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Families covered: Hay of Erroll, Hay of Ury

TSP and BP1934 start with the William who married Eva of Pitmulin, identifying him as the pincerna (cupbearer) to Kings Malcolm IV and William the Lion. Commoners (vol i, Hays of Leys) shows that honour to have been held by that William's father, the William who follows. TSP (Erroll) reports "The pincerna of 1171 is clearly the person who married Eva ...so that if there were two successive Williams as given in the Peerages, they must have held the office one before and the other after Ranulph de Soulis."
William de Haya of Erroll (d c1170)
m. Juliana de Soulis (dau of Ranulph de Soulis, lord of Liddlesdale)
1. William de Haya of Erroll (a 1160, 1201) - continued just below --
  m. Eva de Petenalin (heiress of Petenalin or Pitmulin) --
  TSP (Erroll) reports "Of the descent of the Tweeddale family from a younger brother of this William there seems to be no evidence." Commoners (Hays of Leys), supported by RHG, identifies that alleged younger brother as ...
2. Robert de Haya (a 1204)
  A. Robert de Haya (a 1204)
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. Sir John de Haya of Locherworth --
  m. heiress of Robert de Lyne of Locherworth --



William de Haya of Erroll (a 1160, 1201) - continued just above
m. Eva (heiress of Pitmulin or Petenalin)
1. David de Haya of Erroll, Sheriff of Forfar
  m1. Ethna or Helen (dau of Gilbert, 3rd Earl of Strathearn)
  A. Gilbert de Haya of Erroll, Sheriff of Perth (a 1237, 1262)
  m. Idonea Comyn (dau of William Comyn, 1st Earl of Buchan)
  i. Nicolas de Haya of Erroll, Sheriff of Perth (d before 06.1306)
  m. Johanna
  a. Sir Gilbert de Haya of Erroll, Constable of Scotland (d 04.1333)§D
  (1) Nicolas de Haya (dvp Dupplin 1332 ?) generation omitted by some sources (eg RHG)
(A) Sir David de Haya of Erroll (d Durham 17.10.1346)
  m1. ?? Keith (dau/heir of Sir John Keith of Innerpeffer)
  (i) Sir Thomas Hay of Erroll, Constable (d 07.1406)
  m. (mcrt 07.11.1372) Elizabeth Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scots)
  (a) Sir William Hay of Erroll, Constable (d 1436)
  m. Margaret Gray (dau of Sir Patrick Gray, 3rd of Broxmouth)
  ((1)) Gilbert Hay of Erroll (d 09.1436)
m. Alicia Hay (dau of Sir William Hay of Locherworth and Yester)
  ((A)) Sir William Hay, 1st Earl of Erroll, Constable (d c10.1462)
  m. (before 17.03.1449-50) Beatrix Douglas (dau of James, 7th Earl of Douglas)
  ((i)) Nicholas Hay, 2nd Earl of Erroll (dsp 1470)
  m. (mcrt 15.11.1461) Elizabeth Gordon (dau of Alexander, Earl of Huntly)
  ((ii)) William Hay, 3rd Earl of Erroll (d 14.01.1506) --
  m1. Isabel Gordon (dau of George, 2nd Earl of Huntly) --
  m2. Elizabeth Leslie (d before 08.1511, dau of George, 1st Earl of Rothes)
  m3. Margaret Ker (dau of Andrew Ker of Cessford and Auldtounburn)
  ((iii)) Gilbert Hay (d young)
  ((iv)) Elizabeth Hay (a 06.1509)
  m1. Andrew Gray, 1st Lord Gray (b c1390, d c1469)
m2. (12.05.1476) George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly (d c08.06.1501, Chancellor of Scotland)
  ((v)) Margaret Hay
  m1. (c1470) Alexander Fraser, 4th of Philorth (d c1486)
  m2. (after 1486, sp) Sir Gilbert Keith of Inverugie
  m3. (1500, sp) Robert Douglas of Lochleven
  ((vi)) Isabel Hay --
  m. (c1472) Laurence Oliphant, 1st Lord (d before 08.04.1500) --
  ((vii)) Maria Hay possibly of this generation --
  m. Sir Alexander Forbes, 2nd of Pitsligo (d 03.1477) --
  ((viii)) Beatrice Hay possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Alexander Gordon, 1st of Abergeldie (d before 01.1504)
  ((ix)) Marion Hay possibly of this generation
  m. David Strachan of Thornton ( (b 1445, dsp 1521)
((B)) Gilbert Hay of Ury, Kincardineshire (d before 12.09.1487)
  m. Beatrix Dunbar (dau of Sir John Dunbar of Crethmond)
  ((i)) William Hay of Crethmond
  ((2)) Janet Hay possibly of this generation
  m. John Turing of Foveran (a 1441)
  ((3))+ other issue - William of Ury (d c02.1471-2), Walter, David, Thomas
  (b) Sir Gilbert Hay of Dronlaw --
  m. (c1416) Elizabeth Reid --
  (c) Elizabeth Hay --
  m. Sir George Leslie of Rothes (d c02.1411-2) --
  (d) daughter
m. (c1376) Norman (not John) Leslie, younger of Leslie (dvp 1391)
  (e) Alicia Hay (a 1448) --
  m. Sir William Hay of Locherworth and Yester, Sheriff of Peebles (d 1421) --
  m2. Margaret (a 11.1375)
  b.+ other issue - Nicolas (priest), John, Hugh
  ii. Sir John de Haya
  B. William de Haya of Leys (a 29.04.1251)
  C. David de Haya (Parson)
  m2. Eva
2. William de Haya
  m. Ada
3. John de Haya of Ardnaughton, Sheriff of Perth
  'Fife (P&H)' (vol 2, p305) suggests that the estate of Naughton passed to John de Haya "by his marriage with Juliana de Lascels" and that "The family of Hay retained possession of Naughton by regular descent until the death of Sir James Hay, who is supposed to have been slain at Flodden in 1513, and the succession then devolved upon his heiress, Janet" whose married Sir Peter Crichton who "obtained a Crown charter of the estate in 1517." There was a second line of Hays of Naughton (see here).
  m. Juliana de Lascelles
4. Thomas de Haya
  m. Ada
5.+ other issue - Robert, Malcolm

Main source(s): TSP (Erroll), BP1934 (Erroll) with support from RHG (vol 2, 'Pedigree of the Earls of Erroll', p579)
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