamilton (dau/heir of James Hamilton of Innerdovat (of the Muirhous family) (by Agnes/Anna Inglis))
  A. Alexander Hamilton of Innerdovat (a 1741)
  i. Gavin Hamilton or Inglis of Murdistoun (b 1730, d 1797, antiquarian)
  ii. Alexander Hamilton, later Inglis-Hamilton (d 04.1783)
iii. James Hamilton, later Inglis-Hamilton of Murdistoun (dsp 27.07.1803)
  James passed Murdiston (Murdistoun) to his adopted son, James Anderson, who took the surname Inglis-Hamilton but died at Waterloo.
  iv. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (1746) John Crawfurd of Doonside
  v. Christina Hamilton (a 1813)
  B. Walter Hamilton (b 1694, dsp young)
3. Daniel Hamilton in Edinburgh & Glasgow (d c20.08.1715)
  m1. Margaret Murray (d 1695)
  A.+ issue - child (bur 1697), Gideon (b 1695)
  m2. (30.12.1700) Mary Hamilton (d 02.12.1717, dau of Robert Hamilton of Monkland)
  C.+ other issue - James (dsp before 1760), Henrietta, Isobel, Margaret
4. Henry Hamilton in Edinburgh (surgeon)



John Hamilton in Auldtoun, Lesmahagow
m. Janet Weir
1. William Hamilton in Auldtoun & Middleholm (a 1786)
  m. (1755) Margaret McGhie (dau of Alexander McGhie of Trowis)
  A. John Hamilton of Middleholm (b 1756, a 1817)
  i. ?? Hamilton, last of Middleholm (d 1840)
  m. (mcrt 14.08.1830) Margaret Peacock
  B. Gavin Hamilton (b 1762, d 1849, minister of Hoy, 3rd son)
  m. (1796) Penelope Macaulay (dau of Rev. John Macaulay of Cardross, aunt of Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay)
  i. John Macaulay Hamilton in Stromness then Canada (1799, doctor, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Marion Rae (dau of John Rae of Hall of Clestrain, sister of John)
  ii Zachary Macaulay Hamilton (b 1805, d 1876, minister of Bressay (Shetland), 5th son) had issue
  m1. (1832) Anne Irvine Cruickshank (d 1859, dau of Robert Cruickshank of Stromness)
  m2. (1845) Elizabeth Cameron (dau of Captain William Cameron of Garth)
  iii.+ other issue - William (b 1798, d 1832, Fleet-Surgeon RN), Thomas Babington (b 1801, d 1832), Colin Macaulay (b 1803, d 1832)
  C.+ other issue - Alexander (b 1758, d young), William in Glasgow (b 1764), David in Douglas (b 1778), Janet (b 1760), Mary (b 1767), Margaret (b 1775)
2. Gavin Hamilton in Auldtoun
  m. (1759) Janet Greenshields
  A. John Hamilton (b 1761)
  B. James Hamilton (b 1763, d 1838, minister of Lesmahagow) had issue
  m. (1801) Ann Hutchison (d 1840, dau of Rev. Alexander Hutchison of Hamilton)
2. Katherine Hamilton (b 1738)

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