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Families covered: White of Abbeyleix, White of Aghavoe, White (Lord Annaly), White of Ballybrophy, White of Charleville, White of Kilmartin, White of Kilpurcet, White of Raheen, White of Scotchrath, White of Woodlands

Charles White of Kilmartin, Queen's Co (a 1657, "from Oxford to Ireland")
m. _ Lyons of co Meath
1. Edward White of Kilmartin
  m. _ Lidwill of Dromard
  A. Charles White
  m. Dorothea Bailey (widow of John White of Kilpurcet)
  i. Thomas White of Killadooley
  m. _ Flood of Roundwood
a. Fannie White
  m. Daniel Dillon
2. Robert White of Raheen (later called Charleville) (b 1674, d 1750)
  m. Margaret Steele (dau of Samuel Steele of Castletown)
  A. Charles White of Aghavoe, Queen's Co (b 1706, d c1771)
  m. Elizabeth Spunner (dau of Charles Spunner of Milltown)
  i. Charles White of Charleville (formerly called Raheen) (b 12.05.1747, d 1802, Colonel)
m. (01.09.1778) Sophia Alice Palmer (d 1795, dau of Sir Roger Palmer, Bart)
  a. Charles White of Charleville, Sheriff of Queen's Co. (b c1783, d 1833) had issue
  m. Caroline White (d c1846, dau of Robert White of Aghavoe) @1@ below
  b. Thomas John White of Borris-in-Ossory (b c1785, d 1856) had issue
  m. Anne Carroll
  ii. Robert White of Aghavoe (b 08.07.1748, d 1814)
m. (03.1779) Charlotte Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton of Sheephill & Holmpatrick)
  a. Charles White (a 1805, d unm)
  b. James White of Aghavoe, Sheriff of Queen's Co. (d unm 1825)
  c. Robert White of Old Park (Granston Manor), Sheriff of Queen's Co. (b c1787, d 1862) had issue
  m. Anne Doyne (dau of Col. Charles Powlett Doyne of Portarlington)
  d. Hans White of Aghavoe (d 05.03.1829) had issue
  m. Anne Armit (d 1891, dau of John Armit)
e. Caroline White (d c1846)
  m. Charles White of Charleville @1@ above
  f. Hannah White
  m. Francis Butler of Castletown
  g. Sophia White
  m. John Isaac Beresford (rector of Donaghmore)
  iii. Margaret White (b 15.10.1749, d 1827)
  m. (1755) John Kemmis
  iv. Sarah White (b 23.02.1755, d 1833)
  m. (1755) Charles White of Ballybrophy @2@ below
  v. Elizabeth White (b 09.03.1755, d c1837)
  m. Robert White of Scotchrath @3@ below
  vi. Catharine White (b 28.07.1759)
  m. _ Jones of Nutgrove
  vii. Mary White
  m. John Franck of Forest
viii.+ other issue (d young) - Edward (b 10.08.1751), Samuel (b 13.05.1754), Thomas (b 01.05.1755)
  B. George White of Scotchrath, Queen's Co
  m. Jane Mitchell of King's Co.
  i. Robert White of Scotchrath (d 08.1820)
  m. Elizabeth White (dau of Charles White of Aghavoe) @3@ above
  a. Robert White of Scotchrath (d c1853) had issue
  m. (28.05.1824) Mary Roe (dau of Peter Roe of Kildellig)
  b. Jane Cecilia White (d 1826)
  m. George Roe of Loran Park
  c. Elizabeth White (d 25.06.1875)
  m. Samuel White of Ballybrophy @4@ below
  d.+ other issue (d unm) - Sarah Catharine, Clarissa Mary
  ii. George White (4th son)
  a. George White (d unm)
  b. daughter
  m. _ Graham
  c. daughter
  m. _ Whitaker
  iii. Charles White
  m. (1786) Mary Llewellyn
  a. George Robert White had issue
m. _ Ford
  b. Susannah White
  m. Peter Roe of Gortnaclea
  c. Elizabeth White
  m. T. Haslam
  d. Ellen White (d unm)
  iv. Elizabeth White
  m. _ Alley
  v. Margaret White
  m. (1772) (William) Brereton
  vi. Ellinor White
  m. John Roe of Beckfield
  vii. Mary Ann White
  m. _ Haslam of Frankford (Dr.)
  viii. Susan White
  m. _ Mitchell of Birr
  ix.+ other issue (d unm) - Samuel, Thomas Mitchell
  C. Samuel White of Raheen (aka Charleville) (dsp 22.09.1771)
  D. Edward White (dsp)
3. Charles White of Kilpurcet, Queen's Co
  A. John White of Kilpurcet (d c1747)
  m. Dorothea Bailey
  i.+ issue - John, Charles, Elizabeth
  B. Thomas White of Ballybrophy, Queen's Co (d 01.1774)
  m1. (21.04.1739) Ann Steele of Kyle (d 1741)
  i. Elizabeth White
  m. William Smith of Golden Bridge
m2. (01.01.1743) Charitie Baldwin of Rosenallis (d 08.1744)
  ii. Charles White (d young)
  iii. Alicia White
  m. Daniel Nugent of Barrackstown
  m3. (02.08.1747) Charitie Tydd
  iv. Charles White of Ballybrophy (b 19.05.1753, d 03.09.1828)
  m. (1775) Sarah White (d 13.02.1835, dau of Charles White of Aghavoe) @2@ above
  a. Thomas White of Ballybrophy (b 14.09.1780, d 16.11.1853) had issue
m. (04.1830) Constantia Maria Mills (d 1866, dau of Rev. Robert Mills)
  b. Charles White (b 23.09.1788, dsp 1855)
  m. Barbara Ruttledge (widow of _ Knox)
  c. Richard White of Coleriane, Queen's Co (b 11.10.1789, dsp 1838)
  m. Eleanor Palmer (dau of Capt. Joseph Palmer of Middlemount)
  d. Samuel White 'of Ballybrophy' (b 05.10.1793, d 1849) had issue
  m. Elizabeth White (d 1875, dau of Robert White of Scotchrath) @4@ above
  e. Elizabeth White (b 28.12.1778, d 1843)
  m. (18.01.1810) Alexander Thompson of Dublin
  f. Catharine White (b 14.04.1786, dsp 1857)
  m. (26.04.1821) Jonathan Nugent of Killarkin
  v. Thomas White of Garryduff, Queen's Co (b 23.03.1759, dsp 09.04.1827)
  m. Sarah Palmer (d 1856, dau of Joseph Palmer of Cuffesborough)
  vi. Francis White of Spring Hill, Queen's Co (b 23.11.1762, dsp 29.10.1824)
  m. (08.1790) Sara Barton (dau of John Barton of Goslingstown)
  vii. Charitie White (b 13.10.1748)
  m. Marmaduke Grace of Dublin
  viii. Anchoretta White (b 26.08.1761)
  m. (1770) Francis Freeman of Summer Hill
  ix. Mary White (b 05.03.1755)
  m. (1776) Richard Thompson of Dublin
  x. Anne White (b 19.08.1756, d 1789)
  m. (1776) Edmond Beasley of Dublin
4. Humphrey White of Mahanascagh
  m. _ Steele (dau of Samuel Steele of Castletown)
  A. Samuel White
  i. Humphrey White
  ii. daughter
  m. _ Marshall
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Odlum
  iv. daughter
  m. _ Galbraith
  B. Humphrey White (dsp)
  i. Samuel White of Abbeyleix (d 1844)
  a. Edward White of Abbeyleix (dsp 25.08.1851)
  b. Elinor White
  m. (15810) William Foster
  c.+ other issue - Elizabeth (d unm 1848), Sarah Anne
5. John White had issue



