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Families covered: Hustler of Acklam, Hanson of Normanton, Hamshar of Sussex, Haldimand in London, Haldimand of Yverdun

William Hustler of Bridlington (Yorkshire), 1st of Acklam in Cleveland (d 05.11.1646)
m. Eleanor Simpson (dau of William Simpson of Ryton, m2. Sir Edward Buckhole)
1. William Hustler of Acklam
m. Grace or Elizabeth Savile (dau of Sir John Savile of Lupset) named Grace by BLG1952 but Elizabeth by Ord
  A. Sir William Hustler of Acklam (d 1730)
  m. (08.07.1680) Anne Osbaldeston (dau of William Osbaldeston of Hunmanby, widow of Sir Matthew Wentworth of Bretton)
  i. James Hustler (dsp?)
  m. Elizabeth Booth (dau/coheir of James Booth)
  ii. Anne Hustler (d 12.1753)
  m. (02.04.1700) Thomas Pierce of Thimbleby & Hutton Bonvill
  One of their sons inherited Acklam and assumed the name Hustler.
  iii. Evereld Hustler (b 18.08.1698, d 11.01.1784)
  iv.+ other issue (all d young?) - William (dsp), John (dsp), Robert, Richard, George, Matthew, Frances, Elizabeth, Catherine, Ellen
  B. James Hustler (dsp c1736)
  m. (04.02.1706) Mary St. Quentin (dau of William St. Quentin of Scampston, sister of Sir William, Bart)
  C.+ other issue - John, Richard, Charles, George, Robert, Frances, Catherine, Elizabeth



Joseph Hanson of Yorkshire then Coventry
1. Robert Hanson of Osmanthorpe (near Leeds), Yorkshire
  m. _ Wade (of the family of New Grange, Leeds)
  A. Benjamin Hanson, last of Osmanthorpe, of Melton & Compton in Collingham, later of Leventhorpe in Swillington, Yorkshire (d 12.08.1750)
  m. (c10.1709) Elizabeth Levett (bpt 21.03.1677, bur 10.02.1770, dau of Robert Levett of Normanton, sister/heir of Robert of Normanton, widow of William Mitton of Norton Priory)
  i. Robert Hanson of Normanton & Melton (b c1713, d 25.11.1765)
  m. (17.03.1743-4) Elizabeth Jackson (b 01.09.1723, d 07.10.1760, dau/coheir of Edward Isaack Jackson of Bury St. Edmunds by Mary, dau/coheir of Walter Ray (alderman of Bury St. Edmunds))
  a. Sir Levett Hanson of Normanton (b 31.12.1754, d unm 24.04.1814, Brigadier General, 2nd son)
  b. Mary Hanson (b 28.01.1745, d 13.09.1830)
  m. (01.09.1774) Sir Thomas Gery Cullum of Hawstead & Hardwick, 7th Bart
  c.+ other issue (d infant) - Thomas (bpt 12.08.1751), Anne (b 29.03.1749)
  ii. Sarah Hanson (d by 01.1782)
  m. (c11.1747) William Barber of Kippax (dsp c09.1784)
  iii.+ other issue - Catherine (d unm 03.09.1803), Elizabeth (d 17.02.1800)
  B. Sarah Hanson (a 12.1727)
  m. Alvery (or Alverah) Lofthouse (or Lotus) of Marston in Whitchurch, Yorkshire (d before 10.01.1727-8)
  i.+ issue (01.1727-8) - Alverah, Sath, Matthew, Joseph, Elizabeth, Frances, Mary, Anne, Ellen, 2 others
2. Benjamin Hanson of Kingston-upon-Hull (d before 12.08.1732) possibly of this generation
  m. Sarah (a 08.1732)
3.+ 2 others



MGH starts with 2 brothers, sons of ...
_ Hamshar
1. William Hamshar of Preston (b 1654-5, d 05.05.1738)
  m1. Elizabeth Webb (b 1651, d 10.1694, dau of Richard Webb of Moulscombe, sister of John of Falmer)
  A. Elizabeth Hamshar (b c1690, d 18.10.1752)
  m. John Michell of Lewes (b c1682, d 12.11.1735, attorney)
  m2. Margaret Bradford (b c1658, d 23.01.1731, dau of John Bradford, widow of John Webb of Falmer) ## see here ##
  B. Sarah Hamshar
  m. Philip Jenner of Chailey (b 1686, d 1787)
2. Richard Hamshar of E. Preston (d by 1698)
m. Mary (b 1653-4, d 02.06.1698)
  A. William Hamshar of Patcham (d 06.09.1739)
  m. Martha Bradford (b c1694, d 13.03.1758, dau of John Bradford of Falmer)
  i. John Hamshar of Standean (b 1719-20, d 27.04.17888)
  m. Philadelphia Scrase (b c1721, d 06.02.1809, dau of Charles Scrase (by Philadelphia Bradford), cousin of Henry Scrase?)
  a. Philadelphia Hamshar (bpt 08.04.1752)
m. Harry Scrase Farncombe
  (1) Philadelphia Farncombe (b c1776, d 01.04.1811)
  m. Thomas Scrase of Patcham
  b. Sarah Hamshar (bpt 14.12.1759)
  m. William Tanner of More House, Wivelsfield (d 1831)
  (1) William Tanner of Patcham (b 1791-2, d 23.04.1870) had issue (3 daughters)
  m. Philadelphia Scrase (dau of Thomas Scrase of Patcham by Philadelphia Farncombe)
  (2) Philadelphia Tanner
  m. George Farncombe (nephew of Harry Scrase Farncombe)
  B. Mary Hamshar
  m. (1706) Henry Scrase of Withdean (d before 03.11.1728)
  C. Elizabeth Hamshar (b 01.01.1690)
  m. (1711) Thomas Ade



Wikipedia ("Sir Frederick Haldimand") reports that Frederick, who had an interesting military career, was born in Yverdon, Switzerland, "the son of a civil servant", and became a British subject in 1772. MGH does not identify his parents but Westminster Abbey site identifies them as ...
Francois Louis Haldimand of Yverdun, Switzerland
m. Marie Madeleine **
1. Sir Frederick (Francois Louis Frederic) Haldimand, later in London, Governor of Quebec (b 11.08.1718, d unm 05.06.1791, Lt. General)
2. ?? Haldimand of Yverdun
m. _ Long (dau of Jean Jaques Long of Yverdun)
  A. Anthony Francis Haldimand in London (b 15.04.1741, d 09.10.1817, to England, banker)
  m. Jane Pickersgill (b 10.06.1746, d 24.10.1785)
  i. George Haldimand (b 13.08.1781, dsp 24.07.1851)
  m. (30.11.1807) Sophia Charlotte Prinsep (d 08.03.1861, dau of John Prinsep by Sophia Elizabeth, dau of James Auriol)
  ii. Jane Haldimand (b 24.05.1769, d 28.06.1858)
  m. Alexandre Jean Gaspard Marcet (b 1770, d 18.10.1822, physician)
  iii. Sarah Haldimand (b 16.01.1772, d 14.10.1841)
  m. (1790) Charles Morris of Wandsworth & London (b 1768, d 26.06.1844)
  iv.+ other issue - William (b 09.09.1784, d unm 1862, Director of the Bank of Englnd, MP), Frederick (b 1785, d 1803), Fanny (d 05.04.1807)
  B. Sophie Haldimand
  m. _ Auberjonois of Yverdun
  C. daughter
  m. _ de Vos of Yverdun
  D. daughter
  m. _ Bertrand
  E.+ oter issue - son ("settled in Canada"), Henriette (d unm)

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