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Families covered: Lindley of Leathley, Lindley of Lindley, Lindley of Middleham Castle, Lindley (Linley) of Skegby

The following comes from thelindleyfamilyhistory-yolasite.com (History page) which suggests that "The name Lindley comes from the old English text, Lind - meaning tree and Ley - meaning clearing". That page refers to the Will of Thomas Lindley of Lindley dated 1439 which mentinos his brother Robert, his youngest son Percival, and his daughters Isabel & Elizabeth. We intend to review the upper section in due course, being concerned not least by the dates which are 'concerning', and hope to expand it. We start with the father of Thomas & Robert ...
?? Lindley
1. Thomas Lindley of Lindley, Yorkshire (a 1439)
  A. Percival Lindley of Lindley (a 1439, d 16.04.1500-1, youngest son) - continued below
  B. Isabel Lindley (d 1550)
  m. Brian Palmes (d 1528)
  C. Elizabeth Lindley
  m. (sp) Sir Henry Everingham
2. Robert Lindley (a 1439)



Percival Lindley of Lindley in Yorkshire & Skegby, Nottinghamshire (a 1439, d 16.04.1500-1) - continued above
m. Helen Pensax (dau of William Pensax of Herngate)
1. Thomas Lindley of Scutterskelfe, Yorkshire
FMG identifies Thomas's wife and mother of his daughters as the dau/heir of John Gowland. Visitation (Nottinghamshire) shows William & Thomas switched around with William as father of 2 daughters by dau/heir of John Gowland. Provisionally we follow Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, 'Linley, Milner, Keighley, Laton', p546) which supports the following and is supported, albeit for Muriel only, by Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, 'Laton of Sexhow in Cleveland'). They identify Thomas's wife as ...
  m. Margery Newport (dau of Sir Thomas Newport)
  A. Elizabeth Lindley
  m. Joseph Milner alias Sorethwaites
  i. Thomas Milner of Skutterskelfe
  m. Frances Bates (dau of William Bates of Easby)
  a. Mary Milner (bur 01.03.1653)
  m. (27.02.1595) Charles Laton (Layton) of Laton & Sehhow
  B. Muriel Lindley
  m1. Thomas Layton or Laton of Newsom (d 1535)
  m2. Robert Laton of Scutterskelfe
  C. Anne Lindley
  m. Lawrence Kighley of Newhall
  i. Thomas Kighley
  a. Lawrence Kighley
  m. Alice Barker (dau of John Barker)
  (1)+ issue - Edmond, Thomas, Katherine
  ii.+ other issue - Lawrence, Richard
2. William Lindley of Skegby, etc. (d 20.12.1526)
  m. John Kighley (dau of Robert Kighley of Newhall)
  A. Thomas Lindley of Althorpe (b c1498, a 1526)
m. Margaret (or Elizabeth) Evers (dau of Robert Evers of Belton in the Isle of Axholme)
  i. William Lindley of Skegby (bur 02.04.1619)
  m. Margaret Farmery (bur 06.01.1625-6, dau of John Farmery of Northroppe)
  a. Francis Lindley of Skegby (d 16.04.1629)
  m. Jane Molyneux (b 1560-1, d 01.05.1633, dau of Francis Molyneux of Tevershall)
  (1) Thomas Lindley of Skegby (bpt 28.10.1591, bur 12.11.1654)
  m1. (sp) Rosamund Clarke (dau of Godfrey Clarke of Somersal)
m2. (10.02.1647-8) Elizabeth Frith of Sutton (bur 20.07.1685, probably sister of Rev. John Firth of Mansfield)
  (A) John Lindley of Skegby (bpt 18.01.1648-9)
  m1. Ann Wilson (bur 23.06.1685, dau of Thomas Wilson of London)
  (i) Samuel Lindley of Skegby (bur 12.06.1695?)
  m. (09.10.1691) Ann Wilkinson (dau of John Wilkinson of Hilcote)
  Skegby later passed to one of Ann's grand-nephew's who assumed the name Linley.
  (a) John Lindley of Skegby (b 19.04.1694, d 15.04.1758)
  m. Elizabeth (b 1688-9, d 22.07.1771)
  (a)+ other issue (a 1708) - Samuel (b 12.12.1695), Elizabeth (bpt 25.10.1692)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 14.04.1673), John (b 13.02.1673-4), Charleton, Henry
  m2. ??
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas (b 22.04.1650), Henry (b 12.1652), Rosamond (b 09.06.1651, bur 22.10.1658)
  (2) Percival Lindley of Skegby (bpt 23.01.1595)
  m. (04.06.1624) Margery Richardson (dau of Robert Richardson of Blackwell)
  (A) Frances Lindley (b 1631, d 30.03.1662)
  m. Roger Coates of Chesterfield
  (3) Gertrude Lindley (d unm bur 04.06.1617)
  (4) Mary Lindley (bpt 05.06.1588)
  m. (27.06.1623) Robert Morton of Marton Wood
  (5) Frances Lindley (bpt 25.03.1590)
  m. Thomas Legard of Bawtrey (b c1580, d 20.01.1632)
  (6) Elizabeth Lindley (bpt 1593)
  m. Thomas Lewis of London (surgeon)
  b. Elizabeth Lindley
  m. Richard Richardson of Bawtrey
  (1) Lindley Richardson
  c.+ other issue - Richard (dsp bur 14.04.1612), Eleanor (bur 12.05.1586)
  ii. David Lindley
  m. Ann Rothwood (dau of Thomas Rothwood or Rotherwood by Christian, dau of Edward Fitzwilliam)
  a. John Lindley
  B.+ othter issue (dsp) - Richard, Ralph
3. Robert Lindley (priest)



Christopher Lindley of Leathley, Yorkshire
m. _ Banke (dau of Peter Banke of Banke Newton)
1. Laurence Lindley of Leathley
  m. Elizabeth Redman (dau of Richard Redman of Harewood Castle)
  Thoresby shows the following generations as being of Leathley only. Foster does not give any designations for the next generation. However, it seems most likely that the 3rd son, Sir Henry, was the Sir Henry who, according to VCH (Yorkshire: North Riding, vol 1, 'Parishes: Middleham'), obtained Middleham Castle in 1601 and passed it to his brother John who was succeeded by his son Arthur then his daughter Jane. Foster ends with Arthur's generation.
A. John Lindley of Leathley & Middleham Castle (d 1613)
  m. Mary or Ann Catarall (dau of John Catterall of Rauthmell
  i. Arthur Lindley of Leathley & Middleham Castle (a 1635)
  m. Ann Garrett (dau of Sir John Garrett, alderman of London)
  a. Jane Lindley (d 14.11.1684)
  m. (28.02.1635) Edward Loftus of Monasterevan, 2nd Viscount of Elye (d 11.04.1680)
  b. Ellen (Helen) Lindley
  m1. Sir Ingram Hopton of Armley
  m2. Robert Brandling of Leathley (b c1620, Colonel)
  ii. Margaret Lindley
  m. Thomas Levett
  iii.+ other issue - William, Thomas
  B. Francis Lindley
  C. Sir Henry Lindley of Middleham Castle (dsp 1609)
  m. Jeronima name found on a web site
  D. daughter mentioned on a web site
  m. _ Stubley

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : the above-mentioned web site
(2) For middle section : FMG (vol 3, MS463, 'Lindley', p1060+) with some support from Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, 'Lyndley')
(3) For lower section (a draft of which was uploaded to a Temporary page on 18.12.10) : 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p82), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, 'Lindley of Leathley')
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