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Families covered: Hayman of Minehead, Hayman of Myrtle Grove, Hayman of South Abbey, Hayman of Youghal

BLG1847 reports that "The family of Heyman, or Hayman, (for it has been spelled both ways) is of Norman origin". BLG1886 reports that the following Samuel was "of the very ancient Kentish family of Heyman of Somerfield" which we show on Heyman1.
Samuel Hayman or Heyman (b 1545-6, bur 02.02.1615-6)
m. (03.07.1574) Joan Dale (d 02.1624-5, dau of William Dale of Laxton)
1. Robert Hayman of Minehead (b 1575, bur 28.11.1654)
m. (16.02.1603-4) Anstace Tyrrell (bur 14.12.1653)
  A. George Hayman of Minehead (b 1605, d 12.11.1670)
  m. (1632) Mary Gibbons (dau of Simon Gibbons of Youghal by Frances, dau of Roger Hill of Poundsford by Mary, dau of John Hassard of Lyme)
  i. Samuel Hayman of South Abbey, Youghal (b 17.04.1636, d 23.12.1672)
  m. (c1659) Elizabeth Atkin (d 22.02.1676-7, dau/coheir of John Atkin of Billbrook then Polemore (by sister of Henry Rugge, Dean of Cloyne), cousin)
  a. John Hayman of Cloynepriest & Somerlease (b 1664, dsps 21.08.1731, MP)
  m. (1687) Hannah Crockford (d 25.12.1688, dau of James Crockford of Ellscombe)
  (1) Atkin Hayman (dvp 11.1.1688-9)
  b. George Hayman of Bye House (Byefarm), Somerset "ancestor of the Haymans of Bye House, and Bilbrook, Somerset"
  m. _ Speed
  (1) John Hayman
  m. Hannah Luther (cousin) @1@ below
(2)+ 5 other sons + 2 daughters
  c. Samuel Hayman of the College, Youghal (bpt 01.09.1668)
  m. (05.11.1700) Elizabeth de Paradis (b 09.12.1681, d 14.04.1756, dau of Richard de Paradis ("a Huguenot refugee") by Elizabeth, dau of dau of John Luther)
  (1) John Hayman of The College (later called Myrtle Grove), Youghal (bpt 01.09.1668, d unm 14.04.1770))
  (2) Atkin Hayman (b 11.06.1714, d 13.04.1793, Vicar of Ballyclough & Castlemagner)
  m1. (06.1742) Elizabeth Atkin (d 30.01.1756, dau of Rev. Walter Atkin of Leadington (by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Coningsby of Neen Solers, cousin of Earl Coningsby), cousin)
(A) Walter Atkin Hayman of Myrtle Grove (bpt 30.06.1750, dsp 05.06.1816)
  m. (28.07.1789) Eliza White (dsp 22.08.1800, dau of Henry White of New Ross by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Maunsell MP)
  (B) Samuel Hayman of Prospect Hill, near Youghal (bpt 26.09.1753, d 20.03.1834, MD)
  m. (16.11.1782) Melian Jones (d 25.02.1835, dau/coheir of Matthew Jones (of the family of Llwyn Ririd, Montgomeryshire) by Audriah, dau of James Roch of Woodbine Hill)
  (i) Atkin Hayman (b 17.09.1783, d 25.03.1817, RN) had issue (2 daugnters)
  m. (06.02.1813) Eliza Atkin (dau of Walter Atkin of Leadington (Sheriff of co. Cork) (by Mary, dau of George Dunscombe of Mount Desert), m2. William Andrews Lamb of Kilcolman Park)
  (ii) Matthew Hayman of South Abbey (b 28.12.1789, d 30.03.1867) had issue
  m. (22.01.1816) Helen Hill (d 27.07.1850, dau of Arundel Hill of Doneraile by Helen, dau of Garrett Nagle of Ballyduffe)
  (iii) Elizabeth Hayman (b 17.11.1786, d unm 11.11.1852)
  m2. (12.08.1757, sp) Elizabeth Wilson (d 03.10.1776, dau of Frank Wilson of Youghal)
  (3) Jane Hayman
  m. (31.08.1732) Valentine Browning of Affane
  (4) Elizabeth Hayman
m. Samuel Luther of Youghal (cousin) @2@ below
  (5) Mary Hayman (5th daughter)
  m. John Hayman of Clonel
  (6) Hannah Hayman (7th daughter)
  m. (1741) Thomas Gimlette
  (7)+ 10 other children
  d. Jane Hayman (d 13.12.1718)
  m1. (20.07.1682) John Vaughan of Youghal
  m2. (11.05.1685) Jasper Lucas of Youghal
  e. Elizabeth Hayman
  m. (03.05.1688) Edward Tottenham of Tottenham Green
  f. Frances Hayman (bpt 18.11.1672)
  m. (09.04.1700) John Luther, Mayor of Youghal (d 26.02.1709-10)
  (1) Henry Luther (b 1700, d 06.1733)
  (2) Samuel Luther
  m. John Elizabeth @2@ above
  (3) Hannah Luther (d 26.10.1755)
  m. John Hayman @1@ above
  (4) Elizabeth Luther (d 1748)
  m. Joseph Freeman
  B.+ 3 other sons + 6 daughters
2.+ "numerous issue"

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Hayman of South Abbey') with support and some input from BLG1847 ('Hayman of Youghal')
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