The following family is probably not connected to the above one but is shown here for our convenience.
Luke White of Woodlands, co Dublin, Sheriff (b 1740, d 1824, MP)
m1. (c02.1781) Elizabeth de la Maziere (dau of Peter de la Maziere of Dublin "of a Huguenot family")
1. Thomas White of Woodlands, Sheriff (dsp 04.05.1847, Colonel)
  m. (31.08.1819) Julia Vereker (d 14.02.1866, dau of Charles, 2nd Viscount Gort)
2. Samuel White of Killakee, Rathfanrham co Dublin, Sheriff (dsp 1854, Lt. Colonel, MP)
  m. (04.07.1821) Salisbury Anne Rothe (d 27.11.1880, dau of George Rothe of Mount Rothe)
3. Henry White, 1st Lord Annaly of Woodlands (b 1789, d 03.09.1873, MP, 4th son) had issue
  m. (03.10.1828) Ellen Soper-Dempster (dau of William Soper-Dempster of Skibo Castle)
4. Anna Maria White (d 19.12.1847)
  m. (27.11.1807) Charles Trench (d 06.04.1840)
5. Matilda White (d 27.02.1883)
  m. (22.06.1826) Hugh (Massy), 4th Lord Massy (d 27.02.1836)
6.+ other issue (d unm) - Luke of Rathcline (d 1854, MP, Sheriff of co Longford), Eliza, Emily (d 07.07.1613)
m2. (1800) Arabella Fortescue (d 02.1853, dau of William Fortescue)
9. William White of Shrubs, co Dublin (b 1801, d 14.02.1857) had issue
  m. (02.10.1824) Isabella Bailey (d 20.01.1866, dau of Rev. Henry Bailey of Nenagh)

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(2) For lower section : BLGI1912 (White of Cloone Grange), BP1934 (Annaly)
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