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This section first uploaded 06.05.06.
Richard Blake (a c1550)
BLG1886 (Blake of Renvyle) identifies Richard as ancestor of the Blakes of Kiltullagh (now Frenchfort) and Cregg Castle.
1. ?? Blake
  A. ?? Blake
  i. ?? Blake
  Uncertain on number of intevening generations.
a. ?? Blake
  (1) ?? Blake
  (A) Nicholas Blake
  (i) Francis Blake
  m. Julia Tierney
  (a) James Blake of Cregg Castle
  m. (16.06.1787) Jane Joyce (dau of Walter Joyce of Merview)
  ((1)) Francis Blake of Cregg Castle, Sheriff of co. Galway (b 07.02.1789, d 1869) had issue
  m. (13.01.1819) Georgina Burke (dau of Richard Burke of Glinsk by Johanna Harriet, sister of 1st Lord Wallscourt)
  ((2)) Mary Blake
  m. James MacDermott of Ramore
  ((3))+ other issue - Henry, Pierce, Walter
  (b) Henry Blake



This section first uploaded 19.09.16.
Sir Robert de Aspale, Suffolk (a 1328)
m. Alicia de Cressingham (a 1339, dau/heir of Hugo de Cressingham)
1. Thomas de Aspale of Lackford, Suffolk (a 1350, younger son)
  m. Mirabilia Wake (dau of Huge Wake of Blysworth, brother (sb uncle?) of John)
  A. Sir John de Aspale of Lackford (a 1365)
  m. Katharine Peche (dau/heir of Sir Gilbert Peche, m2. Sir Thomas Notbeme)
  i. Mirabilia de Aspale (b c1370, a 1406)
  m. William Geddyng of Lackford (a 1401)



This section first uploaded 18.12.16.
Samuel Horne (d 16.08.1768, rector of Otham)
m. Anne Hendley (d 10.03.1787, dau of Bowyer Hendley of Otham)
1. William Horne of Gore Court (b 1739-40, d 10.07.1821)
  m. Elizabeth Hendley (b 01.03.1738, d 04.06.1774, dau of William Hendley of Gore Court)
  A. William Horne of Gore Court (a 1828, rector of Otham)
  m. (1799) Maria Whitear (dau of Rev. William Whitear of Oare)
2. George Horne, Bishop of Norwich
  m. Felicia Burton of Leicestershire
  A. Felicia Horne
  m. Rev. Silby Hele
  B. Maria Horne (d unm?)
  C. Sarah Horne
  m. Rev. _ Hole



This section first uploaded 12.04.17.
BEB1841 ('Williams of Clapton') identifies Judith Booth, who married Sir Hutchins Williams in 1726, as dau/heir of James Booth of Theobalds, "grandson of George Booth, esq. of Dunham Massey". That George Booth would possibly be Sir George Booth, 1st Bart of Dunham Massey (b 1566, d 1652). [It appears that there was no George in the generation after the 1st Bart, which was possibly the more likely generation if that connection was valid.] However, a contributor (CV, 11.04.17) has kindly provided us with bits of information, garnered from one or more searches online, that suggest that that was not the case. The following is an attempt to pull together than information which included reference to Richard Booth, alderman of London, as being "a cadet of the family of Booth, Earl of Warrington". The 1st Earl of Warrington was the 3rd Bart of Dunham Massey.
William Booth of Bishops Tachbrook, Warwickshire
m. Abigail
1. Richard Booth of Bishops Tachbrook
  A. Richard Booth of London (d 1692, grocer, alderman of London)
i. James Booth of Theobalds, Hertfordshire (bpt 29.06.1665, d by 1733, younger son)
  m. Martha
  a. James Booth of Theobalds (b 1703-4, a 07.1722, dvp?)
  b. Elizabeth Booth (bpt 11.07.1698)
  m. James Hustler of Acklam
  c. Judith Booth (bpt 29.05.1700, d 06.06.1754)
  m. (1726) Sir Hutchins Williams of Clapton, 1st Bart (b c1701, d 11.1758)
  d. Ann Booth
  ii. Jane Booth (b c1659, d 21.09.1721) probably of this generation
  m. (06.01.1675) Peter Du Cane of London (b 1645, d 09.1714)
  iii. Elizabeth Booth (b 27.12.1662) probably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Montague Cholmeley of Easton (d 05.03.1700)
  iv.+ other issue - Richard of London, George (b 09.03.1664), John (bpt 05.12.1665), Katherine (b 15.11.1661)
  B. Thomas Booth of London probably of this generation
  m. Anne Quiney (dau of Richard Quiney of Stratford-upon-Avon)



This section first uploaded 27.06.18.
Sir Osbert de Albalanda
m. Eusada Reskimer (dau of John Eskimer)
1. Euryne de Albalanda
  m. Florence Poher (dau/heir of Walter Poher)
  A. Osbert de Albalanda (a 1313)
m. Slice Arundell (dau/heir of Sir Laurence Arundell of Lamayle)
  i. Osbert de Albalanda (a 1377)
  a. Ewryne de Albalanda
  m. Alice de Trevaile (dau/heir of Otho de Trevaile)
  (1) Ewryne de Albalanda
  m. John Boscawen
  b. Rose de Albalanda a 1330)
  m. William Dangrous de Crucelu (Carclew)



This section first uploaded 28.06.18.
John Tresithney of Collan or Collom
m. Johan Bosoham or Bossoham (dau/heir of _ Bossoham of Bossoham)
1. Richard Tresithney
  m. Anne Tregonnan (dau/heir of John Tregonnan)
  A. Amy or Agnes Tresithney
  m. Nicholas Lower of Polscoth
  B. Margaret Tresithney
  m. William Colebrook of Tresithney
  i. Jane Colebrook
  m. John de Vere of Devon ("A quo the Earls of Oxford") ## see here ##



This section first uploaded 28.06.18.
John Tremere 'of Tremere in Lanivet'
1. daughter
  m. John Bray of St. Cleer
2. Alice Tremere (d 01.05.1400)
  m. Galfridus (Geoffrey) St. Aubin

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