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Families covered: Hamilton of Baillieborough, Hamilton of Ballymacoll, Hamilton of Carlow, Hamilton of Dunboyne Castle, Hamilton of Holm Patrick (Holmpatrick), Hamilton of Killyleagh (Killlileagh), Hamilton of Sheephill, Hamilton of Vessington
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Gawen Hamilton of Killyleagh (b c1630, d 1703)
m. (1683) Jane Hamilton (dau of Archibald Hamilton, minister of Armagh)
1. Archibald Hamilton of Killyleagh (d 25.04.1747)
  m. (1720) Mary Johnstone (d 1755, dau of William (or David) Johnstone of Tully)
  A. Gawen Hamilton of Killyleagh, Sheriff of co. Down (b 1729, d 09.04.1805)
  m. (08/28.05.1750) Jane Rowan (dau of William Rowan, widow of Tichborne Aston)
i. Archibald Hamilton, later Hamilton-Rowan of Killyleagh Castle (b 12.05.1752, d 01.11.1834)
  m. (06.10.1781) Sarah Anne Dawson (b 1765, d 1834, dau of Walter Dawson of Carickmacross)
  a. Gawen William Rowan Hamilton (b 1783, dvp 17.08.1834) had issue
  m. (1817) Catherine Cockburn (dau of General Sir George Cockburn)
  b. Sydney Hamilton (b 1789) had issue
  m. _ Jackson (dau of Henry Jackson of Carricknacross)
  c. Dawson Hamilton (b 1801, youngest son) had issue
m. Anne Blackwall
  d. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (1819) Rev. Sidney Beresford
  e. Mildred Hamilton
  m. Sir Edward (or Edmund) Ryan
  f. Harriet Hamilton
  m. Crofton Fitzgerald
  g. Frances Hamilton (d 1861)
  m. William Fletcher (son of judge)
  h.+ other issue - Archibal (b 1791, dsp), Frederick (b 1793, d 1811, RN), Jane (b 1785, d unm 18563)
  partner(s) unknown
  k.+ other issue (in USA)
  ii. Sidney Hamilton
  m. Rev. James or Benjamin Beresford
  B. William Hamilton of Killough
  m. Elizabeth Cadell
  i. Mary Hamilton
  m. (1798) William Logan of Woodlands
ii.+ other issue (dsp) - William, David
  C. Susanna Hamilton
  m. Hamilton Traill (rector of Killinchy)
  D. Jane Hamilton (b 1724, d 1780)
  m. Peter Fitch of Ballymackney
  E. Mary Hamilton
  m. (1760) Acheson Johnston of Tallyho (son of Sir William of Gilford)
2. Mary Hamilton probably the Mary who married ...
  m. (23.03.1708/9) James Traill (b 05.04.1690, d 05.04.1743)
3.+ other issue - Rose, Jane



James Hamilton of Baillieborough, co. Cavan (b c1610)
m. (1639) Jane Baillie (dau of William Baillie, Bishop of Clonfert)
1. Henry Hamilton of Baillieborough (d 1690-1)
  m. Rebecca Blackwell (m2. Daniel Falkiner of Dublin)
  A. James Hamilton of Carlow (b c1685, d by 11.1772, MP)
  m. (1710) Ann Hall
  i. Hans Hamilton of Carlow & Summerhill (co. Dublin) (a 1788, MP)
m. (1753) Elinor Arthur (dau of Benedict Arthur)
  a. Benedict Hamilton of Carlow (b 1758)
  m1. ??
  (1) Benedict Hamilton had issue
  m. Harriette
  (2) Sarah Hamilton
  m. Francis William Hamilton (of the Killeter family)
  m2. Elinor (b 1797)
  (3)+ other issue - James (b 1819), Robert (b 1821)
  b. Anne Hamilton
  m. Charles Siree
  c.+ other issue - James (dsp), Thomas Arthur (dsp), Margaret (d unm)
  ii. James Hamilton of Sheephill & Holmpatrick (b c1720/1727, d 1800, prothonotary, 3rd son)
  James had 36 children!
  m1. (1750) Hannah Phillipps
  a. Hans Hamilton of Sheephill & Holmpatrick, Sheriff of co. Dublin (d 12.1822, MP)
  m1. (01.06.1787) Sarah Lynam (b 24.06.1759, dau of Joshua or Joseph Lynam of Dublin)
  (1) Sarah Hamilton
  m. (07.01.1812) George Woods of Winter Lodge & Milverton
  (2) Jane Hamilton (dsp 1821)
m. Michael Law
  m2. Anne Mitchell (dau of Hugh Henry Mitchell of Glasnevin)
  (3) James Hans Hamilton of Abbostown (alias Sheephill) & Holmpatrick, Sheriff of co. Dublin (b 02.1810, d 29.06.1863) had issue
  m. (1833) Caroline Trant (d 03.1845, dau of John Frederick Trant of Dovea)
  One of their sons was created 1st Baron Holmpatrick of Holm Patrick.
