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Families covered: Langlois of Jersey

'Armorial' (p192) notes that variations of this family's name include Lenglez, Lenglois & L'Anglois. It starts with 3 siblings, shown as children of ...
?? Langlois
1. Raulin Langlois
  m. Guillemine
A. Sire Philip Langlois of S. Brelade (a 1546)
  B. Richard Langlois
  m. Catherine Lempriere (dau of Thomas Lempriere of La Hougue Boete)
  i. John Langlois (d 1560)
  a. Frances Langlois of S. Brelade
  m. Hugh Lempriere (jurat)
  ii. Raulin Langlois
  a. Raulin Langlois (a 1596)
m. Ysabel Le Cras
  (1) Raulin Langlois (d 1675)
  (A) Matthew Langlois of S. Laurence (d 1724, centenier, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Dumaresq (dau of Philip Dumaresq) ## see here ##
  (i) Philip Langlois (b 1686)
  m. Sarah De Rue (relict of Michael Giffard)
  (a) Philip Langlois
  (b) Francis Langlois (b 1741)
  m. Ann Pipon
  ((1)) Jane Langlois
m. Joshua Falle
  (B)+ other issue - Raulin, Elizabeth
  (2) Helier Langlois
  m. Elizabeth Le Bas (dau of Estienne Le Bas of S. Peter)
  (A) Helier Langlois
  m. Mary Estur (dau/coheir of Louys Estur of S. Laurence)
  (i) Helier Langlois (b 1673)
  m. (1701) Jane Laurens (dau of Peter Laurens of S. Laurence)
  (a) Helier Langlois (b 1703)
m. Elizabeth Manger of S. Laurence
  (b) Philip Langlois (b 1705, d unm)
  (c) John Langlois (b 1712)
  m. Elizabeth Laurens of S. Helier
  ((1)) Philip Langlois of the Maison de Bas (b 1747)
  m. (1767) Mary Luce (dau of Francis Luce)
((A)) John Langlois (Major RJM, Constable of S. Laurence)
  m. Mary De Ste. Croix
  ((i)) John Langlois (Captain RJM) had issue
  m. Ann Nicolle (dau of Henry Nicolle)
  ((ii)) Philip Langlois
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Langlois
  m. Philip Gibaut ## see here ##
  ((iv)) Jane Mary Langlois
m. Francis Ed. Luce
  ((v)) Mary Gallais Langlois
  m. Philip Simon
  ((B)) Helier Langlois (Captain RJM)
  m1. Elizabeth Le Gallais
  m2. Esther Jane Luce
  ((C)) Philip Langlois
  m. Margaret Ahier
  ((i)) Philip Langlois
  ((ii)) Esther Langlois
m. George Messervy
  ((iii)) Jane Langlois
  m. Philip Binet
  ((D)) Francis Langlois (d unm)
  ((2)) Helier Langlois of the Maison de Haut (b 1749)
  m1. Mary Mourant (dau of Joshua Mourant) ## see here ##
  ((A)) Francis Langlois
  m. Ann Vibert
  ((i)) Helier Langlois
  m. Jane Vincent
  ((ii)) Ann Langlois
  m. Ph. Pirouet
  ((iii)) Eliza Langlois
  m. Ph. Pirouet
  ((iv))+ other issue - Philip (dsp), Mary
  ((B)) Helier Langlois
  m. Ann Mourant (dau of Joshua Mourant)
  ((i))+ issue - Helier (dsp), Ann, Mary
  ((C)) Mary Langlois
  m. Edward Le Rossignol
  m2. Elizabeth Poingdestre (dsp)
  (d) Mary Langlois (b 1702)
  m1. John Cabot
  m2. Daniel Bisson
  (e) Susan Langlois (b 1707)
  m. Elias Le Gros
  (f) Elizabeth Langlois (b 1719)
  m. Nicholas La Boutillier of S. Peter
  (ii) Mary Langlois
  m. Thomas Poitevin-dit-Le-Roux
  (B) John Langlois
m. (1672) Ann Gibaut
  (C) Elizabeth Langlois
  m. Edward Le VGros
  (D)+ other issue - Raulin, Ysabel
  (3) John Langlois (dsp)
  iii. Richard Langlois
  C. Catherine Langlois (a 1559)
  m. Richard Estur (d by 1559)
2. John Langlois
3. Jeanette Langlois (a 1594)
  m. Edmund Le Gallais of Surville

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Langlois', p192+)
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