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Families covered: Incledon (Incledene) of Braunton, Incledon (Incledene) of Buckland, Incledon of Incledon (Incledene of Incledene), Incledon of Pilton House

Robert de Incledon (a 1160)
1. Walter de Incledon (a 1169) probably/possibly father of ...
  A. Godefry de Incledon (a 1199) probably/possibly father of ...
  i. ?? de Incledon
  a. ?? de Incledon
  (1) Godfrey de Incledon or Incledene of Buckland in Braunton (a 1319)
  m. Sarie (a 1319)
  (A) William Incledene (a 1334) probably/possibly father of ...
  (i) Walter Incledene (a 1399) probably/possibly father of ...
  (a) Richard Incledene (a 1407)
m. Alice (a 1407) probably/possibly parents of ...
  ((1)) John Incledene (a 1434)
  Thanks to a contibutor (RM, 06.03.22) for drawing our attention to archives (here and here) where it appears that John had the following wife & children.
  m. Matilda
  ((A)) John Incledene (a 1436, d before 1489)
  m. Joan Bradleigh (a 1489, dau of John Bradleigh of Westbradleigh)
  ((i)) Robert Incledene (a 1509)
  m. Joan (a 1497)
  ((a)) John Incledene of Incledene (a 1531)
m. Joan (a 1531) probably/possibly parents of ...
  (((1))) Robert Incledene or Incledon of Braunton (bur 25.12.1558) - continued below
  m. Agnes Wolfe (dau of John Wolfe of Braunton)
  ((ii)) John Incledene (a 1489)
  Vivian identifies John's wife as Alice (a 1473). Thanks to a contibutor (RM, 06.03.22) for drawing our attention to an archive (here) where she is further identified as ...
  m. Alice Wulf (a 1473, dau of John Wulf by Agnes, dau of Nicholas (and sister of Ralph) Berry)
  ((B)) Agnes Incledene possible duplication just below?
  m. John Drew
  ((C))+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, Cicliy, Noan
  (b) John Incledene (a 1403)
  m. Margery Bolesworthy (dau of Thomas Bolesworthy of Rackenford)
  ((1)) Annys Incledene possible duplication just above?
  m. John Drewe
  ((A)) Richard Drewe



Robert Incledene or Incledon of Braunton (bur 25.12.1558) - continued above
m. Agnes Wolfe (dau of John Wolfe of Braunton)
1. John Incledon of Braunton (bur 16.09.1570) this line followed by BLG1886
  m. (1535-6) Jane Davills (dau of Lewis Davills of Little Marland by Philipa, dau of Henry Beaumont of Gittisham)
  A. Lewis Incledon of Brampton (sb Braunton?) (bur 21.12.1614)
  m1. Grace Cranberry (bur 06.01.1567-8, dau/heir of Robert Cranberry or Cranberie of Bratton Clovelly)
  i. John Incledon of Bratton Clovelly (b 05.07.1565, bur 13.05.1634)
  m. Philip(a) Glinne (dau of William Glinne of Glinne)
  a. Shilston Incledon (bpt 29.08.1611, d before 1620)
b. Anne Incledon (b c1606)
  m. (c03.1629-30) Thomas Tapson of Plymouth
  (1) Thomas Tapson (dvm)
  ii. Robert Incledon (bpt 01.04.1567, d before 1623)
  m. (03.03.1594-5) Barbara Pomeroy (bur 29.04.1623)
  m2. Willmot Pomeroy (bur 04.11.1610, dau of Andrew Pomeroy of Colyton)
  iii. Lewis Incledon of Buckland (d 03.04.1657)
m1. (27.11.1620) Anne Wyott (bur 23.11.1621, dau of (John son of) Philip Wyott of Braunton)
  a. child (d 23.11.1621)
  m2. (24.02.1633-4) Elizabeth Collamore (bur 13.03.1663-4, dau of Thomas Collamore of Luscott in Braunton)
  b. John Incledon (bpt 17.05.1635, dsp bur 01.06.1661)
m. (24.02.1654-5) Honor Paget (bur 12.02.1658-9, dau of William Paget of Tawstock (Tavistock?))