  (4) Anne Hamilton (d unm)_
  (5) Frances Caroline Hamilton (d 1876)
  m. (03.06.1837) Richard Howard-Brooke of Castle Howard
(6) Harriet Augusta Hamilton
  m. (28.10.1834) Robert Clayton Browne of Browne's Hill
  b. Henry Hamilton of Ballymacoll (b 16.07.1760, d 11.1844)
  The following is supported by 'HamiltonHistory' ('Ballymacoll, Co. Meath', p910+) & BLGI1912 ('Hamilton of Ballymacoll').
  m. Mary Wetherall (dau of John Wetherall of Dublin)
  (1) James John Hamilton of Ballymacoll (b 1788, d 1842) had issue
  m1. (c1810) Margaret Carter (dau of Thomas Carter of Castle Martin by Catherine, dau of John Butler, brother of 1st Earl of Lanesborough)
  m2. (1821) Anne Geraldine de Courcy (d 20.02.1855, dau of John, 26th Baron Kingsale)
  (2) Henry Hamilton of Dublin (b 1795, d 16.09.1844, rector of Thomastown) had issue
  m. (1840) Frances Margaret Peters (dau of Ralph Peters of Platbridge)
  (3) John Hamilton of The Grove, co. Meath (b 1798, d 1847) had issue
m. (1819) Katherine Elizabeth Smythe (d 1878, dau of William Smythe of Barbaville)
  (4) Hans Henry Hamilton of Dublin (b 1800, d 1855/1875, QC) had issue
  m. (1833) Augusta Wetherall (d 1875, dau of Gen. Sir Frederick Augustus Wetherall)
  (5) Mary Hamilton
  m. Frederick Wetherall (d 1856, Rear Admiral RN)
  (6) Isabella Hamilton
  m. (06.06.1818) Rev. Charles Taylor Woods
(7) Harriett Hamilton (d 1880)
  m. (03.1825) Sir Erasmus Dixon Burrowes (Borrowes), 8th Bart (d 27.05.1866)
  (8)+ other issue (d unm) - Robert, Sophia, Laura Mary (d 1900), Charlotte
  c. James Hamilton of Vessington & Dunboyne Castle (b 1761, d 24.05.1800)
  The following comes from BLGI1912 ('Hamilton of Vessington') & 'HamiltonHistory' (Vessington, Co. Meath', p1033+).
  (1) John Hamilton of Vessington & Dunboyne Castle (b 1789, d 1844, Major) had issue
  m. Sophia Stannus (dau of Thomas (not James) Stannus)
  (2) Charles Hamilton of Vessington had issue
  m. Rosetta Bernard (dau of Thomas Bernard of Strawhill)
  (3) Hans Hamilton (d 1833) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (1832) Sophia Louisa Blackwood (dau of Hans, 3rd Baron Dufferin & CLandeboye)
  (4) Margaret Hamilton (d 1862)
  m. Arthur Wolfe of Forenaght (Major)
  (5)+ 2 daughters
  d. John Hamilton of Hacketstown, co. Dublin (dsp)
  m. Eliza Alexander (dau of Sir William Alexander, Bart)
  e. Robert Hamilton of Clonsilla
m. (1797) Catherine Alexander (dau of Sir William Alexander, Bart)
  (1) James Alexander Hamilton had issue
  m. Rosetta Mitchell
  (2) William Hamilton
  (3) John Shaw Hamilton
  m. _ Hackett
  (4) Robert Gorges Hamilton had issue
  m. _ Macpherson (dau of Col. _ Macpherson)
  (5) Nathaniel Alexander Hamilton had issue
  m. Rebecca Hamilton (cousin) @@ just below
  (6) Caroline Hamilton
  m. Rev. Alexander Miller
  (7) Elizabeth Hamilton
m. (1832) Hon. Rev. William Blackwood
  f. Francis Hamilton of Dublin
  m. (1797) Rebecca Reynell (dau of Col. William Reynell of Castle Reynell)
  (1) Rebecca Hamilton
  m. Nathaniel Alexander Hamilton @@ just above
  (2)+ other issue - Hans, Francis, Robert, Christopher, Caroline, Harriett
  g. Charlotte Hamilton
  m. (03.1779) Robert White of Aghavoe (b 1748, d 1814)
  h. Caroline Hamilton
  m. (1784) Thomas Stannus of Portarlington (b 1736, d 1813)
  i. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (1791) Rev. William Henry Irvine of Castle Irvine
  j. Mary Hamilton
  m. Thomas Hendrick
  k. Sophia Hamilton
m. (1796) Richard Jones of Dollarstown
  l. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (1796) Rev. William Henry Johnston
  m2. Alice Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Derby)
  n. Richard Hamilton (d 1847, rector of Culdaff & Cloncha, 2nd son of this marriage) had issue
  m. (1815) Catherine Tipping (dau of Edward Tipping of Bellorgan Park by Hon. Mary Blayney)
  o. Christopher Hamilton (b 1781, d 1842, Major General) had issue
  m. (1817) Sarah Handcock (sister of Richard, Lord Castlemaine)
  p.+ other issue - Charles, Emily, Harriet
  m3. Jane Candler (d 1819, dau of Rev. William Candler, widow of Capt. S. Barrett then Oliver Grace)
  s.+ other issue
  iii. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (1730) Francis Falkiner of Abbotstown
  iv. Rebecca Hamilton
  m. (1730) Christopher Dominick (d by 1743)
  v. Margaret Hamilton
  m. Henry Hamilton of Hacketstown (cousin)
  vi.+ other issue - John of Straw Hill (dsp), Anne of Glasnevin (d unm 1793), Jane, Sophia
  B. John Hamilton of Hulmpatrick or Holmpatrick
  m. _ Ligoe
  i. Henry Hamilton of Hacketstown
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton of Carlow, cousin)
  C. Mary Hamilton
  m. _ Ligoe
2. Margaret Hamilton
  m. _ Cupperidge
3.+ other issue - William, Hans (b 1666, dsp 1721, Brigadier General), Sarah (dsp 1673)

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