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Families covered: Lawder of Bonnybeg, Lawder of Clover Hill, Lawder of Kilmore, Lawder of Mough

John Lawder ("came from Scotland")
m. ?? Hamilton (sister of Sir ?? Hamilton of Castle Hamilton)
1. William Lawder of Bonnybeg, Sheriff of co. Leitrim (d c11.1715)
m1. Catherine Auchmouty (dau of Arthur Auchmouty of Brierstown (Brianstown))
  A. Arthur Lawder of Bonnybeg, Sheriff of co. Leitrim (a 1719)
  m. _ Drury (dau of Captain _ Drury of co. Roscommon)
  i. William Lawder of Bonnybeg
  m. E. Span (dau of Rev. Sl. Span)
  a. Arthur Lawder of Bonnybeg
  m1. (Mary) Waldron
  m2. Jane Bomford
  (1) Frances Maria Lawder
  m. _ Barber (Dr.)
  b. Sl. Span (sic) Lawder
  m. Anne Stopford
  (1) William Lawder of Bonnybeg
  m. Eliza Gregg (dau of Thomas Gregg of Oldrown)
  (A) William Lawder of Bonnybeg had issue
  m. Catherine A. Nina Keough
  (B) Sarah Lawder
m. _ Garrett
  (C)+ other issue - Jane (d 1850), Mary, Bessie
  (2) Arthur Lawder (d 1846-7)
  m1/2. _ Hitchcock (dau of Dr. _ Hitchcock of Bandon)
  (A) Frances Lawder
  m. A. Jupp
  (B)+ other issue - Arthur W.T., William, Lydia, Maria
  m2/1. Priscilla Lawder (dau of John Lawder of Ashford) @@ below
  (3) Jane Lawder
  c. Margaret Lawder
  m1. (sp) _ Whitelaw
  m2. _ Walderon (Captain)
  B. Launcelot Lawder, Sheriff of co. Leitrim (a 1723)
  m. Susan Slack
  C. John Lawder
  m. Mary Townley (dau of John Townley of Townley Hall)
  i. Townley Lawder of Dublin
  ii. Launcelot Lawder of Clover Hill, co. Leitrim (d c03.1797)
  m(2). Olivia Crofton
  a. Townley Lawder (2nd son)
  m. Frances Keogh (dau of John Keogh of co. Sligo)
  (1) Robert Launcelot Lawder
  m. Eliza Morgan (dau of John Morgan of Riversdale)
  (A+ issue - Robert, John, Eliza, Fanny
  (2) Frances Lawder (d unm)
  b. Edward Lawder of Clover Hill (d 07.06.1822)
  m. Catherine Crofton (dau of WIlliam Crofton of Moate)
  (1) Edward Lawder
  m. _ Farris
  (A)+ issue - Edward, Sarah, Anne
  (2) Jane Lawder
  m. W.C. Perry of Garradice
  (3) Ctherine Lawder
  m. Samuel Hawkes of Cork
  c. daughter
  m. _ Ferris
  d. daughter
  m. _ Norris
  e.+ other issue - Launcelot (dsp), Olivia, Catherine, Elizabeth, Phoebe, Anne
  iii. Mary Lawder
  m. _ Whitestone of co. Dublin
  D. Sidney Lawder
  m. Charles Hamilton
  E. Elizabeth Lawder
  m2. Elizabeth (a 1715)
2. Frederick Lawder of Cor (co. Cavan), Sheriff of co. Leitrim (a 1705)
  m. Rebecca Rynd (sister of Christopher Rynd of Fenagh)
  A. Thomas Lawder of Rose Hill, co. Cavan (2nd son)
  m. _ Hume (sister of Robert & A. Hume)
  i. Phoebe Lawder
  m. George Pendrid
  ii. Anne Lawder (dsp)
  m. Davud Gumley of Belturbet
  iii.+ other issue (dsp) - James, Humer, Elizabeth
  B. Christopher Lawder of Longfield, co. Roscommon (4th son)
  m. Prescilla Croker (dau of John Croker of Dunbar, co. Fermanagh)
  i. John Lawder of Ashford, co. Roscommon
  m. Margaret Moore (dau of Oliver Moore of Dublin)
  a. John Lawder of Dublin (2nd son)
  m. Frances Baker (dau of John Baker)
  (1) Isabella Lawder
  b. George Lawder (4th son)
  m. _ Cassells
  (1) George C. Lawder
  c. Alonzo Lawder had issue
  m. Mary Macdermottroe (dau of Mulloy Macdermottroe)
  d. Horatio Lawder had issue
  m1. Judith Ahbuty (dau of A. Ahmuty of Kilmore)