  c. Lewis Incledon of Buckland (bpt 28.08.1636, d 28.01.1698-9)
  m1. Alice Addington (bur 17.03.1670-7, dau/coheir of John Addington of High Bickington & Hartleborough)
m2. (31.10.1672) Elizabeth Fane (bur 1717, dau of Robert Fane, son of Francis, 1st Earl of Westmoreland)
  (1) Henry Incledon of Buckland (b 02.11.1674, d 09.05.1736)
  m1. (1698) Mary Davie (d 17.09.1710, dau of John Davie of Orleigh Court, Bideford)
  (A) John Incledon of Buckland (b 19.07.1702, d 28.06.1746)
  m. (1734) Elizabeth Northcote (d 24.05.1758, dau of Sir Henry Northcote, Bart, m2. Rev. John Wright)
  (i) Mary Incledon (bpt 03.10.1736, d 18.11.1802)
  m. (26.03.1759) Philip Rogers Webber of Buckland (b 12.12.1732-3, d 19.04.1819)
  Buckland passed into the Webber family, members of whom later assumed the name Incledon-Webber.
  (ii) Frances Incledon (bpt 24.04.1738)
  m. Edward Pilcher of Rochester
  (a) Frances Pilcher (d unm bur 08.09.1783)
  (iii)+ other issue - John (b 19.03.1740-1, d 24.04.1741), Penelope (bpt 17.06.1735, d 03.05.1736)
  (B) Elizabeth Incledon (b 22.08.1701)
  m. (08.08.1730) Charles Baker of Exeter
(C) Mary Incledon (b 12.08.1703)
  m. Walter Elford (rector of Milton Damerel)
  (D)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 22.08.1709, d 04.10.1709), Sarah (bpt 23.10.1704, d 02.11.1704), Catherine (bpt 04.12.1706, d 15.12.1734)
  m2. (02.02.1714-5) Susannah Chichester (bur 1763, dau of Sir Arthur Chichester of Youlston, Bart)
  (G) Chichester Incledon of Barnstaple (b 24.12.1715, bur 1771)
  m. (07.11.1741) Christian Mervin, dau of Richard Mervin of Marwood)
  (i) John Incledon of Bideford (bpt 13.12.1743, a 1792)
  m. Mary Stafford (a 1792, dau of Robert Stafford of Bideford)
(a) Mary Incledon (dsp)
  m. H.R. Glynn (Admiral)
  (b) Catherine Incledon (dsp)
  m. John Hatherleigh or Hatherly
  (c)+ other issue - Robert (d 1849), Frances (d unm)
  (ii) Richard Incledon, later Bury of Colyton (bpt 10.03.1757, d 03.04.1825, Vice Admiral, 3rd son)
  m. (11.06.1792) Jane Chichester (dau of Charles Chichester of Hall)
  (a) Jane Bury (d young)
  (b) Lucy Bury
  m. Stephen Benecraft of Barnstaple
  (c) Penelope Bury
  m. (30.05.1836) John Russell (rector of Black Torrington)
  (iii) Frances Incledon (bpt 05.10.1742)
  m. Charles Scott of Cornwall
(iv)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 01.05.1745), William (bpt 20.12.1758, had issue?), Margaert (bpt 27.07.1747, dsp)
  (H) Susannah Incledon (b 11.01.1715-6)
  m. (08.10.1739) George Ley of Prixford
  (I) Penelope Incledon (b 20.11.1717)
  m. (31.05.1744) Robert Hole of Barnstaple
  (J) Florence Incledon (b 24.11.1719)
  m. Samuel Harris of Smalecombe
  (K)+ other issue - Henry (b 24.03.1722, d infant), Anne (b 19.4.1721, bur 04.02.1756)
  (2) Robert Incledon of Pilton (Devon) & London (b 28.02.1675-6, bur 09.12.1758, recorder of Barnstaple)
