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Families covered: Leslie of Rothes

John Hamilton, later Leslie, 9th Earl of Rothes (bpt 21.08.1679, d 09.05.1722)
John is numbered the 9th Earl by BP1934 but TSP excludes his mother, Countess of Rothes in her own right, from its numberings of the Earls and so numbers him as the 8th Earl. We follow BP1934 & 'LeslieRecords' , hwich are supported by TCP (Rothes), and so differ with TSP hereafter as to the numberings of the Earls.
m. (29.04.1697) Jean Hay (b before 15.12.1670, d 04.09.1731, dau of John Hay, 2nd Marquess of Tweeddale)
1. John Leslie, 10th Earl of Rothes (d 10.12.1767, General, CIC in Ireland)
  m1. (25.05.1741) Hannah Howard (d 26.04.1761, dau/coheir of Matthew Howard of Hackney and/or Thorpe)
A. John Leslie, 11th Earl of Rothes (b 19.10.1744, dsp 18.07.1773)
  m. (04.04.1768) Jane Maitland (dau of Captain Thomas Maitland of Soutra, m2. Patrick Maitland of French (son of Charles, 7th Earl of Lauderdale))
  B. Charles Leslie (b c1747, d 18.08.1762)
  C. Jane Elizabeth Leslie, (12th) Countess of Rothes (b 05.05.1750, d 02.06.1810)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS2, vol 5 (1894), 'Pedigree of George Raymond Evelyn, Father of the twelfth Earl of Rothes ...', p177+).
  m1. (01/02.01.1766) George Raymond Evelyn (b 1738, d 23.12.1770)
  i. George William Leslie, 13th Earl of Rothes (b 28.03.1768, d 11.02.1817)
  m1. (24.05.1789) Henrietta Anne Pelham (b 09.09.1757, d 06.12.1797, dau of Thomas Pelham, 1st Earl of Chichester)
a. Henrietta Anne Leslie, (14th) Countess of Rothes (b 26.03.1790, d 30.01.1819) had issue
  m. (1806) George Gwyther, later Leslie (d 24.03.1829)
  Their elder son assumed the name Leslie and became Earl of Rothes.
  b.+ other issue - son (d infant?), Amelia (b 1792, d unm 02.1817), Mary (b 1794, d unm 11.01.1850)
  m2. (21.08.1798) Charlotte Julia Campbell (b 1768-9, d 21.03/05.1846, dau of Colonel John Campbell of Dunoon)
  e. Elizabeth Jane Leslie (b 1799, d 19.01.1861)
  m. (16.12.1830) Augustus Wathen (b 1797-8, d 03.05.1843, Major, son of a Major)
  f.+ other issue - Charlotte Julia (b 1801, d 02.01.1802), Georgiana (b 1803, d 15.11.1814)
  ii.+ 2 sons (d infant)
  m2. (30.10.1772) Sir Lucas Pepys, 1st Bart (b 24.05.1741, d 17.06.1830)
  D. Mary Leslie (b 29.08.1753, d 21.03.1799)
  m. (05.11.1770) William Charles Colyear, 3rd Earl of Portmore (b c1747, d 15.11.1823)
  m2. (27.06.1763) Mary Lloyd (dau of Gresham Lloyd by Mary Holt (who m2. Thomas (Hamilton), 7th Earl of Haddington), m2. Bennet Langton of Langton)
2. Thomas Leslie of Stenton (d 17.03.1772, Barrack-Master of Scotland, mp)
  A. Catherine Leslie
3.+ other issue - Charles (d unm 16.08.1769, Colonel), James of Milndeans (bpt 11.04.1703, d 24.09.1761), David (b 26.09.1705, d young), William (d unm 29.1.1764, Major), Francis (d 20.06.1709), Andrew (b 04.08.1712, d 27.08.1776), Jane (b 24.06.1707, d 18.03.1771), Mary (d infant), Margaret (b 05.11.1710, d 23.02.1767), Anne (b 09.9.1714, d young)

Main source(s) (see here): TSP (Rothes), BP1934 (Rothes), 'LeslieRecords' (vol 2, p122+)
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