  m2. (sp) Barbara Whelen of co. Carlow
m3. Catherine Brereton (dsp, dau of Dr. Brereton of Dublin)
  e. Arthur Lawder
  m. _ Clarke
  f. Kate Lawder
  m. John Smith of Arraville
  g. Prescilla Lawder
  m. Arthur Lawder (son of Arthur of Bonnybeg) @@ above
  h. Rebecca Lawder
  m. L. Parsons (son of Judge Parsons)
  i.+ other issue - Christopher Hume of Tulley (d 20.11.1872), William, James, Andrew, Fanny, Bessie, Lydia, Alicia
  ii. Christopher Lawder of Longfield, co. Roscommon
  m. Mary Shields (dau of John Shields of Dublin)
  a. John Wade Lawder of Lowfield
  m. _ Jagor of Dublin
  (1) Robert Lawder
  b. Prescilla Lawder
  iii. Rebecca Lawder
  m. John Kelly of Tully
  iv. Phoebe Lawder (d unm)
  C. Frederick Lawder of Mough
  m. Rebecca Rynd (dau of Christopher Rynd, niece of Rebecca)
  i. Rynd Lawder of Mough (b 06.01.1746, d 09.10.1811, youngest son?)
  m. Mary Beatty (dau of John Beatty of Corlahirt)
  a. John Lawder (b 10.02.1778, d 28.11.1853) had issue
  m. Ellen Newbitt (d 23.06.1867, dau of Mathew Newbitt of Derrycarne)
  b. Frederick Lawder (b 03.1780) had issue
  m. _ Reid
  c. Rynd Lawder (d 11.07.1836) had issue
  m. Dora Mitchell of co. Monaghan
  d. James Lawder had issue
  m. Anna Maria Ormsby (dau of Rev. James Wilmot Ormsby)
  e. William Henr Lawder (b 1789-90, d 23.06.1869) had issue
  m. Ursula Nesbitt (dau of Mathew Newbitt of Derrycarne)
  f.+ other issue - Rebecca, Bessy, Maria, Marcella, Margaret
  ii.+ other issue - Frederick (d unm?), Henry Fuk (dsp), James (dsp)
  D. daughter
  m. _ Carleton
  E. daughter
  m. _ Ellis
  F. daughter
  m. _ Hume
  G. daughter
m. _ Deane
  H.+ other issue (dsp) - William, James
3. James Lawder of Kilmore, co. Roscommon, Sheriff of co. Leitrim (d before 22.09.1750)
  m1. Deborah Dogherty (dau of John Dogherty by dau of Edward King, Bishop of Elphin)
  A. James Lawder of Kilmore, Sheriff of co. Leitrim (d 17.01.1779)
  m. Jane Contarine (dau of Rev. Thomas Contarine)
  B. Jane Lawder
  m. E. Kelly
  C. Sidney Lawder
  m. Rev. E. Constable
  D. Mary Lawder
  m. Arthur Auchmuty
  m2. Dorcas Townley (d before 06.11.1760, dau of Samuel Townley, widow of Thomas Auchmouty of Brierstown)
4. Jane Lawder
  MGH suggests that this was the Jane who married Sir Arthur Forbes, "the head of the Granard family", but that appears to have been a different Jane Lauder. ## see here ##
5. daughter
  m. Frederick Trench
6. daughter
  m. _ Nugent



Francis Lawder (d 1738, Archdeaon of Ardfert)
m. Bridget Magee (dau of Thomas Magee of Portmagee)
1. Anthony Lawder (youngest son?)
  m. Catherine Yielding
  A.+ issue - George, Archibald, Hugh, Christian
2. Christina or Christian Lawder
  m. _ Spotswood
  A. Theobald Spotswood
  m. Mary Segerson
  i. John Spotswood had issue
  m. Catherine Leyne (dau of Maurice Leyne (by Ann Macgillicuddy of the Becks) son of Jeremy (by Elizabeth O'Connell))
  ii. Alice Spotswood
m. Edward Blennerhasset (d in St. Louis)
  iii. Mary Spotswood
  m. Cornelius Sullivan
  iv. Lucy Spotswood
  m. Samuel McCarthy
  B. Francis Spotswood
3. Lucy Lawder
  m. William Hoare (son of John (uncle of Sir Joseph Hoare, 1st Bart))
4. Sarah Lawder
  m. Henry Hart
5.+ other issue - Robert (dsp 1761), David (d by 1767), Francis

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