  m1. Mary Lethbridge (dsp 1709, dau of Christopher Lethbridge of Westaway)
  m2. (1714) Penelope Sandford (bur 1738, dau of John Sandford of Ninehead)
  (A) James Incledon of Lyons In (d unm bur 1741)
  (B) Benjamin Incledon of Pilton House (bpt 1730, d 07.08.1796, "The Antiquary")
  m. (1757) Margaret Newton (d 08.09.1803, dau/coheir of John Newton of Tiverton)
(i) Robert Newton Incledon of Pilton & Yeotown (bpt 1761, d 1846)
  m. (03.07.1797) Elizabeth Beavis (adopted dau of Colonel Henry Beavis of Yeotown)
  (a) Frances Incledon (a 1890)
  (b) Margaret Incledon (dsp)
  m. _ Wren of Lonwood (Major)
  (ii) Francis Incledon (bpt 1762, d unm 29.03.1799, Colonel)
  (iii) Betty Incledon (bpt 1758)
  m. (1782) Thomas Ross Drewe of Wotton Fitzpaine (dsp)
  (C) Amy Incledon (bpt 1721)
  m. (13.04.1747-8) Charles Chichester of Hall
  (D) Lucy Incledon (bpt 1724)
  m. (20.02.1760/1751) Peregrine Courtenay of Raleigh
  (3)+ other issue - Lewis (b 25.05.1677, d 27.05.1678), Lewis (b 29.09.1678, bur 14.09.1680), Elizabeth (b 16.11.1684, d 12.02.1685-6)
  d. Ambrose or Thomas Incledon (bpt 05.12.1576, bur 07.12.1576)
  iv. Gertrude Incledon
m. Richard Greville of Poughill
  v.+ other issue - Andrew (bpt 11.12.1575, bur 27.11.1646), Ambrose (bpt 05.12.1576, bur 07.12.1576), Nicholas (bpt 30.04.1587, bur 22.02.1604-5), Elizabeth (bpt 24.03.1578-9, bur 27.08.1580), Grace (bpt 26.10.1580), Elizabeth (bpt 13.02.1582-3, bur 25.08.1591), Margaret (bpt 17.01.1590-1, bur 15.04.1590)
  B. Elizabeth Incledon (bpt 24.03.1539-40)
  m. (23.09.1565) William Benford of Willand
  C. Agnes Incledon (bpt 26.04.1548)
  m. (c02.1581-2) Amias Ashford
  D.+ other issue - William (bpt 26.12.1555, bur 01.03.1596-7), Philip (bpt 26.10.1549), Urith (bpt 25.02.1542-3), Audrey (bpt 28.04.1546, bur 22.01.1550-1), Audrey (bpt 19.01.1551-2, bur 24.07.1553)
2. William Incledon had issue
m. (10.08.1551) Katherine Collamore (dau of John Collamore)
3. Thomas Incledon (bur 05.08.1555)
  A. James Incledon (bpt 24.07.1549)
  m. (05.02.1573-4) Audrey
  i.+ issue - Robert (bpt 12.12.1575), Philip (bpt 30.12.1577), Richard (bpt 02.10.1580, bur 27.05.1585), James (bpt 11.02.1585-6), Elizabeth (bpt 27.03.1574)
  B. Thomas Incledon
  i. Thomas Incledon
  a. Christian Incledon
  m. Christopher Hause
  ii. Joan Incledon
  C.+ other issue - Wilmot (bpt 04.03.1539-40), Jane (bpt 07.06.1544), Thomazine (bpt 07.10.1546), Audrey (bpt 18.041552, bur 07.02.1602-3)
4. Urith or Margaret Incledon
  m. (09.07.1549) Nicholas Dillon

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Incledon of Buckland) with some support for the lower section from the section of 'Family of Incledon of Buckland' in BLG1886 (Webber of Buckland House)
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