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Families covered: Le Gallais of Surville

The following line is identified as that of Le Gallais of Surville. A separate line is also shown, for the branch of La Moye, but we have yet to find a post-1800 generation connection between that other line and elsewhere in the database.
Symon Le Gales (a 1400)
1. John Le Gales
  A. Symon Le Galles
i. John Le Galles
  ii. Edmond Le Galles
  a. John Le Galles
  B. Edmond Le Galles 'of Surville'
  m. Jeanette Langlois (a 1594)
  i. John Le Galles 'of Surville'
  m. Margaret Payn of le Rondiole (dau/coheir of Philip Payn of Samares by Thomasse, dau/heir of Regnault de Carteret of Longueville)
  a. Edmond Le Galles
m. Symone De Ste. Croix (dau of Noel De Ste. Croix)
  (1) Edmond Le Gallays of Hamonets
  m. Collette Le Geyt
  (A) Matthew Le Gallays
  m1. (1611) Esther De Carteret (dau of John de Carteret of Vincheles de Haut, relict of Abraham Poulett)
  m2. Katherine Martel (dau of Guille Martel)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (i) Edmond Le Gallais
  m. Richarde Le Poitevin-dit-Le Roulx (dau of Helier Le Poitevin-dit-Le Roulx)
  (a) Matthew Le Gallais
  m. Elizabeth Bisson
  ((1)) Matthew Le Gallais of Surville
m. Catherine Le Cras (dau of John Le Cras)
  ((A)) Matthew Le Gallais of Surville
  m. Elizabeth Poingdestre (dau of John Poingdestre)
  ((i)) Matthew Le Gallais of Surville
  m. Mary Poingdestre (dau of Abraham Poingdestre)
  ((a)) Matthew Le Gallais of Surville had issue
  m. Mary Poingdestre (dau/coheir of Philip Poingdestre)
  ((b)) John Le Gallais had issue
  m. Magdalen Laurens
  ((c)) Mary Le Gallais
  m. Philip Ahier
  ((B)) Elizabeth Le Gallais
  m. Charles De Ste. Croix
  ((C))+ other issue - John, Philip
  ((2)) Edmond Le Gallais
  ((A))+ issue - Edmond, Abraham
  ((3)) John Le Gallais
  m. Sarah Bailhache
  ((4)) Richarde Le Gallais
  m. Amice Norman
  ((5)) Jane Le Gallais (dsp 1745)
  ((6)) Esther Le Gallais
  m. Moses De Ste. Croi
  (b)+ other issue - Edmond, Collette
  (ii) Helier Le Gallais
  (a) John Le Gallais
  ((1)) John Le Gallais
  (iii) Elizabeth Le Gallais
  m. John Le Geyt
  (iv) Ann Le Gallais
  m. Philip Bisson
  (v) Jane Le Gallais
  (vi) Mary Le Gallais
  m. Moses Luce
  (B) John Le Gallays
  (i)+ issue - Matthew, Edmond
  (C) Jane Le Gallays
  m. Nicholas Benest
  (2) Hugh Le Gallays of Herupe
  m. Margaret Le Montais (dau of Matthew Le Montais)
  (A) Jane Le Gallays
  m. John Le Geyt
  (B)+ other issue - Peter, Noel
  (3) Katherine Le Gallays de la Rondiole
  m. Helier Mahault
  b. Katherine Le Galles
  m. Nicholas Le Sebirel
  c. Mary Le Galles
  m. Peter Le Couteur
  ii. Thomyne Le Galles
  m. Hugh Le Bastard
  C. Matthew Le Galles (cleric)
2. daughter
  m. Colin Langre

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Le Gallais of Surville and of La Moye', p211+)
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