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Families covered: Lamplugh of Lamplugh (Lamplew of Lamplew)

(1) When this page was first released it was based on the RootsWeb subsite identified below with some support from certain Visitations. It was reviewed on 26.11.09 when a contributor brought our attention to the fact that Commoners included an article on this family (which, somehow, we had previously missed). We have used that review to identify more clearly what bits of the page have been taken from where. We have italicised data which comes only from the RootsWeb site.
(2) Commoners starts with the following Robert, identifying him as Sir Robert de Lamplugh, lord of Lamplugh, in Cumberland, and of Haikord, in Lancashire". No indication is given of his ancestry. It is noted that the ancestry we provide for him is subject to review.
Robert de Workington of Lamplugh, Cumberland (a 1189)
1. Adam de Lamplugh
  m. Matilda
  A. Sir Robert de Lamplugh of Lamplugh (a 1258, d 1285)
  m. Meliora
  i. John de Lamplugh of Lamplugh (d 1330) this generation omitted by Commoners
  a. Ralph de Lamplugh of Lamplugh (a 1333, d 1370)
  The information found on the next few generations is inconsistent. Commoners reports that Ralph married Margaret and had a son Sir Robert who, by Constance, had 3 sons : William (dsp), John, and Ralph ("with a daughter, Christian"). The 2nd son, Sir John (a 9EI = 1280!!), was great-grandfather of Sir Thomas (a 1384) father of John father of Hugh (a 1411) who m. Margaret, dau of Thomas Pickering, and had a son Sir John (a 1420, 1432, Sheriff) m. Margaret, dau of John Eglesfield, fatther of the Sir Thomas who m. Eleanor Fenwick. Concerns about the dates makes us view that with caution. The following few generations come wholly from the RootsWeb site.
  m. Emma
  (1) Thomas Lamplugh of Lamplugh (a 1380)
  (A) John Lamplugh of Lamplugh (d 08.06.1405)
  m. Elizabeth Preston (dau of Richard de Preston, sister of Katherine (wife of Alan de Pennington))
(i) John Lamplugh of Lamplugh, Sheriff of Cumberland (d before 1445)
  (a) Hugh Lamplugh of Lamplugh (dvp)
  m. Margaret
  ((1)) John Lamplugh of Lamplugh (Lamplew of Lamplew Hall) (d 1441)
Visitation (Cumberland), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4) & Visitation (Yorkshire, 1584/5) all start with this John, the 1st showing his wife as "d. of Bamborough", the 2nd as "doughter of Lamboroo or of Eglesfeld", the 3rd as "daughter of _ Eglesfield, of Lamborough". Provisionally, we follow the RootsWeb site which shows his wives as below. Note that this contradicts the other sources which may be viewed as supporting the voew that the mother of John's children was Margaret Eglesfield/Eaglesfield.
  m1. Joan Betham (dau of Thomas Betham of Betham, sister of Elizabeth (wife of Richard Musgrave))
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Lamplugh of Lamplugh Hall (Lamplew of Lamplew), Sheriff of Cumberland
m. Eleanor Fenwick (dau/coheir of Sir Henry Fenwick of Northumberland)
  ((i)) John Lamplugh of Lamplugh
  m. Margaret (not Isabell) Penington (dau of Sir John Penington)
  ((a)) John Lamplugh of Lamplugh, Sheriff of Cumberland (b 1482)
m1. Isabel Curwen (dau of Christopher Curwen by Catharine Salkeld)
  m2. Catherine Forster (dau of Sir Guy Forster of Alderwyke)
  ((b)) Thomas Lamplugh of Skelmore or Skelsmere (d 1520)
  ((c)) Elenor Lamplugh
  m. Thomas Senhouse
  ((d)) daughter
  m. David Fleming (son of Hugh by Joan Hudleston)
  Commoners shows David Felming's wife (Frances) a generation later but the RootsWeb site shows that Frances as married to someone else.
  ((ii)) Anne Lamplugh
  m. (1456) John Ireton (son of John of Ireton)
  ((B)) Janet Lamplugh
  m. Robert (not Roger) Dokeraa or Dockery
  m2. Margaret Eaglesfield (dau of John Eaglesfield of Allnburgh)
  (B) other issue - Robert, Nicholas, Ralph
  B.+ other issue - Roger, Richard

Main source(s): the database of 'Fletcher of Cockermouth Hall' within 'RootsWeb' with some support from Commoners (vol 3, Lamplugh of Lamplugh), Visitation (Cumberland, 1615, Lamplugh) and Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4 & 1584/5, Lamplew)
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